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"Your relationships are important. While you don't expect to agree 100% of the time, you desire more harmony. You want to work together and may not know how to begin. I create a safe space to explore what's going on, and discover ways to make it better. I teach communication techniques that help you understand and stay connected through challenging times. Couples report I have helped them: argue less, recapture intimacy, resolve sex issues, resolve money issues, recover from affairs, decide the status of their relationship, establish parenting and visitation plans, mediate separation agreements and more."
East Boston, Massachusetts 02128
(978) 616-9928
Marriage & Family Therapist, MED, LMFT
"Entering this field a bit later in life, it was not without gaining, and continuing to gain, multiple perspectives associated with trials stemming from family of origin, marital, trauma, secondary trauma, relationship, parenting-to raise/parenting-to-prepare, job-related, adoption/reunification, loss, life transition and elder care issues. I know life's journey to be replete with challenges. I also know it to be rich, adventurous, rewarding. I've learned obstacles are more easily negotiated with support and that becoming our own agent of change is not as elusive as it may often seem."
Office is near:
East Boston, Massachusetts 02128
(617) 237-6832
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
"Welcome! My main focus as a therapist is to provide an open and comfortable space for my clients; I believe fostering authenticity and the building of trust are essential for you to have a meaningful and satisfying therapy experience. My therapeutic approaches are insight-oriented and supportive psychotherapy as well as using solution-focused and problem-solving models. If appropriate, I incorporate mind-body-spirit (or Energy Psychology) techniques for stress reduction and perspective shift. Together, we will determine the intervention used based on your current needs and goals."
Office is near:
East Boston, Massachusetts 02128
(617) 431-1887