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Therapists in Lake Elmo

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
"I know that asking for help is not easy. The thought of sharing your personal issues and emotions with someone you've never met will normally create many anxieties. As a result, I have much respect for those who seek counseling. It means that you've not only had the courage to acknowledge a problem (usually the most difficult) but also want to take steps to resolve it. My role is to help you clarify the various issues and what your next steps might be. You are welcome to come in by yourself, with a partner or as a family unit."
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(651) 314-1480
Marriage & Family Therapist, MBA, MA, LMFT
"Hello. Thank you for looking at my profile. I would honor an opportunity of meeting with you and discussing your concerns. I have 15+ years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families. I believe each person has unique skills, talents, and abilities. I work with individuals and couples to uncover these abilities and use them in effective ways in their lives and in their relationships."
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(651) 321-2594
"I offer a calm, safe and supportive space in which to experience a more integrated sense of self. People I meet with often tell me they appreciate the time to slow things down to study their emotions, beliefs and sensations without judgment, at their pace. I have found that it is through this process that new patterns and strategies emerge. Others with significant trauma histories find that through the process of mindfulness, they can learn to listen to their internal experience in a way that prevents them from becoming overwhelmed and which leads to healing and a calmer, less reactive, nervous system."
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(612) 255-6825
Psychologist, PhD, LP, LLC
"I offer a comfortable place to slow things down and explore the concerns that have lead you to therapy. I have found that people's symptoms have often developed out of a need to cope with difficult and painful experiences in their lives. Clearly understanding the function of these symptoms brings the possibility for tremendous change, both in inside and in relationships with others. A number of my clients with previous experience in therapy have told me that the modalities I use have allowed for deeper healing and broader change than they have experienced in other therapies."
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(612) 351-6562
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LPCC
"I most enjoy working with clients who want to engage their faith in their healing process. If you have been looking for a counselor who offers excellent clinical care in a framework that is biblically based, then look no further. If you have a history of trauma or abuse, struggle with anxiety or depression, have a chronic illness, or are experiencing relational difficulties, please understand that healing is available to you. I believe God wants to heal anything that stands in the way of His glory shining more fully through you."
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(651) 448-4192
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"Life can be difficult and we can feel quite alone at times. Choosing a therapist can also be a challenge. People come to see me for personal and relationship difficulties, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and fears, current and past trauma, abuse, work issues and other concerns. Clients tell me they feel at ease with me, that I'm supportive and non-judgemental. I help people recognize and make use of their own strengths while engaging with them to reach their goals. From the start I support them in determining if I am a good fit for them."
Office is near:
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(651) 447-8731
"If you are hoping to find a place where you can feel comfortable enough to talk about your worries, hopes and fears with someone who will not judge you and will help illuminate solutions to your problems, consider contacting me. It is important to me that my clients feel comfortable, safe, respected and heard. If you're wondering what it might be like to be in therapy with me, I can tell you that I strive to be gentle, but direct; accepting of where you are, but directing you toward the change you want to achieve."
Office is near:
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(612) 294-0813
"You can get help in one simple phone call. We offer Caring, Convenient & Effective Behavioral Health Services. Call us at 651-647-1900 to schedule at one of our convenient counseling offices in: * St. Paul * Burnsville * Lake Elmo * White Bear Lake *"
Office is near:
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(651) 647-1900
"IOP provides active, intensive therapeutic services in a coordinated and structured environment. Since this treatment is designed to work with children and adolescents, we consider each individual's cognitive, emotional, developmental, family and spiritual needs while thoroughly evaluating all underlying psychiatric conditions. Patients may be admitted to IOP from a hospital, an emergency department or may be starting treatment in IOP directly. Parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, counselors, or family may also refer patients to the IOP. Patients who enter IOP have had significant difficulties functioning in their family, school and/or community. The treatment staff works closely with patients and their families to identify and assess problems and then begin steps towards treating identified issues. These steps often involve dealing with problems differently than in the past, both medically and behaviorally. The staff is available to assist and support making such changes as well as meeting as needed to discuss treatment progress and recommendations."
We serve:
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(651) 401-7244
"Finding a good therapist starts here! We have well trained and specialized marriage and family therapists to provide you with trusted and effective services. Individual adults, teens, couples and families are all welcome to come improve their personal health and their relationships. We help couples with communication skills, rebuilding trust, and improving emotional and physical intimacy. We help families with parenting skills (including parenting difficult children) and building a positive and connected relationship between parents and children. We also help teens struggling with social pressures, school stress, depression, anxiety, body image, and more."
Office is near:
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(715) 503-4887
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"I work with individuals, couples and families in helping them to feel understood, while empowering them toward more effective patterns of thinking, feeling and interacting."
Office is near:
Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042
(651) 433-6019