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"I help men and women who suffer from sex addiction, porn addiction and other sexually compulsive behaviors.I design personalized recovery programs based on the specific needs of the individual. My practice is primarily Distance Coaching, using phone and Skype.I can work with clients from anywhere in the country, and maintain strict confidentiality. The programs I develop are task-based, using time-tested and proven methods to help free people from the grip of this debilitating and demoralizing compulsion."
Rogue River, Oregon 97537
(310) 651-7552
"Are you looking to thrive in your relationships and daily life and goals? I believe that the quality of our relationships with those closest to us is critical in having a working support system, a place for healing, regular satisfaction, and maintaining our overall wellbeing and goals. I enjoy working with people to help bring relief and empowerment surrounding relational issues, sexual abuse, anxiety, emotional stress, and depression. I mainly work with adults individually and their family members in gaining control of situations that dramatically interfere with their daily life. I welcome you in exploring your needs in a consultation and potentially a therapeutic relationship."
Office is near:
Rogue River, Oregon 97537
(541) 612-4255
"I believe that the first step to healing and growth is in our admission that we need help. Asking for help is not always easy when trust may have been violated or when society tells us to be strong and hold it together when the storms of life occur. When this happens, we tend to feel alone in our emotional pain and suffering, thinking and believing that no one understands what we are going through. We all need a safe place to uncoil, work through our difficulties and feel good about ourselves and our relationships with others."
Office is near:
Rogue River, Oregon 97537
(541) 291-4983