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"It is only a matter of time before we see the storm approaching. What could be the storm? Any physical, psychological, relational, existential or occupational issues that bring us distress. Come to see me before the storm comes or if you are in the middle of it! I believe that human beings represent the most beautiful and fascinating things in the world. I believe that we deserve to live a meaningful and fulfilled life."
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H9
(613) 219-6755
"Everyone encounters periods in their life that challenge their ability to cope and, as such, people come to therapy for a number of different reasons. My aim is to create a safe and supportive environment where my clients can comfortably explore the issues in their lives that are causing them difficulty. I approach therapy in a holistic way, recognizing the complex and diverse facets of one's life. I am open-minded and maintain a person-focused lens, recognizing the effects that one's socialization can have on their sense of self and way of being in the world."
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0X7
(613) 406-4252
"I see individuals for a variety of concerns, such as; anxiety, depression, self-esteem, confidence, relationship issues, negative thinking, life transitions, academic issues and career direction. All of us have times in our lives when we feel stuck, unable to cope, or just in need of support. My aim as a therapist is to help you through life's challenges and to help you move towards your goals."
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7X5
(613) 853-5243
"You may be adjusting to a life threatening illness or may be a family/friend of someone seriously ill. Anticipatory grief refers to the grieving that begins even before a death occurs. You may also be grieving the loss of someone and need an opportunity to explore your experience; Feelings of loss are unique to each individual. Journeying and walking alongside the mourner is my focus as you develop an understanding of your grief and its affect on yourself, your family and the relationship with the person who has died."
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6Y6
(613) 799-3338
"I have a strong faith in the natural ability of people to thrive in the right environment, and it has been my privilege to help create those environments for many clients over the years. With the right mix of support, education and insight, each person's unique challenges can be overcome."
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5M9
(613) 371-5715
"Specializing in individual therapy, I bring a diverse background of counselling experience, professional training, and a focus on positive outcomes for my clients. As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist certified by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, my goal is to work with clients to overcome whatever challenges or psychological issues they may be struggling with."
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7E9
(613) 314-3324
"I have experience working with individuals and families who are dealing with a wide range of issues which we can all experience during our lifetimes. This has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to see our experiences in the perspective of individual situations, the supports we have in place, and the contributing factors to the level of our distress. My current clientele group is adults and families. I work with individual and family life challenges, such as mental health challenges, painful and traumatic experiences, separation and divorce, reconciliation, adaptation for adoptive families, parenting concerns, and work life stress."
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4V1
(613) 315-1299
"The counselling process is similar to carefully peeling back the layers of an onion. You need to feel safe and in control as the layers of your story are revealed. Together, we uncover deeper parts of the self that may be hidden from conscious thought ... old scripts and tapes that are still playing today and causing you pain and anxiety. You can change your life by bringing these old patterns and voices into the light of day for examination. My work is to support, guide, challenge, and empower you so you can deal with past issues and present concerns."
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2C9
(613) 421-0344
"I work best with people who find themselves upset and confused regarding how their lives got to be the way they are. I help people to better understand themselves and their pasts so they can make more informed decisions about how they will change their futures. I help people to feel better about themselves, and find that my clients use therapy to resolve deep and long standing problems that have bothered them for years. People often come to me with problems with addictions, moods, anxiety, or difficulties in their relationships. Mes services psychologiques sont aussi disponible en franšais."
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1B6
(613) 619-4357
"***Accepting new clients*** Dr Joanne Bihari is a registered psychologist who provides individual and couples therapy to overcome difficulties associated with: anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions and living with chronic illness."
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9P6
(613) 979-8850
"A Clinical Sex Therapist in Ottawa for over 22 years with an exclusive specialization in sexuality and libido. I hosted the Sex with Sue show for over 13 years and am one of Canada's most recognizable Sex Therapists. I focus on solutions rather than problems and have both a medical and psychology background. Besides low libido, infidelity, and menopause, I see women for inorgasmia, sexual dysfunction and low libido (sexual appetites). The most common problems for men include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and sexual addiction. I also see couples regarding swinging, polyamory,fetishes, infidelity and lust."
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 5A4
(613) 355-1786
"Making the decision to engage in therapy is a proactive way to ensure your mental health is a priority. My philosophy is to create a safe and secure environment that allows for open, honest discussion, which will then foster both understanding and healing. Using an integrative approach to therapy, I collaborate with each individual (or couple) to create an experience that is comfortable, supported and progressive. It is my goal to help people explore their issues at their own pace, and in a supportive way. In couples therapy, the goal is often to enhance and facilitate communication between two partners."
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0E7
(613) 862-2908
Registered Psychotherapist, MA
"In my private practice I specialize in issues of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, loss, grief, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, intimacy and effective communication. As a psychotherapist, I recognize and respect the healing power of a trusting therapeutic relationship. As such, I offer not only a caring and compassionate but also an enquiring atmosphere, so as to promote and provide an emotionally safe space for inner exploration of difficult feelings, experiences and challenges."
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1V4
(613) 914-7700
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW
"You do not need to be alone during times of uncertainty, conflict or struggle. Your voice, well-being and life story matter. Individual, couple and group sessions are available. My areas of specialization include: anxiety/stress, chronic pain/illness, self-esteem, grief and loss, and abuse/trauma/criminal victimization. Knowing the courage that it takes to reach out to a professional, as your therapist I will take special care in supporting you along your journey of finding happiness, balance, and health."
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8R2
(613) 745-7451
"1 Day COURT APPROVED Anger Management Workshop/Course. CERTIFICATE AND LETTER PROVIDED SAME DAY.- Ideal if Mandated by COURT or WORK or simply wanting it for Personal Development. 8 week Anger Management for Individuals - At one of our various locations. Ideally 8 sessions, once a week for eight weeks. 8 Week Anger Management for Couples - At one of our various locations, once a week for eight weeks. 10 Week Anger Management for Groups- At one of our various locations. Once a week for ten weeks Log on to our website to see the next workshop date in your city."
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7L5
(866) 583-0217
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, MEd, BA
"I provide warm, heart-connected and empathetic counselling, coaching, mediation and hypnotherapy services to individuals, couples and families. I concentrate on "wholistic" healing and empowerment rather than on being clinical and "helping". Basically, I form what I call a "Healing Partnership" with the people who come for my services. I tend to be quite eclectic and bring a wide range of skills, techniques, modalities and wisdom to each counselling interaction. Please contact me to enhance your life and to make the most of each moment. My favourite slogan is: "Listening well is the most eloquent sign of caring.""
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1X7
(613) 234-5678
"Stressed? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Anxious? Pressed for time? Need some counselling or life coaching but want to get exercise and fresh air at the same time? Try "Walk & Talk Therapy". By walking and talking with a trained therapist, you will combine the benefits of exercise, fresh air and counselling. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins (feel-good hormones) and gets more oxygen to the brain, allowing for more creativity and better problem solving. Take a break from your work day and return refreshed, re-energised and more productive. Walk and Talk sessions are available in Ottawa, Aylmer, Hull, and the Pontiac."
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0B9
(613) 219-5116
"Life can be overwhelming at times...Are you feeling depressed? You may be suffering from trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, or struggling with relationship difficulties...Why not use professional help and see how science and therapy benefits you. I offer a variety of therapeutic techniques. Although there are many similarities in the human experience, we all have unique qualities and problems. I develop a tailor-made program to meet your individual's needs.The primary goal is positive change, new choices, options, behaviors, coping strategies, and better relationship to improve the quality of your life and reduce symptoms."
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7Y3
(613) 301-3013
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, BAH, CCADC
"Addiction is a multifaceted and complicated process. Although there is a commonality between various expressions of addiction, individuals are also unique and require personalized treatment. I endeavor to provide my clients with the best possible counseling based on the most current thinking in the area of addiction. I furnish a supportive and non-judgmental environment for clients to explore relevant issues that may be related to substance abuse and behavioural addiction. It is important to recognize that things will get better with dedication and acceptance. I will be there to help guide you through the process."
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 5C3
(613) 440-0812
"Given my most recent extensive experience working at the Ottawa Hospital in their Acquired Brain Injury program, I can offer expertise in counselling individuals and families who are faced with the significant emotional and behavioural changes which occur after brain injuries. I have been successful in assisting those with post concussion syndrome and other acquired brain injuries in their adjustment to their circumstances. My other area of counselling expertise has been in the treatment of those struggling with eating disorders based on over 7 years working at the Ottawa Hospital Regional Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders."
Ottawa, Ontario K2C 2A8
(613) 620-5389