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Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"An experienced clinician, I focus on close relationships and the changes that clients wish to make in their relationships and within themselves. My practice is based on family systems and developmental dynamics. I believe that the process of therapy at its best promotes growth and flexibility through transforming the patterns of relating. I also believe that people can use their strengths and creativity to better meet the challenges in their lives, and I am committed to facilitating that process."
Roxbury, Connecticut 06783
(860) 354-8447
"I am delighted to specialize in providing psychiatric services for children of all ages as well as for adults. I trained at the Yale Child Study Center and have over three decades of experience working with children. In addition, I am Board Certified in Pediatrics. I did my residency in Pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic."
Roxbury, Connecticut 06783
(917) 809-6169
"It has been my privilege and pleasure to help people who want my help to get beyond unproductive suffering for over 30 years. I work mostly as a resource and guide, offered in a caring and supportive manner, to help you achieve your goals and live life more effectively. My job is not to see through you, but to see you through momentary or lifelong challenges that are too much for you to handle alone. The typical person, couple, or family who comes to see me is stuck, in need of new ideas, new tools, new perspective."
Office is near:
Roxbury, Connecticut 06783
(860) 308-1275 x2