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"As a Certified Life and Retirement Coach with extensive coaching experience, I am a thinking partner who guides my clients to discover and achieve what they most deeply desire. My clients are motivated to become happier and more effective in their personal and professional lives. Nearing retirement? Desiring work you love? Wanting to know "What's Next" in your life? You determine the results that you want. These may include: learning to balance life and work; improving personal and work relationships; finding or creating fulfilling work; becoming healthier and more energized, tapping into your creative expression."
Kansas City, Missouri 64113
(816) 463-4654
"I have EVENING APPOINTMENTS available to accommodate your schedule! Life's changes and phases can become difficult to navigate sometimes. I work with the strength and resilience within you, and believe you have the skills and inner reserves to assist you in overcoming obstacles in your life. With patience and persistence, you will develop greater confidence, self-esteem and emotional balance."
Kansas City, Missouri 64152
(816) 987-7988
"If you are struggling with your relationships, problems related to anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, and/or addiction, I can help. My experience consists of working in private practice, a psychiatric hospital, and an in-patient drug/alcohol treatment center. My approach is getting to know you by establishing a safe, trusting, healing relationship; identifying issues you wish to work on; and working together therapeutically to resolve your problems. For additional information check my website"
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(816) 867-8160
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LSCSW, LCSW
"Life is beautiful even through all its struggles and disappointments. I believe the connections we make with others give us purpose and drive to fulfill our dreams. Though sometimes our intentions do not manifest and we become stagnant and distressed. In my therapy I like to focus on what we can control...ourselves. To take a look inward and view our most delicate fears, insecurities, and desires can be a lot of hard work. I approach each client with this recognition and strive to make a true connection to help foster self-improvement and life satisfaction."
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
(816) 479-5137
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW, LSCSW
"Acknowledged as one of the metros leading mental health professionals, Dr. Turner is a certified sex therapist and a licensed clinical social worker both in Kansas and Missouri and he is an Associate Professor of Practice at KU.Clients have described Dr. Turner as a "phenomenal life coach and stimulating guide". In addition to speaking on topics like intersexuality at Children's Mercy Hospital and patient sexual wellness to KU's urology, OBGYN and psychiatry departments he has been asked to speak to groups such as, the Rhode Island Department of Mental Health."
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(816) 607-4880
"Emotional pain or depression, difficult relationships, and anxiety all limit your ability to enjoy life. We do not fully know ourselves and the things we do not know can cause symptoms and pain. Working together in a deepening process of self examination can lead to greater self knowledge and understanding that makes change possible."
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
(816) 866-1716
"I am passionate about the subconscious mind, the root of the pattern and or behavior. The subconscious controls our actions and thoughts, with a bit of work on both our parts we can go back and visit that time and heal, correct and find closure with that part of you. Healing the past wounds allows one to move forward and I like to seal our work together with trance/hypnosis, I will implement the new positive suggestions to work for your benefit. I remove the charge from the negative past so hopefully it's a faded memory."
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
(816) 656-2024
"Ph.D, Licensed in Kansas and Missouri in health care, psychology and addictions. Over 40-years experience empowering change using natural healing methods, cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition, skill building, education, stress reduction and management. The process is interactive in a confidential relaxed setting designed to help you move through the stages of change with a treatment plan that will address concerns causing you distress* FREE phone screaming available on request before initial office visit after scheduling and applicable insurance has been verified."
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(913) 439-5115
"Hello! Thanks for caring enough about yourself to look for someone who can truly help you with your challenges. I have been a professional for 38 years and can provide genuine help. I am interested to talk with you and find out what you need and want. And I'm ready to answer whatever questions you have about me and how I work with people. There is information about me in this profile and there is even more on my website. The best way to find out whether working with me feels right is to call, come in, and get started."
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
(816) 760-2352
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, SMFT, LMFT
"We all struggle. Whether you need someone who has a fresh, unbiased and hopeful approach to a perpetual problem, or you need someone to walk through some dark and painful experiences, I can help. I will help you heal, grow, and live a fulfilled life. I believe that we are capable of change and growth, but we get lost in the pain and messiness of the problem and we can't find the way out."
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(913) 225-7637
"Does your child throw tantrums or become aggressive when they are asked to do a task or when they are told "no"? Does your child self-injure or appear to engage in attention seeking behaviors? If so, I can help. I work with both children and adults, conducting in home behavioral consultations to address challenging behaviors as well as utilizing positive behavior supports to increase independence, socialization, and overall quality of life."
Kansas City, Missouri 64158
(816) 974-0562
"We are not meant to live life alone, but rather deeply involved in relationships. Some of these relationships are highly successful, while others have come with great loss, significant struggle or just the every day difficulty of learning to live and enjoy life with another person. I believe in the value of working through personal problems in the context of building stronger relationships. I will help you work through this on a personal level or with whomever you are needing to have a restored relationship with."
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
(816) 760-2389
Marriage & Family Therapist, MSW
"All people have strengths and challenges. Therapy is a process of using those strengths and resources to address problems people face. I'm interested in understanding you and helping you develop a plan to work with your problems and to build on your strengths."
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
(816) 479-5129
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, BA, CRADC, MARS
"I have 26 years of dealing with those who have suffered with the pains of addiction and the challenges that come with recovery. My experience and knowledge in this area is second to no other and my willingness and desire to help the addict and his family comes from my heart. Myself and MBSS Counseling Group look to form a partnership with individuals, families and communities to provide the highest quality treatment to the whole person in a safe environment based on respect and acceptance. Our clients will be free to make decisions free from alcohol and drugs."
Kansas City, Missouri 64131
(816) 754-9475
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LCMFT
"Welcome! For the past 7 years I have loved working primarily with teens and their families. I believe the teenage years are some of the hardest, most challenging, years we face. It brings me joy to be able to offer guidance to this population in hopes of healing and restoration within the family system. I have worked with families in both outpatient and residential settings with the majority of my work being in therapeutic residential environments. With a systemic family therapy approach, I offer guidance with the whole family in mind."
Kansas City, Missouri 64113
(816) 293-2933
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LSCSW, LCSW
"I value your trust in me and will do my best to put you at ease as we begin our work. Areas of focus in my practice include trauma, obsessive thoughts and behaviors, depression, anxiety, addiction and/or relationship issues and repair. My therapeutic approach encourages and values your strengths and your unique history. My intention is to be to be attentive and compassionate towards you and your specific concerns as I offer insight, support and valuable tools for you as an individual or couple. I welcome adults, couples and children."
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
(913) 254-3245 x3
"Issues arise in a persons life that cause emotional pain and disrupt the ability to live a normal happy life. Identifying the stressor and forming adequate skills to eliminate or cope can be difficult. I am here to walk with you in your journey of resolution. No problem is "too small" to address. Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, and many other issues can be managed. Happiness is on the horizon. I specialize in these areas and as a husband, father of three, and former combat veteran serving sixteen years I am familiar with many issues that families and individuals face."
Kansas City, Missouri 64118
(816) 659-1225
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, LSCSW
"Is life not what you envisioned it to be? Tired of the same fight? Discover PERMANENT solutions to repetitive problems! Specializing in couples and life transitions. 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE HELPING PEOPLE REDEFINE THEIR LIFE COURSE. COUPLES: Discover PERMANENT solutions to repetitive problems. I provide pre/post marital therapy. New relationships welcome! IT IS POSSIBLE TO RECAPTURE LOVE IN YOUR MARRIAGE! LIFE TRANSITION: (Divorce, Loss, Retirement, Empty nesting, Middle-age Slump. Learn to redirect and rejuvenate your life course and find meaning from change, struggle, and transition."
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(816) 920-0413
"I enjoy working with people in a safe and supportive atmosphere where a person can open to who they really are, and discover strengths and solutions that they never knew were possible. I feel that my client and I can figure out more together than either one of us could have separately. I believe that human beings are self-healing, and it is thrilling to me to use my knowledge and experience to enliven the healing process. I work with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, past traumatic experiences, or challenging life changes."
Kansas City, Missouri 64112
(816) 607-4754
"If you are coping with emotional distress, trauma or relationship problems I can offer you hope and healing. The first step is always the most difficult, to admit you need help, and to reach out by making that phone call. We will speak on the telephone to see if we are a good fit, then schedule an appointment at our mutual convenience. If you need a specialty other than mine, I have 5 other therapists in the practice who you can call upon. We will work together to begin your healing journey."
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(816) 853-7890