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Therapists in Littleton

"I bring to the practice of psychotherapy a doctoral degree in theology as well as psychology and 17 years of teaching Religious Studies on the college level. I am ready to assist clients who feel they have been harmed psychologically by religion or spirituality and to draw on religion or spirituality as sources of healing. I have no interest in promoting any particular tradition and will ignore these topics if so asked. I have specific training and experience in the treatment or trauma resulting from abuse and neglect, domestic violence, war, torture or accidents."
Littleton, New Hampshire 03561
(603) 819-5071
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
"As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Expressive Arts Therapist, my goal is always to provide the highest quality of care in helping clients to heal. For nineteen years I have been working with children, adults, couples, and families. My practice is grounded in established therapies. I specialize in trauma recovery, anxiety, depression, family and couples therapy. I have a Master's degree in Expressive Therapies and counseling from Lesley University and a BA in psychology and theater from the University of New Hampshire."
Littleton, New Hampshire 03561
(603) 253-2057
Counselor, LCMHC, MAy, IYT
"For over 30 years I have been working with people to help them find ways to deal with the pains and stressors of life. The work I do includes a variety of traditional talk therapies as well as the contemplative practice of psychotherapy and mindfulness. My work as a therapist helps you integrate and accept all aspects of your experiences so that these experiences no longer disturb you. I also teach stress reduction techniques that help with large and small challenges. As a professional counselor licensed in New Hampshire I work with adults, adolescents, children, couples and families."
Littleton, New Hampshire 03561
(603) 617-2602
"I believe it is important for individuals who are struggling with difficult choices to be allowed to take the time to explore how they have arrived at their current impasse. Individuals frequently have difficulty with avoidance and procrastination which can lead to frustration and emotional fatigue. This can drain away creative energy needed for change to occur. Every individual is capable of emotional growth if they can give themselves permission to examine old defenses and unproductive patterns of behavior. Insight into these psychological habits can lead to more alternatives regarding future choices and decisions."
Office is near:
Littleton, New Hampshire 03561
(603) 446-6207
"My first goal is to listen without interrupting. I want to help clients to realize their potential. I help clients to identify and clarify wants and needs,values and beliefs. The "work" of counseling has to do with developing strategies to cope with and recover from life stressors often producing anxiety and depression. Life Change Counseling incorporates positive psychology and mindfulness. Basic meditation and relaxation techniques are taught."
Office is near:
Littleton, New Hampshire 03561
(802) 733-9469