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"As a skilled eclectic therapist, I first focus on getting to know you and listening carefully for the desired changes. You and I will then co-create a treatment plan that is designed to achieve rapid results. I believe that as we are all individuals, it is imperative to design treatments that honor this individuality and at the same time, be effective, ethical, and gentle. To accommodate preference or special needs, phone sessions may be available after the initial in-person intake session."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 208-8152
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"When seeking out therapy we are looking for change. Whether we want to reduce our anxiety, our negative self talk, improve our relationships or just feel better about life. I enjoy helping people understand themselves and circumstances better to determine what direction they want to go. From there we can work on how to take practical steps in that direction. When we stop listening to our negative self-talk and stop worrying about what others are thinking about what we're doing, we are free to make the decisions we deem necessary for ourselves."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 294-8579
"We are a multi-disciplinary team offering medication management, individual therapy, couples and family counseling, and group therapy to provide you with comprehensive care for treatment of many mental health issues. Our groups and individual therapy have proven to change destructive behaviors, improve ability to manage mood, and enhance stress management skills. Our goal is to be of support by helping individuals develop and strengthen skills that promote well-being and success in daily living. We look forward to working with you."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
(952) 479-5976
"Part of my work with adults and teens is to create a safe and trusting environment, understanding that my office may be the only non-judgmental place that a client has. I believe that the best path to complete and effective treatment is an integrative approach where the therapy is tailored to fit each individual client's needs. My passion is working with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds (ethnic, SES, disability, etc.), listening to their story, and collaborating with them to explore both personal and available external resources that they can draw on for growth and healing."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 649-6415 x1
"As a cancer survivor and a woman who has overcome powerful challenges, Kathryn Cashman knows that healthy relationships are built on trust, compassion for each otherís point of view, and a genuine belief in the empowerment of every person. Regardless if it is in Beijing, China, Kamenka, Ukraine, or Burnsville, Minnesota ~ all places where she has worked with clients ~ she gently and expertly supports them as they transform pain into renewed life. Kathryn both owns and brings service to The Justin Kukowski Center."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 479-5127
"Our mission is to treat addiction in a truly innovative way by creating a collaborative care plan that combines proven science with compassion and professionalism. Advances in brain imaging, behavioral research and neuroscience have clearly shown that addiction is a complex brain disease with effective pharmacological and psycho-social treatments. We treat addiction by: 1) using evidence-based techniques, 2) maintaining strident professionalism, abiding by the code of medical ethics, 3) providing empathetic care, 4) creating a truly collaborative care plan with the patient and their loved ones."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 255-0280
"Are you feeling alone and struggling? Have you tried to solve your issues, only to find yourself feeling the same despair? Maybe you've tried counseling before, and not found the results you were looking for. We are a group of active therapists, with many ideas and skills to offer. There is hope!"
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
(952) 808-1400
Psychologist, PhD, LP, EMDR, Consult
"I work with children and adults (see below). For 25 years, pediatricians have been referring patients to me for issues of anxiety, depression, adhd, trauma or adjustment in order to figure out the child's needs and to build the coping skills and resillience that child will need in his/her life. In addition, I work with the parents to hone their parenting to fit the needs of that child. I've had the pleasure of seeing many children grow up as they use sessions at different times in their lives to navigate struggles."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 388-2380
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, RPT
"I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Play Therapist specializing in individual, child and family therapy. I have worked with children and families for over 20 years and bring perspectives to the therapy process from many different sources. I enjoy working with families who are experiencing grief and loss related to divorce, adoption, foster care and other major life transitions. I have extensive experience working assisting families in understanding the special education process and helping parents develop communication styles enabling them to help their children in receive necessary school services."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 999-2148
"The therapeutic relationship is the most critical factor in therapy. To share your concerns and begin the work of therapy, you must feel comfortable and safe with your therapist. I find that clients connect with me easily, probably because I have a warm and caring interpersonal style. While there are many common reasons for people to seek therapy, everyone is unique and it is important for me to get to know you as an individual. My approach is collaborative and client centered; my expertise is in helping you find your own inner resources to change."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 435-4074
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT, RPT
"I have worked with children and families for over thirty years using creative strategies to encourage children to process feelings. My first degree is child development and I have special training in trauma, attachment and ADHD. I work collaboratively with both parents, teachers and physicians. My home like office provides a supportive atmosphere for both parents and children. Younger children find play therapy helpful, and older children may use art therapy. Codee my Jack Russel Terrier is a lively teacher for children of ADHD. ADHD assessments and school consultation available. Childhood is too short to be unhappy."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
(952) 479-5056
"Do you feel called to do something meaningful, but are unable to believe in yourself? Do you need to make important changes, but struggle to implement them? At various periods in life dramatic change is often asked of us. While these changes can be painful, they also bring new meaning and authentic ways of living that can help you heal and move on. I would love to help support you while you explore an expanded and holistic view of your strengths and potentials that have always been there, but are blocked by feelings of inadequacy and interfering beliefs."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 314-7412
"ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS. IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENTS! My approach in treatment is using an individualized plan of care, forming a partnership...not only in treating present symptoms but also focusing on prevention through education, therapy, and medications, which can supplement clinical information to help guide treatment decisions, reducing the risks of treatment failure and serious adverse events. I empower my clients with the knowledge and skills to achieve "their" desirable goals. I've had the satisfaction of seeing my clients achieve success and their lives changed through the shared partnership and treatment planning with me."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
(952) 232-5219
"I believe that there are often many solutions to a problem. I will work with you to find techniques and solutions that fit and work best for you, taking into account your unique experiences and life stories. In doing so I will treat you as a whole person, comprised of mind, body, and soul. Through a collaborative and supportive process I will work to understand you as the unique individual you are. I create a safe environment that is free of judgment and a place where a trusting therapeutic relationship can be developed and fostered."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 224-8990 x1
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Deciding to go to therapy is not an easy decision; especially if you are feeling alone, depressed, or overwhelmed by life. These kinds of feelings don't care if you are a child or a grown-up. A specialty of mine is working with perinatal and postpartum women and their families. For some women, their pregnancy or the birth of a child is not what they thought it would be or feel like. As your therapist, I will support you and not judge you for your feelings. We will work together during this difficult time and find joy and hope."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 255-6173
"I am passionate about the potential of integrative therapy, valuing the needs of the whole person as a seasoned drug and alcohol counselor and yoga therapist, as well as a prelicensed mental health professional. My practice focuses largely on adult men and women, and is sensitive to the needs of those in recovery and/or reentry from incarceration."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 679-2167
"My practice specialty is helping clients and families to navigate the difficult and confusing world of learning challenges and/or behavioral issues. Using an insight and problem-solving approach, I believe that behavioral issues stem primarily from a person's inability to successfully adapt to expectations in their environment. Combining a cognitive-behavioral and problem-solving approach, I assist clients and their families with recognizing how their brain processes information and how this often leads to emotional and behavioral issues. We will then be able to develop effective intervention strategies for coping and support."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 284-1557
"What is holding you back from achieving your greatest potential? Is it fear? A major life change that you are having difficulty adjusting to? Unhealthy relationships? Perhaps you are feeling in a rut and are not sure why or maybe you feel paralyzed by anxiety. We ALL struggle with these things from time to time. Some struggle silently. The courageous ask for help. I would feel honored to get to know you and to help you reach a better place in your life."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 568-4906
"Forget what you know about "cold," clinical mental health centers. Cashman Center is a warm, welcoming alternative. As a new model for holistic healing, we honor the connection of mind and body and the impact each has on achieving wellness. This mind-body philosophy has drawn an elite group of mental health therapists and bodywork professionals to our center. Whether you are struggling with a general mental health issue or are seeking specific services, you will find help. Your individual treatment plan may include one or more of our mind and body therapies."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(952) 856-8063
Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, MA, LMFT
"Emotional suffering hurts. There are times in all our lives we need the help of caring professionals to help support and guide us. I consider psychotherapy a healing conversation meant to help you better understand yourself, your emotional patterns, and how your behavior affects your important relationships. I work from a family systems perspective, always remembering that even though we may be unique individuals, we're in constant relationship to other people. It's in these relationships that we often find our greatest joy and our most stubborn pain."
Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
(612) 217-4184