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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LCAC
"Are you looking for a therapist who will appreciate the unique individual you are and will help you use your capabilities to achieve your goals? I work with the youngest children to the oldest adults in individual, couples, and family treatment. Whether you are struggling with a form of depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, abuse or a combination, I would be glad to learn more about what you want your life to be and to assist you in achieving it."
Office is near:
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 496-2266
Counselor, MS, EdS
"The foundations to a person's mind are based on the principals both intstilled into and gathered from experiences as a child. As children grow older, they soon start interpreting this information to decide for themselves which of their actions are right and wrong. What draws me to study Psychology is this mental processing, and how it affects a person's current and future disposition. As a reliable and hard-working individual, I believe I can make a worthy contribution in helping to assist you with your counseling needs."
Office is near:
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 720-3092
"Many of the challenges in life we don't see coming. Sometimes we encounter a problem we can't figure out on our own. It helps to have someone else to lean on to get us through a difficult period. My primary job as a counselor is to give encouragement, impart a sense of hope, and help restore balance in the lives of my clients. For some clients it's a rare experience to be truly heard, understood, and empathized with. I'll provide a warm, non-judgmental environment that allows you to tell your story."
Office is near:
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 995-4046
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I am a LCSW providing counseling services to individuals and couples. I have clinical experience in working with depression and anxiety-related disorders and have found cognitive-behavioral skills to be beneficial in helping clients challenge these disorders. I work with clients who are generally functioning well, but are having trouble coping with difficult life situations that often contribute to depression and anxiety such as relationship conflicts, divorce, work-related stress, parenting, and grief. I enjoy helping my clients gain insight and perspective into their issues and when possible, experience lasting change."
Office is near:
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 674-0510
"Do you ever feel that your life is empty? Do you often feel hopeless? Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy? If you answered yes to the previous questions, you could be suffering from clinical depression. Don't think that you will be able to get through this on your own? Depression is a serious illness that requires professional help to overcome. Options has helped many people just like yourself overcome their depression. We're proud to offer exemplary treatment provided by an amazing and compassionate team of therapists and clinicians that want nothing more than to help turn your life around. Reach out to us today and learn that you can beat this and live a happy, joyful life."
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Seymour, Indiana 47274
(317) 653-4222