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"My work is based on the conviction that everyone can find within the wisdom and strength needed for their own learning, healing and growth. I help my clients connect with these inner resources, so they can create a happier, more fulfilled life. As clients transform their lives for the better, they develop a deep sense of confidence, self-esteem and well-being. When working with couples, I help both people learn what they can do to transform negative patterns and get more of what they want and deserve from the relationship. I specialize in working with the crisis of infidelity."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 257-9858
"Dealing with life changes can be difficult and confusing. You may be need someone to help you talk through your thoughts and create a plan. You may have someone in your life who needs extra attention and juggling between their needs and your own may become taxing. No matter what your reasoning, having someone to talk with will help. Therapy can help give you back your power and peace of mind. I specialize in areas of anxiety, depression, and autism but believe that not everyone requires a diagnosis to get the help they need."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 653-5882
"I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, and relationship issues. Our lives are as rich as the characters and narratives that we find in literature. However, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and many other struggles tend to mask our awareness of this richness. Yet, it is the struggles themselves that help us to change and grow. Understanding this paradox is one way to find meaning and purpose in life. My clients benefit from slowing down, tuning into their inner wisdom, and finding solutions to the stress, emotional pain, or emptiness they experience."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(610) 983-8501
"I am an eclectic therapist who will help you focus on the big picture of the issues you bring to the session. Your defining problem is seen as multifaceted, so a holistic approach with an insight into: family of origin, developmental stage of life, physical wellbeing and personal goals is the foundation of our plan for sucess. A solution-focused philosophy helps the work to be efficient and short term."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(610) 880-2307
"I have over thirty years experience working with people around a wide variety of issues and struggles. I have an extensive array of helpful knowledge and skills which support patients in reaching their goals and becoming clearer and more authentic in their lives. I am interactive, supportive and strongly believe each of us has an on-going healing path that therapy enhances and supports. As well as traditional talk therapy modalities I am certified in AIT, a transformative trauma healing process. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Sorry, no couples, families, children."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 494-2995
"I am a licensed psychologist with almost 20 years of experience doing one thing: helping patients and their families recover from the devastation of eating disorders. This is my passion and my specialty. I believe in full recovery from these disorders and I have seen this happen again and again. I treat patients starting at age 8 through college age and young adulthood. I also treat other eating issues including picky eating, bulimia, binge eating, and emotional eating issues. Finally, I treat patients who struggle with the full range of anxiety disorders and depression which often underlie the eating disorder."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 652-8142
"In our lives, we may struggle with anxiety, depression, or stress. If you are feeling distressed from life's uncertainties, counseling may benefit you. In my practice, I work collaboratively with you to identify specific needs that you believe are causing stress and discomfort in your life. My approach is to be an active guide to help you identify your strengths that you already possess, and then utilize those strengths to reach your fullest potential. I utilize research based techniques to help increase your self-awareness and challenge your negative counterproductive patterns to help you achieve your therapeutic goals."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 556-4200
"My interest, training and experience is in family and couples counseling working with families and couples in high conflict and disconnected relationships who often feel frustrated, misunderstood and let down. Average number of sessions to experience more connection, competency and confidence is in the 2-4 session range. I provide a free 30 minute face-to-face consultation to see if I can be of real help to you, to discover if we can work together and to create a therapy focus that can be of benefit even after 1 session."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 551-5517
"I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) of anxiety disorders (including OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Phobias and Generalized Anxiety), depression, stress around life transitions, women's issues, and LGBTQ issues. I also work with clients experiencing chronic pain and those living with major illness. I incorporate mindfulness-based techniques and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in my work. Whether or not these terms are familiar to you, I will work with you and your unique strengths to develop the treatment plan that best meets your individual needs."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 357-1385
"I specialize in treating children and adolescents who may be struggling to overcome challenges in their lives. I am also available to work with adults who are looking to manage stress, manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve self-esteem, build confidence, work through trauma, and heal from grief and loss. The benefits of therapy are abundant! I am passionate about working with clients to help them achieve their goals. I provide a warm and nurturing environment for clients to identify their strengths, formulate action steps to challenge negative patterns, work through difficult emotions, and experience well-being."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(877) 959-5488
"In therapy, I try to understand and accept each person. That builds the client's self-esteem. Then I work together with the client to find the unique solution to his or her trouble, whether it's depression, or anxiety, or relationship problems. Different people need different kinds of help, so I don't limit myself to one kind of therapy. I'm trained in several, so the client and I pick the methods we think will help him or her the most. The relationship is one of mutual respect moving forward to overcome an obstacle to the client's happiness."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 494-2752
"Having someone to talk to can offer extra support and be life changing. I provide a comfortable, non-judgmental, trusting and collaborative environment where you can heal, learn, grow and move beyond your current level of living. My focus is to utilize your present strengths to empower you to live to your fullest potential. With over ten years' experience counseling children, adolescents, couples, families, and adults, my strength lies in my use of humor and compassion to create connections that allow for real growth and change to occur."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 938-1150
"Are you feeling stuck, anxious or discouraged? Feeling unfulfilled or overwhelmed? Are there issues from the past that seem to intrude into your present life? Do you isolate and avoid? Are you experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety, relationships, work or sleep issues? You can find relief and move forward in your life. Looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation? Are you considering a move in a new direction?"
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(610) 810-1572
"Reach for the life you were meant to have and reach for your fullest potential. We offer you a helping hand in getting your life where you want it to be. We will help you reach your goals, reach for a future of hope and healing. We offer individual, family, couples and marriage therapy, pastoral counseling and spiritual support in helping you deal with life's challenges and in helping you make what you want out of your life. We specialize in issues of depression; loss and grief; spirituality; couples and family concerns; geriatrics and life transition issues."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(610) 228-4301
"Mitchell and Angelika Sadar, along with their staff,find a solution for your concerns through a range of interventions and techniques including psychotherapy, EEG neurofeedback, hypnosis, Interactive Metronome and other computer assisted training programs. We are interested in helping you to improve and begin by assessing your medical, nutritional, physical, and emotional health. We will offer a variety of options for you to achieve your goals. Mental Fitness Training is aimed at helping people to make changes in their thoughts, feelings and/or behaviors and to optimizing their performance, be it in daily living, relationships, work, school, sports or personal growth."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 483-2944
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Are you ready to get to the heart of the matter? If you are motivated to explore all possibilities and options for change, I can offer you evidence based ways to address your concerns. I believe you can learn to be solution focused, supportive and collaborative. Painful stories and traumatic experiences respond to clear cut methods and positive interventions. Relationships can be turned around quickly with improved communication skills, especially when your partner participates."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(215) 621-8764
"Specializing in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Outpatient Treatment for male and female adults, adolescents,and families. Professional treatment services offered at our various locations include IOP programming for teens and adults, OP group therapy, individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as clinical evaluations and drug screening. We are a licensed program with highly skilled and qualified clinicians. We accept most third party insurance plans and we offer a variety of self-payment options so that you can get the help that you need at a price that you can afford. If you believe that you or someone you know may benefit from treatment, please call 1-800-238-HELP (4357) or the number on this page for more information about program offerings, assessments, and admissions."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(484) 652-8136
"Friends and family may be your biggest resource for support. However, you may be faced with challenges and struggles, that their advice can't address. Or, they may be part of the problem. That's why it's best to turn to a professional who can provide the skill needed to help you face these challenges in an objective, nurturing environment. My years of experience have given me the opportunity to counsel many individuals, couples and families, with a wide range of issues. Let me hear from you. I'll help you get back on track."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
(610) 482-4759
"I encourage potential clients to visit my website to get a fuller sense of how I approach not just addictive and compulsive behaviors, but other emotional struggles as well. I focus a great deal on helping people expand their awareness of aspects of themselves and their important relationships that they have difficulty paying attention to and feeling. This increased awareness helps people feel more flexible and free to navigate the obstacles and cross-currents they find facing them in their lives, rather than remain stuck in repetitive cycles of suffering."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19453
(610) 915-8768
"As a psychologist, counselor, and evaluator, I look at sessions as a collaborative process. Together we work towards making the changes my clients desire so that they experience more contentment, peace, satisfaction and success. I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches to help my clients. These approaches are often short-term and include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am a licensed psychologist with over twenty years experience as a counselor, therapist, and diagnostician, and also adjunct faculty in the doctoral psychology program at Widener University where I train future therapists."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19453
(610) 644-8182