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Psychologist, PsyD
"It is so important to work with a therapist with whom you can trust and feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. I believe that my relaxed interpersonal style will allow you and/or your child to establish that sense of trust. I use both cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic interventions and tailor the therapy to meet the needs of the individual client. I practice with warmth, respect, and dedication. I am experienced in treating children, adolescents, and adults. My specialized interests include anxiety, depression, stress reduction, separation anxiety, grief, self-esteem issues, life transitions, sleep disturbances and peer conflict/bullying."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 898-3697 x4
"An integrated personal humanistic approach is used which respects the strengths as well as the needs of each client. This provides a comprehensive context to design a plan for resolution of problems, increased insight and personal development. Existential, cognitive--behavioral and humanistic therapies are adapted to meet your individual goals. I offer individual therapy which addresses inner conflicts related to relationships, caretaking, career issues and burnout. My background includes extensive work with blended families and survivors of abuse. I have developed innovative approaches to stress management and behavioral medicine as ways to facilitate wellness and/or support recovery from illness."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 285-8723
"Andrew J. D'Amico PH.D LLC is a seasoned behaviorist and family therapist who uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness, evidenced-based third wave cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. D'Amico treats anxiety, depresssion, obsessive compulsive disorder, trichotillomania, opposition, peer relations, school avoidance, and family concerns. Dr. D'Amico works with children, adolescents, adults and families. His approach is warm, compassionate, and hard working. The aim of ACT is to produce change based on increasing psychological flexibility. Andrew offers a unique program for teens-a free community-based support group for kids with personal concerns."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 298-1484
"I believe that the most important and healing aspect of therapy is the relationship I develop with each of my clients. Whether you are seeking therapy for help with a specific problem or general dissatisfaction with your life, my first goal is always to establish an atmosphere of trust and openness so that you can talk freely about yourself. Therapy is not a quick fix, but sometimes even a few sessions can give you a different perspective. Being truly listened to is an experience people find very helpful from the very beginning."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(484) 334-8600
"I have provided services to individual adults and workplace teams for several years. My individual clients are challenged by such issues as anxiety, depression, loss, medical problems, relationship difficulties, parenting, work-life balance, professional direction. Often they are working through a life change that raises new conflicts requiring resolution. In the organizational setting, I offer assistance with psychological fitness in the workplace. Consultation is provided in areas such as Leadership Development, Stress Management, Dealing with Difficult Personalities, Conflict Resolution and Team-building. As both a clinician and as a consultant, I create opportunities to learn new, more adaptive skills."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(484) 380-2613
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, DSW, LCSW
"As an experienced clinician, I specialize in the psychological development and emotional wellness of women. In our work together, we seek to learn about the nature of your current difficulties, such as any experience of anxiety, sadness, fear, isolation, overwhelm, or confusion, and explore your strengths to facilitate insight and growth. Together we can work to ensure that your voice is heard and that you are able to experience yourself as a whole person. Together, I know that we can create a space for self exploration, healing and growth."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 930-3025
"I am a board-certified psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience in treating patients with complex emotional and behavioral challenges. My specialty areas include depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. I take a unique approach that incorporates psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, nutritional and dietary therapy, neuro-emotional technique and acupuncture. For patients with drug-resistant depression or who wish to use an alternative to medication, I offer additional Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy (TMS.) I integrate lifestyle modifications, elimination of chronic infection, removal of environmental toxins and food sensitivities, correction of biochemical imbalances and desensitization to stress and trauma to address the root causes of mental illness."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(484) 870-3177
"Would you love to live a life filled with joy and abundance? A life of purpose, with work you love and relationships that support you? Do you want not just to survive, but to thrive? In spite of how good things are, you know there is more for you. Despite your best efforts, old patterns seem intractable. Something isn't working. Whether in relationships, finances, health, or some other issue, you find yourself blocked. This is because old emotional scars and traumas, deeply embedded thoughts and conditioning can hold us back from living life to its fullest potential."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(484) 494-2882
"I am very interested in quickly discovering a person's needs and preferences. My style: combining compassionate listening with active and direct problem-solving. I also tend to be humorous, which facilitates a more comfortable therapeutic relationship. I find that humor helps my clients to feel more at ease when they are discussing very difficult topics. I have a broad range of experience, particularly with trauma and anxiety disorders. However, I greatly enjoy working with all kinds of individuals and couples. Additionally, I am an adjunct faculty member in a local graduate program, and I have a private practice."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(215) 874-3832
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress due to relationship,family and work issues, as well as those suffering from loss and grief find that my long professional experience and warm, empathic style helps them access their own inner strengths. I strive to help clients clarify their thoughts and feelings, and support them in developing personal goals that will make their lives more satisfying. My intention is to help clients remove both inner and outer obstacles that prevent them from living rich and meaningful lives. I find my work deeply rewarding and inspiring."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 422-3784
"I most enjoy working with young adults. Life is opening up for you and with this can come anxiety, and depression, as well as excitement. Finding your path, and intimacy in your relationships can feel overwhelming at times. In our partnership, you can gain a truer sense of yourself, move beyond past loss, deprivation or divorce. I will help you develop the "tools" and strategies to feel well equipped to embrace your future with healthy ways to manage anxiety and stress and avoid the depths of depression."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 915-8323
"My first goal is that anyone seeking help from me should leave their very first session feeling that they have found the right place and are on their way to meeting their needs. Listening is a priority as therapy progresses, but feedback designed to promote growth, insight, and coping skills also is an essential part of every session. I have long specialized in treating children, adolescents, and families. However, for the past 20 years I have always devoted a third of my practice toward treating adults and couples. My primary treatment orientation is cognitive-behavioral (CBT) combined with family systems."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 525-4828
"Clients often tell me how safe and comfortable they feel with me. I am dedicated to creating an environment of trust and acceptance where people can discuss their innermost thoughts, feelings and fears without judgement while helping people explore and learn healthier ways to cope and change the parts of their lives that hold them back, or cause pain or discomfort. I am truly dedicated toward helping people create happier, more fulfilled lives through positive and lasting change."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(609) 751-0981
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSS, LCSW, CGP
"I am a licensed clinical social worker who has been providing counseling and therapy services to youth and their families for 35 years. While I do see adults in psychotherapy as part of my private practice, I primarily work with children, adolescents, and young adults, and their families. I have extensive experience with the range of problems and issues that youth encounter, including anxiety, depression, excessive anger, and self-esteem erosion, and have a particular expertise in working with the emotional consequences of struggling with learning differences and learning disabilities."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(484) 696-1433
"Do you sometimes need someone to talk to to open up about your worries and sadness, and hopes and dreams? Maybe you don't want to keep asking your friends/family to listen or maybe there isn't anyone to open up to at all. Now you don't have to do it alone..."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 616-5914
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, BCBA
"My practice focuses on helping children, adolescents, young adults and their families feel better via individual and group treatment. Accepting help can be the first step toward creating the life you want and deserve."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(302) 360-8086
Counselor, MSN, APRN, BC, CISD
"Areas of specialty include: developing communication strategies focused on improving relationships in step-families/blended families, and for individuals and couples. Additional areas of treatment include: counseling divorce/separation and break-up issues, infidelity, restructuring life following a loss or catastrophic event, managing a medical diagnosis/illness, developing coping strategies following a life role change or transition (loss of job/graduating from college), supportive treatment for infertility struggles, as well as, treatment for anxiety, depression, and stress. My extensive nursing background, coupled with my Masters Degree therapy training and experience, have given me a greater depth of understanding of life's challenges."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 212-0923
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW, BCD
"Are you married or partnered going through a difficult time? Is it time to undo hurtful, negative patterns leading to mutual frustration and unhappiness? Are you ready to learn how to re-connect with that loving feeling? Committed relationships are a unique kind of relationship, and a richly complex experience. If you're struggling with a problem and want more joy in your life, please consider my services. For over 20 years I've worked to help individuals and couples discover how to move beyond the pain to create more of what they actually want in their lives."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 440-3022 x2
"Dr. Dina Harth provides psychological services to individuals, couples and families of all ages who are coping with issues across the lifespan. She uses an integrative approach, combining cognitive-behavioral principles with insight-oriented, as well as marital and family therapies. She provides individualized treatment based on the needs and style of each client."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 526-0755
"Is it difficult to confront issues with your child, adolescent, college student or partner because anger and frustration end the interaction before anything is accomplished? Do you "walk on tiptoes" rather than start a fight? Are you worried about your teen's moodiness and 'addiction' to technology? I am a clinical psychologist with many years of experience as an individual (adult / child) and family therapist. Communication and resolution of difficult issues is the focus of treatment. Therapy concentrates on solving problems and setting goals. I firmly believe that the emotional safety provided by the therapist sets the foundation for successful work."
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
(610) 915-8190 x2