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"I am most useful to people who are motivated to change their lives by understanding themselves and how they see their world more fully. I encourage and assist people in exploring themselves and all aspects of their lives so that we can find patterns and insights that will lead to positive change. I do not assume a know it all, tell you how to run your life position. I do not take a parental role. I value humility and awe in the face of life's complexities. I have found a sense of humor to be helpful."
Burton, Michigan 48529
(810) 882-1925
"I have extensive clinical experience working with both chemically dependent and mental health clients. I am comfortable working with individual as well as couples in regards to various clinical challenges specific to cognitive behavioral problems. I have extensive training in dealing with anger management, clinical hypnosis, anxiety and depression, post traumatic stress disorders and counseling criminal offenders."
Office is near:
Burton, Michigan 48519
(810) 395-5082
"Do you want to experience more joy and contentment? Do you want to have better relationships? Do you want to be a more positive and confident person? The psychodynamic approach to therapy addresses all aspects of the person, from sexuality to spirituality. It is designed to assist the person in breaking free from limiting thoughts and behaviors and allow the real self to emerge as whole, peaceful, loving and fulfilled."
Office is near:
Burton, Michigan 48519
(810) 637-5434
"Are life's circumstances overwhelming you? Are you not functioning up to your usual par? Don't know where to start? I believe therapy can help give a moment to look at situations differently and develop a plan to have a more fulfilling and a more effective life. Common concerns I can help with include struggles with anxiety, depression, grief, parenting or adjusting to family or life changes. Children may benefit from therapy if acting out or failing at school is an issue."
Office is near:
Burton, Michigan 48509
(810) 407-5168
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC, CCMW
"Hi. My name is Heidi McMeekin, and I am a health and wellness counselor who is passionate about helping people heal the past, embrace the present, and find hope in the future! My educational background is strongly rooted in holistic health care, wellness counseling and coaching, pain management and treatment of mood disorders. My goal for all clients is the same: to help them optimize their emotional, mental, and physical health to make it possible to live their best life possible! Call today for a free face to face consultation. Flexible scheduling options. Reduced fees may be available."
Office is near:
Burton, Michigan 48509
(810) 344-6282