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Therapists in Buffalo

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Compassion, growth, and joy. These qualities guide my practice. If you are an adult who is suffering, feeling lost, or unhappy, I can help you heal from the past and forge a new path. If you have a child who is struggling to manage his or her emotions and behaviors, I help kids and families sort through mixed-up thoughts and feelings in order to move forward. Using eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, I am able to guide adults and kids through a unique information processing therapy designed to help resolve trauma. Trauma can mean different things to different people."
Buffalo, New York 14201
(716) 402-7081
"I am a psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy, treating difficulties with mood and anxiety, behavioral problems, and substance and alcohol use. As a medical doctor, my training allows me to incorporate mind/body focused treatments including nutrition, exercise, life coaching, medications, and understanding past experiences in order to facilitate change. I am a native Western New Yorker, and I share the unique perspectives of my patients with a focus on personal responsibility, resilience, and hope. I also make myself personally available to patients via text and email during off hours with flexible scheduling in a comfortable Elmwood Village setting."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 794-9221
"Dr. Wert has been in practice and licensed as a psychologist for over 20 years. She has considerable training and experience in working with people experiencing depression, anxiety disorders including phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder, relationship problems, women's issues and workplace stress. She utilizes mindfulness and relaxation strategies where useful. Working with people experiencing behavioral "addictions" or habits such as excessive eating, spending, gambling, internet use, etc., as well as working with family members affected by these issues or by substance abuse, is also a specialty. She works with adults of all ages and teens ages 15 and above."
Buffalo, New York 14209
(716) 478-3581
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I am focused on providing compassionate care to each individual I serve. I am honored to be able to assist individuals in the community to treat their suggleswith mental illness. I strongly believe that if not treated mental illness can become a barrier to you fully living your life and reaching your goals."
Buffalo, New York 14220
(716) 708-4596
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"I believe that life is an important challenge. Making it the life you want takes courage. I am here to support you in creating the life you want, relationship you want, and family you want. I respect your choice to support yourself by reaching out and welcome any questions you might have before we initiate our work together."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 220-8753
"I am a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 30 years of experience in the psychotherapy field. I have had extensive training in both cognitive behavioral and interpersonal psychotherapy treating a wide client population with numerous strengths and deficits. I am also a vocational counselor and have assisted individuals with both their educational plans and career goals. This includes assisting Veterans with both physical and emotional disabilities in determining their interests, aptitudes and abilities and ultimately teaching them job seeking skills, job development and assisting them with job placement."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 335-9307
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R
"With over thirty years experience as a social worker I have been exposed to and trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities. I believe it is the therapeutic relationship which is developed between you and me, not the therapeutic model, that enables change. This relationship is based in my belief that you are basically good and doing the best that you can. What differentiates the therapeutic relationship from the other relationships in your life is that the sole purpose is to help you by creating a safe space in which you can express your feelings, thoughts, and behavior."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 537-4463
"Choosing the right therapist is critical to the success of your treatment, but it can also be a daunting task. I understand and welcome you to call for a consultation before making a decision. Good treatment depends on a strong relationship founded on trust and respect and it is important that you feel at ease with whomever you work. I encourage an open and friendly rapport in the therapeutic relationship, appreciate its potential to alleviate stress, self-doubt, and anxiety, and hope to share with you its capacity to effect change."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 608-3378
"The goal for all of my clients is to improve their overall mental health and for them to feel a sense of peace as a result of their counseling experience. It takes bravery, commitment and mutual rapport between the client and the therapist to feel success from therapy. I provide a non-judgemental, comfortable atmosphere for all of my clients so their voices can be heard."
Buffalo, New York 14226
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
"Perhaps you have found your way to me because you know that your life is out of balance, you want to feel better about yourself and others, you are confused, and you want the support of a highly skilled, empathic therapist to help you make the changes you know will make all the difference. I am a licensed Family Systems therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Neurofeedback practitioner. My overall focus includes consideration of the integration of mind/body and spirit, and a deep commitment to partnering with my clients as they embark on their healing journey."
Buffalo, New York 14217
(716) 335-9850
"With a PhD and Masters from SUNY at Buffalo and six years of post doctoral training in psychotherapy, Dr. Treible is a Board Certified (ABPP), Licensed Psychologist and has been practicing for 35 years. A student of Gestalt therapy and yoga for over 30 years, Dr. Treible is interested in holistic approaches to therapy. A member of the American Psychological Association, the state and local psychological associations (NYSPA & PAWNY) and the Behavioral Healthcare Network (, Dr. Treible has taught psychology at DYouville, Daemen, Canisius and Medaille Colleges, Buffalo State College and State University of New York at Buffalo."
Buffalo, New York 14223
(716) 575-7434
"I work with individuals and couples -- focusing on the stress that is ruining your life or relationship. Stress feeds emotions and behaviors that you might not like: anger, anxiety, sadness, guilt, people-pleasing, depression, drinking, regret, stuffing it all down, hopelessness, helplessness, etc. Ongoing stress feels like you're stuck on a merry-go-round and don't know how to get off. I help people move from "stuck" to "unstuck". Call for a free 15-minute consultation. I have Saturday hours and weekday evening hours."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 247-6843
Psychiatric Nurse, EdD, PMHCNS-, RN
"My experience as a psychotherapist and educator allows me to offer interventions that are evidence based as well as grounded in traditional approaches that include client - centered, self-psychology, and interpersonal perspectives. I provide counseling and psychoeducation to individuals, couples and families that emphasize health promotion, symptom management and self-healing. My nursing background blended with my years of experience as a psychotherapist have prepared me to offer approaches that include recognition of the interplay of neurobiologic and intrapsychic factors related to the functioning of the brain and mind. I will work with you to meet mutually arrived upon goals."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 803-8394
"I practice hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help people make powerful changes in their lives. I help people free themselves from their false beliefs which limit their lives. I have almost 30 years experience, and specialize in habit control, Smoking, Weight, Stress, Anxiety and Pain. I also work with people to help them with sports performance, public speaking and to pass professional exams. We also do work with painless childbirth, memory and confidence as well as sports performance. I offer a free consultation and free hypnotic test to see what kind of a subject the potential client will be."
Buffalo, New York 14226
(716) 312-4737
"When your mind is filled with bothersome thoughts and worries, it can be difficult to face the day. But the thoughts you are experiencing by no means make you flawed; they are often the response to stressful life events, and they need not constrain your life. You deserve to be free from chronic negative thinking, and together we can make that happen. I know it can feel difficult to discuss these struggles with a therapist, but if you are willing to invest in yourself and to live a more enjoyable life, I am here and willing to help."
Buffalo, New York 14209
(716) 235-5061
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Connectedness is a human essential. Connecting in a healthy/balanced/fulfilling way only can happen if we are well connected to ourselves. For me, the most exciting part of the work I do is to assist people in locating the blocks to a loving self-connection and learning to get passed them. The growth that can occur beyond this fundamental step is amazing!"
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 268-0037
"For clients who desire clinically proven, rapid results, limited appointments and medication-free mental health treatment of habits, disorders, behaviors or trauma, hypnotherapy is the ideal therapy. Clients and doctors seek my expertise for prompt elimination or reduction of debilitating emotional / mental trauma, PTSD symptoms, stress, weight loss, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, fears and phobias, habits like smoking, gambling, shopping, alcoholism and anger. The list of issues immediately resolved with hypnotherapy is far longer. Please call or email to ask for specific information. If the root of an issue is within the subconscious mind, I can help immediately."
Buffalo, New York 14201
(716) 244-6147
"I work with motivated individuals willing to do "the work" needed for change. I believe everyone has the ability to better their lives and grow as individuals. A professor once stated to me that "our jobs as counselors are to be their (clients) lanterns in the dark. We help light the way. It is up to them to choose their paths towards healing." His statement resonates with me. My role is to help you help yourself."
Buffalo, New York 14209
(716) 898-0699
"Couple & Relationship Therapy is a marriage and family therapy practice that provides therapy for all individuals, couples and families. Making the decision to come to therapy is a difficult and courageous one. We understand this and our therapists are trained in systems thinking, meaning, we understand that people impact each other. Whenever possible we try to see all the people in the system, whether couple or family, to fully understand the challenges. Our goal is to assist you in creating the change you want."
Buffalo, New York 14214
(716) 462-5869
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, CCLS, MFT
"I believe that every client is unique, and the expert in their own life. Sometimes our journey may become overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Therapy can be beneficial and rewarding for the whole family unit. Every client is encouraged to be an active participant in their therapeutic process to gain self awareness, insight, and empowerment while I am there to help facilitate your growth. My foundation is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, yet I pull from a variety of theories making my approach eclectic with an emphasis on Family Systems, and Client Centered approaches."
Buffalo, New York 14222
(716) 650-5506