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"Yes, I can help you. The same way it is said that you do not have to pray alone, it's the same scenario. You do not have to heal, to mend and grow alone, when there is Dr. T. to help you thrive. I have over 25 years of experience working with a variety of persons with clinical issues. Yes, substance abuse, mental health issues, eating disorders,couples/marital issues, adjustment issues, sexual offenders treatment and many other issues. As an LMHC, I use an evidence base treatment approach, this includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Good Life Model."
Lakeland, Florida 33801
(863) 261-8294
"As a mental health counselor I enjoy helping people overcome life's obstacles and become a healthier person. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or are experiencing something difficult in your life right now, then counseling may be right for you. My core technique is person centered in an empathetic and non judgmental environment. I also utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques as well as expressive art therapy which have been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and self esteem issues."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 657-4785
"**New Clients Welcome** Is your child struggling in school? Fearful? Exhibiting behavioral problems? Constantly arguing? Children experience various difficulties as they grow. As parents, it can be heartbreaking watching our children struggle but the good news is that they don't have to get stuck in these patterns. They can learn to truly thrive!"
Lakeland, Florida 33801
(863) 486-8165
"Are you fed up with the way life is heading? Are there issues in your life affecting your ability to function? Are you reaching your full potential? If you have concerns for where you are headed the professionals at MBS Psychotherapy can assist. Our office focuses on helping individuals overcome current life obstacles and strive to reach their full potential. We have Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Certified addictions professionals, and life coaches on staff that are wiling to work with you in the areas you identify of immediate concern."
Lakeland, Florida 33801
(863) 417-4048
"The ideal client is one who works between sessions. Eventually, the client becomes his/er own best counselor. "Nothing changes, nothing changes"."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 535-5596
"When you need someone to trust who cares - where do you go? Life can often be a struggle. Couples often feel misunderstood and find challenges in relating and dealing with issues. What happens when there are feelings of hopelessness? Acceptance and healing is missing? There are ways to cope with these life issues, which gives us hope; ways to turn a situation around. There is a path for growth and strength. Having someone attending to your story is what Counseling Service Center is all about. Call us for a free consultation and discover a path healing and direction."
Lakeland, Florida 33810
(863) 226-1339
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT, MDiv, MS
"Life is filled with so many challenges. Sometimes the struggles feel like they are more than we can handle, and we just need an outside ear, an impartial listener. No matter what the challenges, there is hope. Depression, anxiety, combat related leftovers, sexual or physical abuse, relationship troubles, parenting, affairs, grief and loss, infertility, stress. These and many more struggles can be successfully overcome. I specialize in two therapies clinically proven to be effective in dealing with two of life's biggest challenges: Trauma and Relationship Difficulties. I also work with the anxiety and depression that plagues so many today."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 578-3318
"Getting the support you need during obstacles in life can be hard. Whether this is your first step towards change or your last resort, I applaud the strength and courage it took for you to take action of your situation. Finding someone that fits your concerns is also important. My approach to therapy is tailored to your concerns. I will provide a non-judgmental, nurturing, and safe environment where you are free to express your concerns. Together we will find what tools, techniques, and interventions serve you best in achieving your hopes for your future."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 588-3542 x3
"If you're stressed, anxious, depressed or have suffered trauma, then a safe, therapeutic environment is essential to expedite your healing and wholeness. Or you may just need a reinvention intervention. A body, mind, spirit connection is within you. We will work together in a non-judgmental, solution-focused approach for you to become your authentic self, get past the past, process the present so you can enjoy a better future."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 269-0687
"I counsel from a Biblical worldview to help a variety of people who have been broken and challenged by the trials of life. My 30 years in the business world, community and church service have prepared me to care for individuals in a particularly personal way. Life can be very hard, disappointing and messy! Guiding people back to a path of healing, hope, and fulfillment is something I am very passionate about !"
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(813) 708-1886
"The hardest thing about therapy is doing what you are engaged in now, searching. Dozens of questions need to be answered but only two matter the most, will this therapist take the time and effort to get to know me and my struggle? Will I be able to find someone I feel comfortable talking to about the things I need to say? Answering these two key questions are the keys that unlock the door to healing."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 546-4216
"Experience recovery, and a sustainable sense of well-being in a safe environment through intensive outpatient services, outpatient groups, family sessions, and individual sessions designed around your schedule. Our staff is highly trained and have personal and professional experience in the addiction and mental health field. Because of this, LifeCare of Lakeland is dedicated and passionate about helping people who are struggling with chemical dependency and/or mental health challenges."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 269-0739
"The teen years and transition to adulthood can be difficult for girls. I use a coaching approach to help teen girls (12-18) and young women (19-30) consider their current life situation and how to move forward successfully with confidence and better coping skills. I work with parents to better understand their daughter and her experiences. I believe strongly in the connection between mind, body and faith and use a whole-istic approach in counseling and coaching. (I only work with teen girls and young women)"
Lakeland, Florida 33803
(863) 658-0224
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I believe that people have the strength and the resources they need to live the life they want, but sometimes they need guidance and support along the way. I work with clients with diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, religious and sexual orientation backgrounds."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
"As a Christian therapist I have experienced both personally and professionally life's challenges that endeavor to keep us from living a full, productive, and healthy life. These tools and insight birthed a passion in me long ago to be helping hands for the hurting. As a triune being (spirit, soul, and body), healing, restoration, and recovery from the challenges of life must be directed toward wholeness of the same [spirit (true identity), soul (mind, will, emotions), and body (physiological effects of disease and discomfort]. Faith-based therapy incorporates all of these in an effort to identify, understand, and heal from life's prevailing issues."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 546-4761
"Loving yourself is not about being self-centered. It's about being CENTERED IN SELF."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 588-2044
"As a Mental Health counselor and certified Marriage and Family Therapist, I offer an open minded, non-judgmental, and empathetic approach in a safe and supportive environment. Some problems, in our lives, are either self-imposed or imposed on us by other means. What we perceive might be different than reality. Negative beliefs affect us mentally and physically. Misinterpretations and irrational beliefs can create unhappy feelings, self-doubt, stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, etc. When our cognition becomes blurred our behaviors will be altered, consequently affecting the people around us, and beyond; we suffer, and so do our loved ones."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 588-7195
"Hi - You can find my schedule at or on my website (request appointment -> click here button). I like to use everything in my life and education to customize therapy to fit your needs. I'm a musician, mom, music therapist and mental health clinician. I have recently added Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to my tool box which also includes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, 100 hours of hypnosis training, and "old school" substance abuse training which began in 1986 and has been supplemented with graduate school and continuing education through the years."
Lakeland, Florida 33801
(863) 578-5235
"Are you dissatisfied with your life, relationships, or your sex life? Are you sad, feeling stuck, or depressed? Are you anxious, fearful or unsettled? Are you questioning your sexuality? Do you have family conflict or issues with your child or teen? There is hope for a more peaceful productive life. It is my goal to empower clients with the insight and skills needed to move forward. If you are hurting or in need of change, contact me. I look forward to meeting with you to get you on your way to a brighter future."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 692-3110
"As we move through life, there are times when we come up against unexpected difficulties in relationships, encounter challenging circumstances, or begin recognizing patterns in ourselves that are self-defeating. During such times it can be helpful or even essential to have a place of safety and support where we can freely process emotions and thoughts, coming to a deeper understanding of ourselves. It is my goal to connect with clients regardless of where they may be in their experience. I partner with and hold space for clients, and assist them in discovering practical solutions to challenges they face."
Lakeland, Florida 33813
(863) 877-2711 x2