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"It is often difficult to find someone who you can trust and who will really listen. Yet, we all need a safe place where we can tell our story and speak honestly. Sometimes life can become especially difficult. Having an objective, trained counselor can provide the tools and opportunity to open the door to peace and understanding. I believe passionately in the power of therapy to reshape lives and discover our innate capabilities. Often couseling will include disputing false beliefs like "I'm not good enough". Yes, you are. Come on in and I will prove it to you!"
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 829-4766
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"Are you ready to take that first step to get your life in a better place? It's natural to feel overwhelmed at times, and sometimes additional support is needed. A trusting therapeutic relationship can make all the difference. It's not easy for most people to ask for help. It takes courage to admit that you're struggling and can't do it alone. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, private, supportive place to listen to your concerns and help you find solutions. You will feel better about yourself and your relationships and your life can feel happier."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 249-8821
"I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor providing professional and affordable Christian counseling in Lee County Florida. I have an office conveniently located in Cape Coral Fl. My primary identity as a Pastoral Counselor makes it possible for me to integrate counseling psychology with a sound understanding of spirituality, theology, and faith. In addition to my counseling practice I am also a registered nurse. As a registered nurse I worked in a variety of settings. My career in nursing provided me with an understanding of the human person in relation to health and wellness."
Cape Coral, Florida 33990
(239) 228-3149
"Often in life we face transitions and losses which are overwhelming and throw us off balance. As a result, we experience painful and awkward emotions such as depression, anxiety, guilt, anger, and resentments. We can feel confused and unsure of how to move forward. There is hope. Having someone who will listen objectively and guide you is very helpful in the healing process. I provide the objective feedback, guidance, and support needed to create personal growth and lasting change. You'll find I am very easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 431-3653
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, ACHP-SW
"I provide a unique experience working with one on their life's journey. I incorporate therapeutic skills, life skills and coaching along with aroma therapy to provide an overall experience of finding inner peace in a comfortable and safe environment. Whether in my office or in y our home I seek to assist those identify and work through their areas of concern. I have experience working in the substance abuse field, the mental health field and within the LGBT community. I also have experience in Elder Care Planning and assisting those in finding resources when needed."
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
(239) 848-5081
"I welcome any client who feels the need to address, explore, and create new ways of thinking and responding to stresses and issues of every day life. I work to provide a therapeutic environment that is warm, supportive, and free of judgement, so that my client may feel safe, secure, and accepted. As the element of trust grows with the therapeutic process, clients often become more introspective and develop a greater understanding of how needs play an intrinsic role on maturation and overall health."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 258-4639
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I work with my clients in developing a goal-specific plan which offers solutions for target behaviors/issues and allows the process of change to occur.I provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment where clients are able to explore life experiences, past/present, and express how they have been affected by those experiences. I work with the "person in the environment" and I motivate clients to make changes toward healthy life experiences."
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
(239) 603-6585
"I have experience working with individuals (adults and adolescents), couples, and families. I assist clients having issues with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, behavior, relationship conflict, grief and gender dysphoria. I understand that each client is unique and work with them to find the best way to achieve their goals, and thoroughly explore all treatment suggestions. Choosing counseling is usually a decision made after the client has explored other methods of resolving the issue, the goal is to find the best solution together as quickly as possible. I DON'T TAKE INSURANCE, OFFER FLEXIBLE RATES."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 674-0559
"For clients that need a safe medical detox, Gulf Shore Detox provides a comfortable and safe enviorment. Clients are provided with 24/7 on site medical supervision by trained nursing staff, and overseen by a world class medical team. While in detox, Gulf Shore Detox clients are visited daily by our theraputic staff to provide comfort and support. Once you are detoxed our support staff can work with you find a drug and alcohol treatment program to provide a continuim of care if so desired. If you have questions about the process, call our caring Admissions Specialists now: 1-877-496-9839."
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
(239) 471-4709
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, MSW, LCSW, EDD
"Mission Statement: Dedicated to expanding knowledge about mental health issues, their identification, and prevention to all at-risk and promoting the healthy social / emotional development of children, adolescents, and adults. Counseling/therapy is an educational process offering support and helping to develop insight to seek solutions or better outcomes. State certified to supervise Mental Health Counselor and/or Social Work Interns."
Cape Coral, Florida 33914
(239) 471-4404
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I have been in the mental health field for over 25 years, receiving my MSW from Indiana University Northwest School of Social Work in 2006. In my private practice, I have the freedom to conduct sessions in a relaxed, hopeful environment. Therapy on THE BEACH uses a positive approach to bring about change. I have worked with all age groups; working with families to integrate children back into their family settings, adults with dysregulated moods and anger and also with the elderly, who often times feel like they are facing depression and end of life issues alone."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(816) 839-9634
"ABA Results is a locally owned business providing behavioral therapy services specializing in ABA therapy. We provide individualized behavioral plans starting at age three through adulthood. Our primary focus is providing high quality behavioral interventions while sharing vital, data driven information to further improve our client's and stakeholder's lives. We care about every client's well-being, which is why we take the time to get to know each of our clients very well."
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
(239) 201-4822
"Delta Family Counseling provides individual, couples, and family counseling services for ages 2 through the life span. Counseling services offered for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families who are attempting to overcome difficult situations in their lives with a specialization in Play Therapy and Pet-Assisted Play Therapy. School Observations, Supervised Visitation, Group Counseling, and Prepare/Enrich Premarital Counseling are also available."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 206-8001
"I have practiced family law, marriage counselling, and divorce mediation for more than 30 years. I am adept at helping people to solve financial, separation, and child-related issues and to arrive at amicable and reasonable divorce and other family-related problems. I know what will work and what will not work in relationships from dealing with families over that period."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 529-4749
"As a Licensed Psychologist in Texas, Tennessee and California, I have had the opportunity to function in a variety of clinical settings while providing treatment for Eating Disorders, Addictive Disorders, Trauma Disorders and Dual Diagnosis. Here in Florida, I provide services as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Outpatient Counseling is offered to individuals, couples and groups. Typical concerns and issues which might be addressed include; dealing with a mood disorder, substance abuse, depression, grief, loss, fear, anxiety, reactions of trauma, stress, life transitions, relationships, communication and the need for coping tools. Therapies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Gestalt- Redecision Therapy."
Cape Coral, Florida 33990
(239) 205-2940
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
""Helping to make it easier to take the next step..." is the motto for my individual practice. Although it is simple, it depicts the value and importance of the relationship shared between therapist and client. I believe that the decision to move forward in achieving personal peace is fundamental and is accomplished by a collaborative effort. I am here to assist you in becoming self-aware, confident, and stronger than you may have been yesterday. As a LCSW with over 13 yrs experience, I have helped children, adolescents, adults, couples & families successfully overcome their challenges so they may return to a happier and peaceful lifestyle."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 344-9652
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Many people struggle with issues in their lives and can benefit from meeting with a trained professional. I help my clients identify problems and work toward a solution. Most problems can be solved with proper help and early treatment, which keeps small problems from becoming large ones that then seem unsolvable. I believe that each individual is unique, regardless if the issues are the same they are still different. Because of this belief, I provide an eclectic approach to therapy matching each individual needs with a specific therapuetic approach. If applicable and the client is interested hypno-therapy is available."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 494-5479
"My mission as a mental health counselor is to provide my client with an array of services in a neutral, safe and caring environment.I specialize in an individualized approach to meet the needs of my client by challenging their belief system and redirect their behaviors."
Cape Coral, Florida 33990
(239) 204-5021
"At any time, you can rethink your life and reinvent yourself. In a fast paced modern world, we are finding that more and more people are experiencing challenges such as depression and anxiety. Many of them choose to self medicate through habits that can develop an addiction. Many more choose to relay on prescribed medications only. However, studies have shown that the greatest chances for success are achieved by combining medication and therapy."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 344-8420
"We are specialized in evaluating brain functions (cognition, mood, somatization) related to head injuries, neurodegenerative processes (dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis), aging, development, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, trauma, and/or Psychiatric Illness. Our assessments can help determine eligibility for surgery (Bariatric, Spinal Stimulation, Deep Brain Stimulation), capacity (medical, legal, financial), occupational placement, vocational rehabilitation, and/or academic accommodations. We also provide forensic services to attorneys seeking help for their clients."
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 768-6500