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Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"I have been working with individuals, couples, parents and families for almost 30 years and I bring the benefit of this experience to your problems and issues. I look for the patterns that maintain dysfunctional relationships and help you to change these patterns so that the system can move to healthy functioning for the benefit of all members. For most people, problems in their significant relationships are the source of a great pain and suffering, sometimes manifesting in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addictions. The resolution of problems in relationships can help to alleviate some of these serious issues."
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 618-8746
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW
"I provide confidential care in a professional environment. My services include mental health treatment and marriage/couples counseling. In mental health, I utilize both an interpersonal and cognitive behavioral approach to mood disorders (which includes both moderate and severe depression, as well as bipolar disorder). I am especially interested in treating anxiety, including generalized anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, acute stress, PTSD & obsessive-compulsive disorders. In these treatments, I utilize cognitive behavioral treatments and exposure response prevention techniques. I also provide services to couples, families and groups of couples utilizing components of structural, strategic and communications models for my work."
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 747-3785
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"I love my job! I've been called relentless for my commitment to helping people better understand and thrive in their relationships. To that end, I persistently continue my education and training so that I can better provide you with the most up to date, practical, and hopeful therapy. I hold a master's degree in marriage and family therapy, am a licensed marriage and family therapist and am currently pursuing my doctorate in psychology. I see individuals, couples of all kinds, adolescents, families, gay and lesbian couples, and transgender folks. My office is safe, comfortable, and is often a place of healing."
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 517-4350
"I believe all human behavior is oriented toward growth, no matter how misguided or "crazy" it may seem. Perhaps you feel out of balance with your emotions, relationships, work, or spirit. You may be experiencing a crisis, a life transition, or simply desire to know yourself better. I focus on individual psychotherapy with adults. I'm trained to work with anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as the deeper unconscious influences to emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Our work is guided by your specific concerns and what you wish to change. My aim is to provide a safe and respectful space for self-exploration."
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 518-7473
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LADC, LMSW-cc, DEEP, Certifi
"I am a therapist with over 20 years' experience, specializing in those with substance abuse issues and their families. Whether you are seeking help because someone else has urged you to, or because you have decided to make changes in your life, I would like to help. I believe you must be the author of your treatment. You are the only one who knows what is most troubling for you. I am an empathetic and non-judgmental listener. It takes a lot of courage to risk telling your story. I honor your courage and would love to hear about your life challenges."
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 808-7281
"My practice is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I enjoy working with people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, insomnia, trauma issues, anger, relationship issues, chronic pain or illness, and difficulty adjusting to change. I have a background in nursing and a deep appreciation of how emotional and physical health are interconnected."
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 618-9265
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I practice client centered therapy believing that this is your time to work at your own pace. I have worked with many people across the spectrum presenting with a variety of life challenges. I strive to help you create the changes you desire in your life by assisting you along the way. Therapy is a way to find new pathways to make change. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story."
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 667-1917
"The strains of life today can take its toll on even the most stable individuals and families. Losing a loved one, single parenting, divorce, re-marriage, severe illness, and unemployment are some of the crises that can be eased by our professional staff. Dirigo Counseling Clinic addresses individual and family needs with a wide spectrum of approaches including individual, family and couples counseling and support groups. We help people cope with life challenges, traumatic life changes, mental illness, and behavioral disorders. We also make referrals to other resources in the community"
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Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 973-0505
"I approach psychotherapy with an interest in how thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships interact with one another interdependently. When the work goes well, we are both moved, and we are both having a good time, finding new ways to feel right and learn from experience. I adjust my style to each client relationship, in a talking therapy that sometimes includes art, play, or writing. I encourage fresh pathways for resolution and realization in my clients' lives. I am interested in how people respond to challenges. Yet I am dedicated to making my work comfortable, meaningful, and effective to my clients."
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Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 808-7844
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LADC, DEEP
"Life is complicated! At times we all struggle - despite our best efforts. I believe that success in any kind of counseling begins with a positive relationship and a team-oriented, we-are-in-this-together attitude between client and counselor. Starting there, let's have a conversation and see how I can be helpful to you."
Office is near:
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 518-7257
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CADC, DEEP
"Thank you for reading my profile. You are taking a courageous step by acknowledging your concerns and considering making changes in your life. No matter how big or small your problem seems it is worth addressing so that you can realize your potential and live a happy and healthy life. I appreciate your effort and will respond to your email even if your issues are outside of my scope of practice. My areas of focus are anxiety, depression, anger, stress, addiction, eating disorders, career, relationship and family problems. I offer personal growth seminars quarterly and also do DEEP evaluations."
Office is near:
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 358-4947
Office is near:
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
(207) 482-0002