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Counselor, MS, LPCC-S, LICDC
"Life can be difficult at times. If you are in need of someone to listen and help you get through the hard parts of life, please call me. It can really help if you have someone to listen and give new perspectives when you get stuck or are struggling with a problem in your life."
Troy, Ohio 45373
(937) 719-0612
"As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working for you?" Are you satisfied with how your life is going? If not, as a counselor with over 20 years of counseling experience, I can assist you in identifying your strengths, gaining a healthier perspective on your problems and moving forward with your life in a more satisfying and empowered way. My specialties include communication/relationship issues, anxiety/depression and mood management, recovery from addictive behavior, managing ADHD and recovery from trauma and childhood abuse."
Office is near:
Troy, Ohio 45373
(937) 329-9142
"Ideal clients are those who have clear goals that they want to achieve and who are willing to work on their issues both in and out of sessions. Many clients enter therapy focused on what is wrong with them; we like to balance this by calling attention to the clients' strengths and resources. By doing so, we can help clients to mobilize these resources to help improve clients' self-worth and better their lives and their relationships. Our goal is to widen the number of choices available to clients and help them garner the motivation to make changes they desire."
Office is near:
Troy, Ohio 45373
(937) 256-0500 x1
"Changing a situation cannot be done in the same frame of mind that produced the unhealthy situation to begin with. You cannot judge judgement and thereby rein it in. You cannot solve the problem of excess problem solving with more mental analysis and verbal problem solving. When you do not know which way to turn we will help to shine a light forward."
We serve:
Troy, Ohio 45373
(937) 684-8134