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Therapists in Nova Scotia (NS)

"I help parents to support their loved ones who struggle with mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm behaviour, anger, behavioural issues, self-esteem, past traumas, as well as negative life events (e.g., divorce/separation). I support parents to help their children deal with strong and complex emotions which are often at the root of many mental health challenges. Raising a child is a wonderful, but difficult task that brings up many complex feelings within a parent. I help parents cope with the challenging feelings that arise in raising a child."
"Art therapy helps to foster creative expression and communication of thoughts and feelings. Discover the benefits of creatively expressing internal processes using colour, line, shape and symbol within a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship. Art therapy allows a connection to our deepest metaphors and also has great applications for mindfulness-based work. I am an Art Therapist in private practice, offering individual sessions. My sessions combine a unique blend of verbal discussion and art-making to shed new light on personal struggles and help build a path towards resolution. No background in art required. Everyone has a creative spark!"
"I am experienced working in the field of addictions and recovery, and enjoy helping clients through the process of living a happy and healthy lifestyle. I have special interests working with individuals who have experienced trauma and with adult children of alcoholics (A.C.O.A.). Additionally, through many years of working with youth, I have developed a passion for helping youth with behaviour management and am skilled in crisis management. I use a positive, honest approach and place great value in my client's comfort and ownership of their successes."
"Clients are provided with a quiet and supportive environment to share their concerns and explore solutions. Sarah has extensive experience working with individuals regarding ADHD, learning disabilities, stress/anxiety, sleep hygiene, social skills, developmental delays, behavioural difficulties, and emotions. Services include: assessment, counselling, and coaching. Sarah has experience in numerous settings including developmental research (Dalhousie), ADHD treatment centre (New York), counselor at private school (Florida), psychometrist for Federal research study (Correctional facility), school psychologist in NS since 2004, as well as a psychologist in private practice since 2007 (including Breakthrough Cooperative 2012-2014). Sarah opened her own practice with 4 psychologists in August 2014."
"Our practice is a private clinic that offers psychological services by regulated psychologists. The mission of Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services is to promote improved mental health for individuals, families and the community using empirically based and scientifically proven assessment and treatment techniques. All psychologists at Dr. S. Gerald Hann Psychological Services are dedicated to the highest ethical standards and approach each and every client with compassion and respect."
"I am a part-time professor, Registered Psychologist, and owner of Cornerstone Psychological Services in Halifax. I offer therapy for children (10+), teens, adults, couples, and families. I work collaboratively with my clients to address a wide range of issues from depression and anxiety to existential concerns."
"Life Happens... We can help. I have 35+ years' experience, the last decade specializing in problem gambling and process addictions. I work extensively with families/members with a variety of addictions, in the process developing an expertise in working with survivors of trauma and family violence. These often underlie addictions whether they are to substances or processes like gambling, shopping, sex, or the internet. I work in a caring and sympathetic manner that makes counselling safe and inviting. Additionally, I have a special interest in working with people diagnosed as borderline, depressed, suicidal, or as adult children of alcoholics (ACOA)."
"I offer three streams of holistic psychotherapy: Mind/Body Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults, Play Therapy for children under the age of twelve, and Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy, a unique combination of psychotherapy and yoga therapy for clients over the age of eighteen. I'm enthusiastic about my work, creatively drawing from both Eastern and Western traditions. As well as being trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I am a certified Logosynthesis Practitioner. Strategies include mindfulness meditation, Logosynthesis, breathing/grounding exercises, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, journaling, yoga therapy, Qigong, play, art, and humour."
"You are a Survivor. Combining Compassionate care and Exceptional Insight to help you conquer the obstacles standing in your way. My clients are empowered to find the confidence and strength that exists within all of us. I will provide you with the tools and motivation needed to identify your core values and start realizing your full potential. I'm dedicated to building safe, trusting relationships that ensure you are 100% supported. Taking the first step is often the hardest, but by doing it you have already proven you have the motivation inside to change your life."
"Although my private practice is new, my counselling experience goes back 15 years. Working through agencies and Community Services, I have worked with families and individuals in areas of personal growth, life skills and parenting."
"Dr. Nunes is an anxiety specialist. She treats general anxiety, worry, panic, social anxiety, phobias and OCD. The therapeutic approach she uses is called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT involves altering the dysfunctional beliefs (and behaviours) that are associated with one's problems. CBT is backed by research and is is the most effective treatment for depression and anxiety, among other things. She also treats depression, relationship problems, obsessive disorders (e.g., hair-pulling, skin-picking), low self-esteem and adjustment and identity issues."
"During my time in Australia, I worked at Mirikai, an in-patient drug rehabilitation centre where I provided psychological services including assessment, formulation, treatment to individuals with both addiction and mental illness. I worked with the Early Psychosis Team (Queensland Health, Australia), where I provided psychological services to clients, between the ages of 15 and 25, experiencing their first episode of psychosis; including substance-induced, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective, and depression with psychotic features. I am a flexible and open-minded practitioner who respects the uniqueness of every individual."
"Are thoughts or emotions putting obstacles between you and a full, content, and meaningful life? Are you having trouble coping with your current circumstances (work stress, relationships, etc)? Are memories of the past making it hard to live in the present? Whether you are facing a temporary setback or a chronic mental health issue, Ms. Erica Lundberg is happy to help you through this difficult time with empathy, support, and practical advice. Ms. Erica Lundberg is a Psychologist (Cand. Reg.) in good standing with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology."
"While working as a Holistic, Strength-Oriented, Art Therapist, I focus on Resilience. I encourage people to explore not only how to Survive the challenges of daily life, but also how to Thrive and Grow. If you are Confused, Stressed, Depressed, in Conflict, or Abused, and need some help feeling Safer, Calmer, Happier, or more Inspired, just reach out. If you can use a Listening Ear, an Open Heart, a Creative Mind, and a Practical Attitude, call Circle Works, and quickly experience the Difference. Individuals, Couples, Youth, Family, Group, Community. Sliding Scale, EAP, Victim Services, BlueCross, First Nations Inuit Health."
"Just showing up is the first step to taking power again in your life! I offer proven practices that will take you step by step towards well-being. I provide gentle options in a warm, caring atmosphere at the Living Well Integrative Health Centre. I listen carefully and work with you to find the approaches that will succeed. I welcome a broad range of clients, but specialize in recovery from trauma, including sexual assault/abuse and domestic violence. Post-trauma issues are not a life sentence, and you can regain the quality of life you deserve."
"I have been working in private practice for over 19 years and have extensive experience providing counselling and other psychological services to children, adolescents and adults. In addition to overall management of the practice, I currently provide psychological treatment to older adolescents, adults and couples experiencing a wide range of problems and concerns. Areas of specialty and focus include: anxiety disorders and stress; depression; grief; self-esteem and confidence; relationship/marital issues; healthy coping; work-related difficulties; and living a full and value driven life."
Counselor, BA, Psych, (Hons), RPC
"My passion for helping others grew through my 10 year volunteer involvement as a firefighter. Early on, through experiencing a number of distressing calls, I became aware of trauma practices. When I was approached to be part of a team that would deliver services to firefighters who may need debriefing, my passion for psychology was ignited."
"I work with individuals who are struggling with a variety of concerns, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, grief and unresolved family and emotional issues. I also work with clients to develop self-esteem, personal wellness and meaningful living and reduce anxiety and stress. I have a background in yoga and meditation and will be starting to lead yoga classes as well as combined yoga and mindfulness workshops in the Fall 2014. Additionally, I specialize in career counselling and can offer vocational assessment and exploration to help individuals work through workplace stress and burnout and assist in career development."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW
"I am best able to help clients who are desirous of making changes in their lives and understand that "the slower you go, the faster you get there". My practice provides a safe space for patients to put all of their thoughts and feelings into words. As patients talk, they learn about themselves and better understand their journey. As the unconscious becomes conscious, patients are able to make more thoughtful and meaningful choices and thus begin to live more full and meaningful lives."
"My work includes a deep commitment to the well-being of my clients. I see individuals 18 and older as well as work with groups of all ages. I understand that stress affects the whole person, including our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. I support people with difficult life experiences including PTSD, and complex trauma, and I find particular meaning in my work with adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect. I assist my clients to make the shift from surviving to thriving."