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"My work over the past 19 years in the Santa Fe Public Schools, International Schools, and within agencies has been with children, adolescents, families and adults. I will continue with this clientele since the skills and strategies via sandtray therapy, brief solutions therapy, mindfulness, communication techniques, mediation, EMDR , and parent coaching have proven effective and have offered families the opportunities to view counseling as a means of support and education."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 835-1817
"We can tell the same story repeatedly but it is new felt experiences that make a profound difference. I listen to both mind & body with deep respect & sensitivity. I see my role as a guide back to your own internal wisdom and voice, to a deeper connection with yourself, to parts calling for attention, to unrecognized strengths, and new possibilities. Shifts may happen when you discover what helps you feel calm or you really get the importance of a survival response that the mind long ago dismissed."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(575) 915-1720
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Are you frustrated or stuck, hoping for a better way? Are you tired of feeling angry, sad, depressed, or anxious? Perhaps you are facing major life challenges such as divorce, loss of a job, a loved one, or your health. Maybe you just want to feel better. I can help you address the very real problems that arise in life. I will work with you respectfully to identify and resolve your concerns. Empowering you to cope and move forward is key. I enjoy working with diverse individuals, couples and families to build skills, expand options, and create meaningful solutions."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 234-1324
"My clients come to me because they're anxious and stressed, even a little bit overwhelmed, and just don't know how to change things. Folks are struggling with a life or job transition, unsatisfying relationships, or loneliness and sadness. They want to stop living from fear, and start living from happiness. When clients leave, they understand themselves in brand-new ways that no one has ever taught them before. They're making great choices with strong self-confidence, healthy self-esteem, less anxiety, and a big bag full of tools and techniques to use anywhere, anytime, in any situation."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
(505) 814-5305
"Welcome to my "Psychologist Today" directory page. May I introduce myself... I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a doctorate in psychology, post doctoral training in contemporary psychoanalytic studies, and 25 years of clinical experience. I work with adolescents, adults and couples, and I am able to address a wide spectrum of mental health issues. Although I often draw upon my training in contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy, my clinical approach is individualized. The decision to enter psychotherapy is often difficult to make. You may wonder how psychotherapy works or what to talk about. Let me help you with your decision."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 333-9882
"I am a psychologist that specializes in both psychological assessment and therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. I conduct psychological testing for ADHD, intelligence, memory, learning disorders, as well as personality and diagnostic clarification. Therapy can be offered following testing; however, each can be offered independently and are provided to help in the most effective and efficient way. If you are unsure of your needs, please feel free to call and clarify."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 431-4094
"Mesa Vista Wellness offers a safe and compassionate atmosphere, that gives anyone the opportunity to heal and transform through inner exploration & personal growth. We focus on guiding individuals and families through relationship challenges, addiction recovery, grief and loss, life transitions, personal growth, and inner development. We at Mesa Vista Wellness believe that in the right environment, and given the right tools, anyone can successfully work towards a balanced and more enriched way of being in the world. Make the call or email today!"
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 903-5563
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPCC
"My goals with couples counseling are to increase the strength and vitality of the friendship while improving conflict resolution and general communication flow to a self-sustainable level. I work with the Gottman method; which is a method based in scientific research studying couples that maintain long-term partnerships. In counseling we will Modify conflict by: 1. SOFTENING DIALOGUE START UP, 2.ACCEPTING YOUR PARTNERS PERSPECTIVE, 3. CONFLICT REPAIRS, 4. DE-ESCALATE QUARRELS, 5.PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF SOOTHING, 6. PROCESS REGRETABLE INCIDENTS. This work will continue to improve your relationship after the counseling completes. Please visit my website for more information"
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 835-1706
Counselor, LPCC, CADS, MAR, MA
"Are you hurting people you love? Are you violent? Are you overwhelmed, anxious and don't know what to do? Have you experienced violence or extreme stress in the past? Are you addicted to prescription pain medicine? We will work together so can you find peace of mind, calm your nervous system, think more clearly and find additional resources you might need. I have supported thousands of people over 20 years in the helping profession."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504
(505) 240-6327
"My clients seek counseling for many reasons, but I find that many arrive with a degree of anxiety that interferes with their well-being and their ability to make needed changes in their lives. Learning healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety is one of the first areas we work on. To do this I integrate mindfulness and relaxation techniques into many sessions- this helps my clients slow down their thoughts, their breathing, and their reactions, all of which eases anxiety and gradually changes the nervous system's reaction to stress."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 322-6481
"Have you thought about seeking help with your problems but just have not done it? You feel sad, angry, confused, hopeless, and what you have done so far is not working. Please know it is just this simple. You merely need to make a call ,get an appointment , and begin to talk about what is bothering you."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
(505) 236-4646
"People seek me out who are feeling blocked, stuck, in transition, or at an impasse. I help my clients resolve inner conflicts; move more fully into their heart; connect with their Higher Self and God; and let go of whatever might be in the way. My Clients usually identify themselves as spiritual but not religious, from Judeo-Christian backgrounds, and having tried many different kinds of counseling, personal growth, and meditation techniques. I draw upon intuitive gifts and spiritual support to help then see blind spots that have been undiscovered elsewhere, release blocks, and make a shift."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
(505) 466-1055
"COUNSELING: Welcome to a special opportunity to feel significantly happier, to improve relationships, heal wounds, find clarity, and move forward in your life more effectively. Clients feel relieved to experience positive results in the first session, each time becoming more at peace with themselves, and with others, more successful in relationships, and empowered to make better decisions. Couples develop an understanding of one another and gain new skills for their relationship. Families receive guidance for parenting challenges. Children and teens work through trauma, peer relationships, self-esteem issues, grief, school challenges, and more."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 652-1411
"I think you will find our work together is engaging, warm, intriguing, demanding and fun. In addition to interpersonal and problem solving focuses, we'll use a number of techniques designed to strengthen positive brain functions. Together we'll find your resilience and move forward. We can heal relationships as well as troubling self-states. I work with people from a distance on the phone or in person in Santa Fe. My office is a few minutes from the Plaza. You will find some creative methods for connecting at"
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
(505) 913-7191
"The most important aspect of my work - and its deepest expression - lies in listening. My job is to "hear" you - to listen for what is being said and what is not, for who and what are in the room, for who and what are absent. What part or parts of you have a voice? What part or parts have been silenced? This deep listening process will lead us to those specific therapeutic modalities most appropriate for your growth and well being - what will best serve you at this stage in your life's journey."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 926-0299
"Life can often feel complicated and full of struggles. My commitment as a therapist is to help guide my clients through difficult issues to gain balance, wholeness, resiliency and success in life. I offer an integrative blend of process and insight-oriented therapy alongside behavioral therapy. This blend honors the journey towards healing and finds value and learning in all the stages, while addressing pressing current struggles. I carry a sensitivity and empathic understanding of each individual's unique struggles and strengths and help clients realize their own path toward healing and wholeness."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 349-0725
"I have been in practice in New Mexico for 14 years, treating depression, anxiety, relationships, and life changes. I like to use a listening, supportive stance with clients to help them feel comfortable in talking about their problems. I tailor each client's therapy to their personal needs, combining different modes of treatment. Some of the techniques I use are mindfulness, regulating emotions, relationship skills,tolerating distress, and mind/body techniques. I believe that therapy works, and is worth the time, effort, and money you put into it."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 913-7074
"I work with adults who have experienced trauma in a variety of ways, including physical and emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, and sexual abuse. Some bear the wounds of simply having been born into fractured families that didn't have the resources, emotional fluency, or tools to communicate about needs and wounds. They are all still feeling the negative effects of these events, and continue to experience adversity, leading in many cases to alcohol and substance abuse, process addictions and relationship issues. Those who aren't addicted to substances are often in codependent relationships or engaged in other process addictions."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
(239) 300-2495
"Depression and Anxiety are natural reactions associated with Crisis. It is my professional/personal belief that in every major crisis - there are two events co-occurring. One, is a perceived threat to the SELF; and two, a crucial point when something begins in one's personal growth. Often - this is an opportunity for deeper, spiritual insight. Another important aspect of therapy is finding someone you feel you can relate to. I have led a full, rich life with my travels and my relationships. My many world travel experiences has also provided a singularity of spirit with humanity."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
(505) 431-4726
"Divorce prevention is a specialty that I am famous for in Santa Fe. Couples who can't resolve conflicts and "go round and round" are the people I love to work with and provide conflict resolution skills. Are you struggling in your relationship to find a communication style that creates more intimacy and closeness? Are you depressed and unhappy and don't know how to get out of the "black hole"? Do you want a life that is vital, vibrant and full of hope and passion? I can help you create new neural pathways, new patterns and discover the True Self."
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
(505) 926-2201