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Counselor, PC, LPC, NCC
"Ever feel like you just need ONE thing in your life to make sense when everything feels out of control? I can help. As your therapist, I can help you face the hard truths, and free yourself from the painful baggage that is holding you back from the life that you dream of living. I work with individuals, couples, and families - both traditional and non-traditional. I also make frequent appearances on television and radio programs throughout the country. My office is a "judgement free zone," and my only goal is to help you live the life you dream of."
Atlanta, Georgia 30310
(404) 800-1120
Counselor, LPC, MDiv, BCC, CPC
"Are you experiencing difficulties as a result of life challenges and disappointments? Are you struggling balancing your spirituality with sexual identity? Are you experiencing the loss of a loved one? Are you in need of spiritual and emotional support in a open and nonjudgmental environment? I am here to help you to recover your "Soul" (the essence of your best and productive self). I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Board Certified Chaplain and a Pastoral Counselor here to help you explore your feelings, work with your emotions, rediscover your passions and find inner peace/healing for your "Soul.""
Atlanta, Georgia 30340
(678) 293-9258
Psychologist, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA
"I work exclusively with adults in both individual and group psychotherapy. My primary focus is on relational issues.Over thirty years of practicing psychotherapy have taught me that the cornerstone for happiness and mental health is directly related to a person's capacity to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. The research on this is pretty impressive. People who have healthy relationships and a supportive network of friends and family have fewer mental health problems like depression and anxiety, live longer, have less physical and emotional illness, and if they become ill, they recover more quickly."
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
(404) 994-5313
"I often work with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. I have 30+ years of experience, and feel comfortable with the entire age spectrum, including adolescents struggling to separate psychologically from their families of origin. I often work with couples, both pre- and post-marriage, using a family systems model. Where appropriate, I refer for psychiatric advice on medication. I explore psychological factors with attention to developmental background and current social context. Often, I use psychological tests to add objectivity to my formulation of a particular case. I see the therapeutic relationship as an important vehicle for growth and healing."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(770) 450-5019
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT, LMFT
"I am a sex and relationship therapist with an interest in kink/poly/alternative lifestyles, men's issues, and women's issues. I have a sex positive viewpoint meaning I don't judge any sexual interest or topic. My goal is to support clients in their own journey to a healthy, sexual relationship with self and others. I also have experience helping clients resolving and managing anxiety, depression, and life stage transitions."
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(678) 951-9192
"Are you seeking more direction and purpose in your life? Are you wondering who you really are and what you actually want for your life? Are you experiencing a loss or conflict in your relationship(s)? Every person in this world is like a mirror directed outward - We often attract relationships and experiences, which meet us at the level of our current self-esteem. I have a passion for helping women in their 20's and 30's, who are ready to be free of their internal critical voices, which often fuel unnecessary anxiety, fear, distraction and self-doubt."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 994-7022
"I welcome the opportunity to help you heal and hope again as you take steps toward a healthier future for you and those you care about! People who feel stuck often seek professional assistance to help them journey toward transformation and recovery. I enjoy working with people for however long it takes to reach the their goals in the areas of depression, anxiety, grief, guilt, marital, premarital, trauma, and family of origin problems. I have a lot of experience helping couples recover from infidelity and helping spouses of sex addicts to find their own process of recovery and empowerment."
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(678) 275-8487
"Currently licensed as a Associate Professional Counselor, my goal is to provide a human centered approach to therapy."
Atlanta, Georgia 30354
(678) 820-6605
"I enjoy helping people make lasting changes they feel good about. If we team up, I will work with you flexibly and even playfully, incorporating techniques and approaches that have proven to work. I will encourage you to couple your insight with action so you can work out creative solutions. I will respect your right to decide what is good for you, based on your truths. I will help you to rewrite The Story of You."
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 369-2552 x101
Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, LMFT
"I provide individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy for adolescents and adults, specializing in sex therapy, spirituality, LGBT clients, grief/loss, anxiety/depression, premarital counseling, multicultural clients/families/issues, HIV/AIDS, and a variety of other presenting issues. I am a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and am in process for certification as an AASECT approved sex educator and therapist. I hope that I can be of service to you as you engage the therapeutic process for yourself."
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
(404) 236-6874
"I specialize in addressing the unique realities of parents who were never a "couple" but recognize their child deserves the support and involvement of both biological parents. Life Coaching and Co-Parenting sessions are held at the private Buckhead Club; a safe, confidential, upscale, professional environment."
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
(678) 541-7223
"Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed with the constantly changing demands of your life? Wondering if you will ever find balance and the strength to move forward to your brighter future? Our ability to become aware of the obstacles that hold us back and to learn how to overcome them is vital to our growth and success in this world. Although this journey can be intimidating and frustrating at times, I am dedicated to providing a supportive and collaborative therapeutic process to individuals and families as they uncover their goals and purpose."
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(470) 428-7943
"I have had the privilege of working with individuals, couples, families, and groups for over 30 years as a licensed Clinical Psychologist. My model for psychotherapy is integrative, drawing from many sources. My work expresses my strong belief in every human being's natural drive towards growth, individuation, and integration. I value our ability to live in the present with all of the aliveness that this allows. Areas of particular interest include recovery from sex addiction, fostering connection for couples as well as other intimate systems, and healing from loss."
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(404) 445-2358 x728
"Using Contemplative Psychotherapy (a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the ground from which mindfulness practices have sprung), EMDR, and process therapies, couples, families and individuals report meeting life's challenges with greater comfort and ease. People experiencing substance abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias, and bipolar disorder have reported much benefit from these practices."
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
(678) 971-0152
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"We are each complex individuals striving to create a mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual balance that propels our healing and self growth to higher and deeper levels. I believe in empowering you to enrich your life with healthy relationships and personal choices while enhancing your inner growth and lifting you to achieve your dreams. Therefore, my holistic approach is tailored to fit the needs of each person within a warm, compassionate, and nurturing environment."
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(404) 567-4694
Art Therapist, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, CCLS
"I am a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist (ATR-BC) and a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) who works with toddlers, children, teens, young adults, parents and families by utilizing creative arts therapy and child life therapy. My goal is to provide clients with a safe space to engage in the therapeutic process and help clients work through difficult life transitions, help develop stress management skills and help clients learn new coping strategies to increase clients' overall sense of well being. I tailor therapy sessions to the individual needs of clients, as each client is unique."
Atlanta, Georgia 30319
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Inside Out, a new Pixar movie, is an excellent example of how I think about our emotions and why I think therapy can be helpful. The film addresses our relationship to our feelings in a sophisticated way. The emotions-Joy, Disgust, Sadness, Anger, and Fear-inhabit the inner world of a young girl named Riley. The movie illustrates ways in which Riley's internal world is organized and ways in which it changes. We see that as much as the other parts may become annoyed at Sadness, this part/emotion is actually quite critical to Riley's emotional well-being."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(781) 786-7710
"Life presents many challenges. I can help. I am a clinical psychologist practicing in Atlanta, GA. My specializations include stress management, sport and performance psychology, biofeedback, and health psychology. A large part of my practice is also concerned with issues of anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric conditions. If you are seeking either short-term solution-focused therapy or an open-ended depth-oriented approach with a clinician who values a genuine and collaborative relationship, then I hope you will consider working with me."
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
(678) 264-6712
"I work with individual adults and couples; my therapeutic focus involves helping you gain insight into limiting self-perceptions and behavior patterns to manage stress, create new meaning, and to achieve the clarity, balance and interpersonal effectiveness that you're seeking. I approach therapy collaboratively, using mindfulness and meditation as central tools for awareness-building and transforming moment-to-moment experience. I am EMDR-trained and incorporate this modality into sessions for accelerating the healing process."
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 382-5822
"Problems and difficulties are not uncommon.... We all struggle from time to time. Through my practice, I provide services designed to promote hope and wellness. I do this by working collaboratively and non-judgmentally with clients. I have a special passion for working with individuals and couples struggling with relationship issues, intimacy, and/or sexual concerns. Specific areas of client concern include low or mismatched desire, healing from sexual abuse, problems with orgasm, premature ejaculation, out of control sexual behavior, behavioral difficulties, as well as problems with mood and anxiety. My therapeutic style is characterized by warmth, empathy, humor, and a caring yet direct approach."
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(678) 905-7862 x1