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"Dayne is a native of Paducah, Kentucky and has been practicing locally for over ten years. He earned his master's degree in clinical psychology from Murray State University and is licensed as a psychological practitioner, KY-0095. Dayne treats child, adolescent, and adult clients using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. He has specialized training and experience working with victims of abuse, domestic violence, and other types of trauma. Dayne also provides treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, various phobias, panic disorder, grief, PTSD, relationship issues, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, adjustment disorders, and issues related to foster care placement and adoption."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 681-4617
"Emotional well-being is really about choosing how you want to think,feel,& act. By developing new thoughts and behaviors you will be empowered to consciously CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Each and every choice we make has a corresponding consequence. If you are ready to obtain the necessary skills that will enable you to be Emotionally Healthy, despite what life may throw at you, then call me for a consultation. Choosing to act rather than react is so much simpler!"
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 681-1823
"The goal of my practice at Compass Counseling is to serve people by offering board certified experience and personalized counseling services in a comfortable setting...real help for real people. I look forward to working with you on your commitment to making changes in your life. My hope is to give you with the highest quality service so you can work towards your best possible outcome. Compass Counseling offers a variety of services to meet your individual needs."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 350-9763
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"My ideal client is one who does not feel/believe things may never get better with whatever circumstance they are dealing. I have provided services to children age 4 to 18, their families and adults.I always believe my clients lives and well-being will improve, this is my motivation and passion. I am best suited to deal with depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mood disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and reactive attachment disorder."
Paducah, Kentucky 42003
(270) 906-9656
"Hello and welcome! Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or just plain stuck in life? Are you considering talking to someone who can provide both strength and support? You have taken an important step in finding a counselor that is right for you. I have training and experience working alongside of individuals who are struggling with a wide range of clinical and behavioral issues such as: depression, PTSD, anxiety, emotional regulation, adjustment disorders, problem gambling, substance abuse and victims of abuse or trauma. I exercise a compassionate, understanding, strengths-based approach in my clinical practice and in life."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 681-3849
Counselor, PhD, LPCC, NCC
"Stress, anxiety, and depression are issues many people face. These issues may be due to a current problem or situation. Chronic depression, anger, and self-destructive behaviors may also be related to long-term issues from childhood and adolescence. Early trauma can produce lifelong consequences that are treatable in the safety of the therapeutic relationship.My approach combines the insight oriented work of humanistic counseling with cognitive-behavioral techniques. Psychotherapy is usually very effective in helping individuals and families deal more effectively with difficult circumstances, by helping them reframe perceptions and problems in a healthier way."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 681-3946
"Dr. Becky Nastally is a nationally board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) licensed in the state of Kentucky, Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) and has over 10 years of experience treating children with autism and other developmental disabilities, their families and the schools in which they attend. Her primary expertise lies in the treatment of autism and behavior addiction. She runs a private practice in Paducah called Bloom Behavior Therapy providing behavioral intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders. She received her doctoral degree from Southern Illinois University. Dr. Nastally has authored 14 peer-reviewed scholarly journal publications, one book chapter and over 20 professional presentations in the area of applied behavior analysis."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 944-3742 x1
"Progressive Wellness offers clinical counseling for individuals, couples, and families within the community. Faith, as a valuable tool, is incorporated into treatment upon client's request. Our counselors offer hope and encouragement with warmth and understanding to promote empowerment and wellness in the individual using a form of therapy that is compassionate, inclusive, powerfully healing, and deeply respectful of the inner life. The importance of the helping relationship and the sacredness of the therapeutic encounter is deeply valued while licensed clinical counselors utilize researched data to implement proven methods and techniques, based on assessment and clinical study."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 499-7521 x219
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I have had over 21 years experience in the Behavioral Health Field. I have been in private practice for the past 6 years but I have had a variety of experience prior to that including inpatient, residential facility, community mental health, and intensive outpatient. I see all ages of people for many different reasons including mood disorders, work issues, relationship issues, parenting, anxiety disorders, behavior disorders, etc. I am currently working on my certification for Registered Play Therapist and have completed 124 of 150 hours of education."
Paducah, Kentucky 42003
(270) 972-4734
"Most people will experience road blocks at some point throughout their life, but that does not mean that your life has to be unfulfilling. By re-constructing your thoughts and behaviors, you can transform your life. If you are interested in developing skills to overcome your obstacles and enhance your personal fulfillment, contact me and we can talk. I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 972-4625
"When life events become overwhelming, everything can seem out of balance. Whether the challenge you face is anxiety, depression, grief, parenting struggles or something else, my approach to counseling is to help individuals and families find and focus on their strengths. This enables them to find solutions to recreate life balance. I believe in your ability to change and grow. I'm a catalyst for hope and change for my clients."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 451-2404
"We all experience difficult times in our lives - loss of loved ones, divorce, illness, job loss. Events such as these can lead to anxiety, sadness, and even hopelessness. Often these feelings can be caused by life's little everyday concerns - children, marriage, health, finances. For kids it may be homework, friends, and the stresses associated with just being a teenager. I can help you understand what you are feeling and provide support and non-judgmental positive regard as we work together to develop and maintain your own plan for a healthy mind and spirit."
Paducah, Kentucky 42001
(270) 973-4279
"The Clinical Center serves as a training site for several health care professional educational programs at SIU, assuring you state-of-the-art care. Our commitment to providing service and enhancing understanding is evidenced in our participation in clinical research."
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Paducah, Kentucky 42003
(618) 477-8242
"We offer hope and healing to clients through local therapy services for mental health, relationship, parenting, addictions (alcohol, drug, gambling), career counseling, and Christian based therapy. We have local offices in Winchester and Flemingsburg but we also offer therapy using our secure, confidential online web-based services in KY when client can self-pay (insurance often does not pay for this yet). Our therapists are credentialed through the state boards and have experience in multiple settings. Private Insurance and Medical Card accepted."
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Paducah, Kentucky 42001
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