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"Individual's issues, Pre-Marital & Relationship concerns, Alcohol & Substance related problems, Driver's License Restoration Assessments...Life can be tough and sometimes it feels very unfair! Relationships of all kinds require work and may at times be painful. If you are feeling like something is wrong, something is missing; your life feels out of control or "just doesn't feel right" now for an appointment. I believe that all therapy is "empowerment through self-enlightenment"; that this is a joint effort where my part is to be open, honest, but always direct and forthright. Your values, beliefs and feelings count!"
Fruitport, Michigan 49415
(231) 225-4900
"Feeling on the brink of divorce/separating? Feel like you can't cope with daily stresses? Congratulations, you've taken the first step to a more fulfilling life. Whether it's your relationship, feeling down, experiencing loss, being worried about things in your life, or just dealing with changes, having a partner to talk to, work through decisions, or just to vent, can be very beneficial. I want to be your partner, to help you through tough times, to help process though difficult emotions, to help you set goals and move your life and relationships in the most positive direction."
Office is near:
Fruitport, Michigan 49415
(231) 215-0923
"I like to create for my clients an environment that is conducive to cultivating open communication and trust. I respect and value the thoughts and feelings of my clients and each individual is treated as their own person, tried by challenges specific to themselves. Through self-exploration, understanding and deepened insight, I believe that individuals can heal and foster change."
Office is near:
Fruitport, Michigan 49415
(231) 715-3174