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Therapists in Saint Petersburg

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, LMT, CMC
"I am an open-minded counselor specializing in: transitions, meaning-making in the face of loss, caregiver burnout, and relationship and sexual health concerns. I recently published a workbook on stress and burnout using neurobiology. It's geared toward caregivers but useful for anyone at a "breaking point.""
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33704
(727) 240-3117
"Help for anxiety, difficult life changes/transitions, relationship or career issues,college adjustment. alcohol/substance abuse recovery, work-life balance issues. LGBT friendly. I specialize in helping people who are seeking greater empowerment, personal authenticity, and self-esteem in managing their lives. I use a combined teaching-therapy model to share tools for better stress and anxiety management, and an understanding of how our minds and bodies work together for health and happiness."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33704
(845) 397-1980
Counselor, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC
"I am seeing clients in two locations for your convenience. Evening appointments available for new clients now. My therapeutic approach is a client-centered and focused approach. You are in charge of how your therapy sessions go and I work at your pace, helping you along the way in your journey to healing. Therapy is about change, commitment and deliberate focusing of your mind. If you are ready to change the circumstances of your life, I am ready to help you do that now."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713
(727) 478-4118 x231
"I believe in a mind/body connection, in which physical ailments can affect the mind and mental concerns or stress can affect someone physically. Therefore, I feel it is necessary to look at a person as a whole when you come to me for help. I will take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your life in order to determine the best course of treatment. In addition, I am passionate about therapy! I have seen psycho-therapy change people’s lives for the better and believe this might be possible for you too. Call and schedule an appointment today."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
(727) 359-0085
"Are you struggling or thinking of making a change in a significant area of your life? Are you wanting to understand yourself in a deeper way? Testing to discover your IQ/Personality/Diagnosis is a way to that deeper understanding which may help in better decision making. In need of coping tools to manage health/mental health/addictions concerns? Grieving a loss or trauma? Need Spirituality help? We provide services to individuals/couples/children. Centrally located between St. Pete, Clwr, and Tampa. Private Pay rate for specialty services such as Rapid Resolution Therapy, Couples Therapy & IQ/Personality/Assessments & some insurances accepted for individual therapy services."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702
(727) 269-5816
"YES!! I AM ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!! Welcome to taking that first step towards healing the body, mind and spirit. Psychotherapy & counseling help us to heal from past wounds, cope with current problems that can produce anxiety, depression, agitation, worry and panic to name a few. We all have the capacity within ourselves to have happy, healthy & productive lives once we receive help. I incorporate many types of therapy to help you achieve your goals. I also offer Skype and telephonic counseling."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713
(760) 641-4408
"I help adults with anxiety become empowered to take charge of their lives and live their dreams! Using a unique combination of yoga philosophy and modern day applied psychology, I can help you overcome your stress, anxiety, and worry. No matter where you are at on your personal journey, I provide you with an empathic and specialized counseling experience and empower you to find a more peaceful, healthy, and happy way of life."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705
(941) 840-5195
"Are you feeling uncomfortable? Wanting to just feel better? Struggling with fulfilling your life purpose? This might be your perfect opportunity for growth. Whatever your concerns, we'll work in together so you can feel better as quickly as possible. Because we are all unique individuals, the path to helping you reach the fullest expression of yourself is tailored to you. Each person is seen as a whole person; not as a label or the sum of his/her problems."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710
(727) 341-9378
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSW, MPH
"Healthy relationships, good communication, and a resolution of family conflict can create an environment in which children and adults feel valued and appreciated. Illness, depression, anxiety and loss often create stress and can unbalance even the most stable of individuals and families. In my practice, you will be treated with the utmost respect and understanding. Whether the need is for family therapy, couples counseling, child/adolescent behaviors or individual health issues, my broad experience enables me to assess the problem quickly and help you find solutions."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710
(727) 346-6624
"Are your moods unpredictable and negatively affecting your life and relationships? Are you ready to move forward and not sure how to start? You will find it easy to engage in the interactive, personalized approach you will receive to overcome the obstacles to your happiness. Along with traditional psychotherapy you will learn natural ways to accomplish your goals. You will be provided structured treatment sessions so you can measure your progress and see how far you've come!"
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33703
(727) 240-3972
"Are you telling yourself "I MATTER?" if you are not, its time to change. I specialize in couple counseling, substance abuse issues, anxiety disorders personal empowerment and self-esteem (for adolescents and adults). My aim is for you to feel better QUICKLY. Accepting English and Spanish speaking clients. Quien importa es usted, me especializo en terapia de pareja, addiciones, mejora personal y auto-estima (adultos y adolescents), y trastornos de ansiedad. I am a mental health licensed therapist, with more than 15 years of experience in the substance abuse and psychological disorders field. Life Coaching offered. THE CHANGE IS YOURS! TAKE IT!"
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
(727) 565-2790
"For over 25 years, I have treated individuals and couples in the Tampa Bay area. My typical client is a professional person who is struggling with the stress of work, relationships, or parenting. A significant percentage of couples I work with are "dual career" couples, who have the added stress of managing two careers. I enjoy working with clients to improve communication skills and to reduce stress. My goal is for my clients to learn, or remember, how to enjoy a meaningful and fulfilling life, in spite of whatever obstacles life presents to them."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702
(727) 478-1747
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"If you're tired of clicking through endless profiles and would like to stop to connect with a REAL person, then I'd like to invite you to pause for a moment and call me directly. What do you have to lose? If we aren't a good match there is still plenty of clicking waiting for you here :) I've found that one short conversation will tell us so much more about each other than these online profiles can. My hope is that when you call you will find that I am warm, open minded, compassionate, and empowering."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713
(727) 478-0682
"I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Parent Coordinator for the Sixth, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Judicial Circuits. Through a Psychoeducational approach, parents learn effective Communication and Negotiation skills to manage conflict. By reducing conflict, less money is needed to fight legal battles and parents can successfully develop parenting plans for sharing their children."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
(727) 399-6024
"How do you find the right therapist for you? There are a lot of people providing counseling services and I am the person who is focused on creative problem solving. In my counseling I tend to be more directive with the use of action methods. I believe my job is to help you prioritize concerns, identify possible solutions, and facilitate change. Originally I was involved with the fine arts; I worked in medicine and danced in local modern dance companies. I have two Master of Arts degrees: therapeutic Expressive Arts and Professional Mental Health Counseling. I have extensive experience as a crisis and addictions counselor."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710
(727) 565-4616
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, RN, LCSW, CSAT
"My passion is working with clients who have sexual compulsive issues and sexual addictions, including internet pornography. I provide a non judgemental, confidential, and safe environment for clients to explore the areas of their lives where they may struggle. I also specialize in working with clients who have substance abuse issues, dual diagnosis, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and codependency."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710
(727) 474-8176
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Welcome to Hope and Healing of Pinellas. Feeling happy, joyous and free are just a few gifts I have found in my life and would like to share with you. As a social worker for over twenty years I found my passion in working with those living with grief and loss related trauma. Sudden and unexpected death causes an array of feelings, thoughts, symptoms and behaviors that are difficult to identify and walk through. Often, grief is misunderstood. Walking the grief journey is a process and learning to redefine your "new normal" takes unconditional understanding, which I can offer."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33709
(619) 887-4371
"School is back in session. Have the homework wars begun? Is your student performing to his or her capacity? Academic Coaching can support your efforts to keep your student on track. Let's work together to create a plan to take the nag out of parenting so that you can enjoy the relationship with your budding adolescent. We'll focus on time management, organizational skills, and study habits that your student can manage independently. When your student is on track, how about taking time to chart a course for your best life?"
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702
(727) 619-1325
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I have 20 yrs experience dealing with clients affected by grief, loss, living with chronic illness/cancer Especially informed about Gay/HIV/AIDS issues and working with gay male clients over the age of 50. My techniques for restoration to healthy living are in conjunction with your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and find real transformation. Hope to hear from you in the future."
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702
(727) 597-4641
"Are you struggling to maintain successful relationships? Are you feeling alone or hopeless? If this sounds like you, then you've come to the right place. I am deeply committed to helping guide you from a place of feeling lost to a more fulfilled and complete self. I can help you repair relationships, feel excited about the future, find greater life meaning, and learn tools, which will improve all aspects of your life. I will help you reach a higher sense of balance and connectedness. Call me today and see for yourself. (Adoptions & Trauma Certified Counselor)"
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705
(813) 517-8047