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Therapists in Dryden

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R
"Sometimes it really makes sense to have a confidential setting to talk about overwhelming feelings or difficult circumstances. I have many years of experience helping people find their strengths in challenging situations. I use techniques that help people reduce depression and anxiety and increase feelings of well-being. I enjoy helping my clients develop skills that they can use independently."
Office is near:
Dryden, New York 13053
(607) 564-8756
Marriage & Family Therapist, RN, MA, MFT
"I can work with most clients because most emotional problems are derived from our childhood pain, feelings that have not been respected and are buried under depression and anxiety and anger. I help you feel safe with ALL of your feelings, to express them, release them so you are freer to find the love we all are looking for. I have worked deeply on myself so that I can truly help you...with all kinds of problems, whether its unhappy relationships, or poor self image, depression, panic attacks,etc. My spiritual overview deepens your healing and ability to love."
Office is near:
Dryden, New York 13053
(607) 744-6003
"Our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and experiences shape us emotionally, physically and energetically. By compassionately exploring these and our relationships, both healthy and undermining, new choices become possible. I use principles from Family Systems, EMDR, Psycho-dynamic and Behavioral/Cognitive Therapy including: personalized "homework", guided meditation,visualization, diaphragmatic breathing, cognitive restructuring, progressive relaxation and mindfulness.When reinforced, these techniques reliably increase wellness and reduce unhappiness, pain and anxiety. Self awareness and processing the past fosters release and a way forward. You don't need to know the problem or the solution to begin. You only need to want something to change."
Office is near:
Dryden, New York 13053
(607) 216-9165