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"With literally hundreds of therapists in New London County alone, it is hard to know who to see. There are so many different degrees, license types, and approaches. By contacting us, we'll help you find a good match with a therapist in our large Waterford practice. If we cannot find you a good match within our practice, we will find you one outside of it either nearby or elsewhere in the county. There is no charge, either way."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 248-4176
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSW
"My primary goal as a therapist is to support and help guide my clients toward meeting their goals. I mostly work with high functioning, young adults who suffer from depression and/or anxiety. I find that what is most beneficial for a client in therapy is not to dwell on what has happened in the past, but to acknowledge it and continue to walk forward. You should have many "Aha" moments during treatment and be able to say,"I've never thought about it like that before." Those moments create strength, confidence, and begin the drive toward change."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(203) 916-5885
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, DSW, LCSW
"Embrace the opportunity to take better care of yourself and find balance in your life. Together with a gentle, compassionate and holistic approach we will identify a healthier way to live life promoting a positive well-being generating purpose, pleasure and peace."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 319-0451
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"I am passionate about bringing mental health services to all populations, including active and retired military, adult child caregivers, and the elderly. My therapeutic approach is largely cognitive behavioral but I draw from an eclectic mix of therapeutic schools of thought according to the needs of my clients. My therapeutic interests include but are not limited to: PTSD detection and treatment, Mind/Body/Spirit connection in the therapeutic process, life stages and transitions, mitigation of caregiver stress, and cultural competence in the healing relationship."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 786-4586
Psychiatric Nurse, MSN, APRN, BC
"A degree as a Medical Nurse Practitioner and being Board Certified in Mental Health allows me to offer truly unique holistic care. Many years of experience providing therapy and prescribing and managing psychiatric medications means you won't have the added frustration of seeing different practitioners for your care. Come join me in a safe, comfortable, confidential atmosphere, where together, we will work through the problems causing difficulties in your life. In the "therapeutic relationship" we develop together true healing can occur. I also offer an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program that utilizes horses to help provide a wonderful healing experience."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 442-6567
"If you've been to therapy before and have felt disempowered, art therapy and goal-oriented therapy are for you. What if at the end of the session, you felt good, you felt empowered and felt that you had a sense of direction? Art therapy helps in various ways to work through the unspeakable events or emotions in a person's life without always bringing up the past. Clients are encouraged to create tangible goals for themselves to work on between sessions, which helps to create coping skills and a continuity of healing outside of the 45 minute sessions."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 481-3908
"About Dr. Hunt - Has a special interest in working with pre-adolescent through young adult clientele, but also works with all ages - Meets with individuals, family, parents, couples and significant others as indicated - Helps clients with issues of anxiety, depression, psychosomatic illness, post-traumatic stress, school problems, relationship problems and adjustment to disability - Performs psychological evaluations on a limited basis to inform diagnoses of attentional disorders, learning disorders, developmental disorders and other neurologically based difficulties in school and work roles"
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 552-6401
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"My goal as a therapist is to partner with individual clients, couples, and families to help them recognize and make use of their own unique characteristics and strengths to create the change they are seeking. I focus on strengths and success and recognize that change almost always occurs in many small increments, each of which deserves celebration. I pay particular attention to the quality of the relationship that we create together with the knowledge that the strength of that relationship is the biggest predictor of success in psychotherapy."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 357-6116
"My name is Jennifer Clark. I am the Owner of Inner Peace CT Wellness Center. The center offers a variety of services to help people improve the quality of their lives. The center offers experienced and talented clinicians to provide counseling services to those struggling with anxiety, depression, stress management, learning disabilities, marital and family issues. The center also offers Yoga, meditation groups, children's groups and Massage. The staff at the center are warm, welcoming, and caring. I want to encourage you to take the steps necessary to improve the quality of your life. Change is really possible!"
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 598-0963
Marriage & Family Therapist, MSMFT, LMFT
"I am a caring, evidence-based, holistic (consideration of the whole) therapist, looking forward to challenging cases from people needing my expertise. Making use of a wide variety of therapies, from verbal to non-verbal, devoting much time on each of the select cases I take, and engaging in colleague consultations, I am often able to help with even the most challenging of issues. I also see children, doing family therapy even for the toughest kids. You'll see the difference family support makes, rather than my just trying to "fix the kid"."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 553-3053 x1
"Deciding to seek psychological services can be a difficult step to make. Whether looking for therapy or an evaluation, the right clinician/client match is essential. As a psychologist, my goal is to respond to my clients with compassion, empathy, and in a non-judgmental way, as well as stay up-to-date with the most effective treatment interventions. Many of the people that I have successfully treated have struggled with low self-esteem, assertiveness difficulties, loss/grief, guilt, eating disorders, emotional eating, anxiety, panic, life transitions, divorce/separation, obsessive thinking, & depression."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 552-6388
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Are you are struggling with depression, stress, or anxiety, and unable to cope as well anymore? Have you started using poor coping techniques such as self-harming behaviors? Do you have unresolved trauma issues? As more and more demands are put on us during our daily lives, it becomes ever more vital to take good care of ourselves. This is why I focus my practice on a holistic model encompassing the entire self (physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being) for life-long change. I specialize in trauma recovery working with all ages and offer referrals to other services as desired."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 598-4467
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"My work is always focused on helping you to better understand your choices and yourself. Together we will explore how choices affect our lives and relationships. We will focus on using insight from your counseling work to establish goals. I will be there to guide you on your journey as you reach your goals."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 319-0095
Psychiatric Nurse, APRN, RhD, CH
"Do old patterns show up again and again in your relationships, your work or your family? Have you ever wondered if you could be done with the issues of the past? Would you like to be free to live a calm and happy life? If you are ready to let go of old baggage, then now is the time to begin. Starting with Insight Counseling, understand yourself more deeply, and eventually may move into deeper more spiritually based transpersonal psychotherapy. Become enlightened to your self and become truly free!"
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 756-5284
"I have been in practice for over 25 years. I primarily have been working in the field of family and adolescent therapies. I have in the past worked in many other fields including school counseling, Department of Children and Families specifically dealing with abuse cases."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 956-3180
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Sessions center on insight oriented models that address past and present issues that may be causing distress, anxiety or depression. Relationship, marital and family issues are welcomed along with conventional individual treatment."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 378-8830
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, ACHP-SW
"I have been working with grief, both normal and complicated, for nearly 25 years and have specialized training in treating both. For those who are going through a "normal" albeit difficult time coping with the loss of a loved one, you now have a place to go where you not only tell your story but learn how to get through your grief to the other side. If you are going through a long-term grief (more than six months with little change in your symptoms), I can offer Complicated Bereavement Therapy, something few others are trained in."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 337-7489
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
""How do you do what you do?" Some people think therapists listen and absorb pain? Not me. I listen, but I also address problems, work on solutions and help you improve your life. I have had years of experience helping people with relationships and work. I assist with career planning with young and midlife adults. I also teach at several colleges. My work is tremendously rewarding. I'm careful who I agree to work with because positive outcomes are important. My co-therapist is a hypoallergenic canine with a waggly tail. That's how I do what I do."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 661-0150
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LADC, LMFT
"My specialty is addicted family systems including how addiction impacts children and adults who grew up addicted family systems. I enjoy helping individuals and families learn healthier coping skills for depression, anxiety and communication so that they can began to have healthier and more loving relationships with themselves and others."
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 799-4125
"Does your life seem to lack purpose and meaning? Sometimes unhealthy patterns or traumas keep us from experiencing our joyful, authentic selves. Making use of your own inner strengths and wisdom, I can guide you to develop solid coping skills and a sense of mastery over problems. Choosing the right approach to fit a client's needs is critical for the success of the therapy. My transpersonal viewpoint of human nature is a holistic and inclusive approach that weaves together the best of Eastern and Western traditions to design a clinically effective personalized plan to help you feel "unstuck.""
Waterford, Connecticut 06385
(860) 341-5938