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"Dr. Kavanaugh is a Clinical Psychologist offering Private Mental Health Therapy in a Retreat format 6 and 12 day programs for Relationship, Depression, Bi-Polar, Loss, Grief, Pain. With our all-inclusive pricing, HBR is committed to producing a high quality, therapeutic, and healthy lifestyle experience. Life have you wondering how much of it is you? Feel like anger is building up? Feel like you need to hear yourself think, and never get the chance to get it straightened out? At Holly Branch Retreat for Women we are offering clinical support in the issues that matter to you most, at the time you need it most. Scheduling based on urgency, your choice of totally private or in groups of four per seminar, all designed meet your life-style. Kindly read through our site, fill out the contact form for a free consultation with Dr Kavanaugh. We can help!"
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 469-5252
"My education and experiences have prepared me to work with individuals, groups, parents, couples, families, children, adolescents and adults. I feel that counseling is a collaborative effort in which you and I work together to help you reach your goals and to help you lead a more fulfilling life. I believe that all humans have the inherent capacity for psychological growth and ability to solve their own problems in an environment that is conducive to such growth and change. If your ready for positive changes and psychological growth please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 419-8639
"Is your child or teenager showing opposition and anger? Confusing behaviors? Anxiety? Isolation? I have worked with children, adolescents and families for the past 5 years. I have worked in the home, school, office settings and community to ensure comprehensive support and progress. I focus on parenting and couple issues helping to strengthen bonds and promote the desired change. Individuals who face anxiety, grief and loss, transition and other challenges deserve support and non-judgement. I look forward to talking with you about how I can help."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 994-8601
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, ACSW, MSW
"I believe that the relationship between the client and the therapist IS the therapy. The feedback I hear from my clients is that they feel very relaxed and at ease with me which enables them to speak without censoring. This is the most important aspect of must feel that your story is safe and secure and that you are being provided with helpful feedback. My relationship with my clients is a professional one yet my desire is for it to be interactive and informal. I am truly honored to help a person have their best possible life."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 216-4064
Counselor, MA, LPC, LCASA, LMFTA
"Hi! I have worked with people of all ages and a wide variety of goals. From traditional talk therapy including CBT to yoga therapy and equine/horse assisted therapy - I have learned many approaches and use this knowledge and experience to individualize therapy to your situation and goals. I love working with families and watching relationships grow. It is an honor for me to walk alongside clients as they learn more about themselves. I am constantly amazed by the resiliency and strength that people show!"
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 360-5335
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Don't over-think therapy. It's just not that complicated. When things get difficult, it's often hard to ask for help. We all face challenges, and we often overcome them on our own. Sometimes it takes much longer than we'd like, and that's when therapy comes into play. Why spend months or years taking on a situation or challenge by yourself, when you could work through it in far less time? Insanity is doing the same things, over and over, and expecting different results. Try something new, and break those old patterns."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 233-3784
"I believe that people can better their lives through therapy. Whether you are struggling with stress and anxiety, depression, adjustments to changes in your life, family issues, or unresolved hurt from your past, learning coping skills can make your life more manageable. I understand that counseling is a very personal experience, and stress the importance of feeling comfortable in my office, where you will be free to discuss your thoughts and feelings without judgement."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 343-6766
"MAKE A WISH! Do you yearn for more meaning in your life? Do you wish you could have better relationships? Miracles offers a safe, loving, and caring environment. INDIVIDUALS - Do you have a path and can't seem to stay or get on it? Are you wanting to be in a relationship? Are you in the grieving process? Do you struggle with feeling anxious? COUPLES - Money Problems? Sexual difficulties ? Communication issues ? Infidelity, Affairs ? Substance Abuse/Addiction Issues? Post Traumatic Issues? Life Styles differences? FAMILIES - Financial Stressors - Different Parenting Styles - Stepfamiles"
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 980-9975 x10
"I believe that we are whole persons with physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects. I have been trained on an approach that includes an integration of my Christian faith with compatible psychological perspectives. I work with adults, women, adolescents, groups, and couples who are experiencing a variety of difficulties including anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, grief and loss, spiritual concerns, illnesses, and relational concerns."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 271-1754
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Crystal offers client-centered, strengths based therapy services for individuals, couples and families. Crystal encourages a collaborative journey through the therapeutic process and innately exudes warmth and compassion in and out of the therapy room. She believes that providing a safe, non-judgmental space is the foundation for change and progress in therapy. Crystal's specializations include couple conflict, trauma, unresolved childhood issues, grief, clinical and personality disorders, stages of life, and general day-to-day stressors."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 216-1037
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Do you want to: Stop feeling stuck and take control of your life and relationships? Gain a new and profound perspective on your relationship? Stop pushing your loved ones away with your anger or other symptoms? Break your dissatisfying and reactive patterns? Stop having the same fights over and over again? Communicate and resolve conflicts easily, and mutually meet your needs? Deeply understand yourself and your loved ones, as well as experience warmth, love, and passion again? Feel a strong connection, enjoy reciprocity and synergy with your partner?"
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 271-9045
"Is your family struggling? Do you want a more peaceful home? My desire is that each child would grow up in a healthy home. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, I worked at Connie Maxwell Children's Home. Now, I still work with children and adolescents, but I primarily provide marriage counseling. I help the husband and wife develop healthy communication patterns. I strive to model grace and truth in my counseling by delicately addressing problems - sexual addictions, affairs, workaholism, alcoholism, perfectionism, control issues, rage issues, etc. I am direct and have a structured approach for each couple."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 870-0246
"Growing up is hard and becomes even more difficult when you are dealing with emotional and social problems. I will work directly with you, parents, school, and community to provide the most comprehensive service available."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 310-5561
"When someone is in crisis and looking for help, finding the right counselor is the first step in the right direction. My passion is working with individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and disordered eating. With most clients, I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which helps clients understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I also pull elements from Solution Focused Therapy which is a brief, active, goal driven therapy that assists individuals in determining how to make needed shifts in their lives and in relationships."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 360-3637
"Life can be difficult, but people are resilient. My counseling approach towards each individual is strength-based. I believe that everyone has positive qualities and strengths. Sometimes, it just may be hard for someone to recognize when they are going through a hard time. My job is to come alongside my clients in a safe environment where my clients can share their feelings without being judged. I will help to point out any faulty thinking or behavioral patterns that may be causing difficulties in life. I mainly work with women and teens struggling with depression, anxiety and trauma histories."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 209-4952
Counselor, D, Min, LPC, LCAS, CCS
"I enjoy helping clients with addiction, marriage, relationship problems, grief issues, gambling problems, anger problems, depression, anxiety and spiritual issues find solutions and live a better quality of life."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 419-8864
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"Stress, anxiety, and depression may have led to stressors in your relationships, job satisfaction, and overall happiness. Counseling is often the first step towards taking control over your life, and finding a therapist that is a good fit can feel like an overwhelming process. I believe that therapy is a partnership that allows me the opportunity to help guide you towards your own personal goals."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(919) 759-5817
Counselor, MDiv, MEd, LPCA, NCC
"People who seek help through the stresses and traumas of life instead of succumbing to them are the bravest people I know. Although therapy may not feel courageous, at some point, we all need the presence and compassionate care of someone committed to our healing process. This is my passion. I work with courageous people who choose to move toward wholeness while continuing to live and care for the responsibilities of their lives. A large part of my work is devoted to helping men and women work through traumatic experiences in the present and those remembered from the past."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
(704) 276-6762
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSWA
"Therapy is not an easy process to begin. It can feel overwhelming, especially when choosing someone to talk to. I believe therapy should feel like an easy conversation in a safe environment with someone who can guide you and provide you with tools to create changes in your life outside of therapy. I use a non-judgmental and open-minded approach to helping clients identify these changes that they want to make in order to live their best lives."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(704) 702-4467
Counselor, PsyD, LPC, Sex, Therapi, st
"I provide a relaxed, encouraging environment where you can feel heard, understood, and completely accepted. I will collaborate with you to build a foundation that utilizes your strengths & discard negative patterns that inhibit your growth and success. If you are thinking about counseling or therapy, chances are you are in distress, not feeling like yourself, or are looking for help in dealing with a difficult situation. You also probably want to find a therapist who is going to understand you and who has experience dealing with the problems and concerns that you are facing."
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
(980) 819-4137