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"Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) provides individual, marriage, and family counseling. We serve Christians who want their faith integrated into the counseling process and those holding any beliefs or attitudes toward spirituality. Our counselors will help you identify the core issues that have caused your emotional and personal problems, and immediately develop strategies to resolve these issues. CCA is able to provide a full range of clinical services. Please visit our website at for a complete description of our faith based counseling services, locations, and counseling staff."
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
(724) 498-0049
"I see counseling & therapy as a way that we, as individuals, couples or families can learn to live more peaceful, effective & fulfilling lives. I have more than 30 years of experience helping adults, families, couples and teens with many types of challenges, i.e.anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, grief, anger & stress management and various types of traumas. I have specialized training in working with traumas and PTSD. I'd like to support you in creating a more effective & peaceful life. Please call or e-mail me with questions or to make an appointment."
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
(412) 387-4908
"My psychotherapy services include working with depression and anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, as well as improving your communication, coaching for improved problem solving and choice making, stress and anger managements. In line with these specialties, I believe that People treat us the way we teach them to treat us. It's Our Responsibility to educate them."
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
(412) 329-6546
"I have been a practicing therapist for over 30 years, so I have dealt with all kinds of problems and issues that people come in, seeking help with. My approach is eclectic and personalized and is based upon the issues you bring, your life situation, and your goals for therapy. I accept most major insurances but if you do not have insurance, or an insurance plan I do not participate in, I have a sliding fee scale and we can make something work for you."
Office is near:
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
(412) 203-4846
""Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln"
Office is near:
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
(412) 530-5528
"I am a Licensed Counselor, practicing since 2011. I work from a trauma-informed perspective, integrating several well established approaches to therapy including: interpersonal, cognitive behavioral, and existential/humanistic orientations. I work with individuals of all ages experiencing concerns such as depression, grief/loss including pet loss, parenting and relationship issues, life stresses, and post-traumatic stress. Grief and trauma may be accompanied by other issues, such as addictions, self-injury, and relationship issues."
Office is near:
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
(412) 387-4248
"We come to therapy for many different reasons. Maybe we've lost someone close to us. Maybe we feel disempowered and unmotivated at work and at home. Or we're drowning in rage. Or shame. Or fear. Maybe we have a tendency that interrupts our connections with others and our self-growth. Maybe we can't bring our selves to forgive. Or certain memories have hijacked our very being. But the most vital reason we come to therapy is that we want to grow: we have imagined something else and we want change. That in itself is momentous."
We serve:
Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106
(412) 727-8882