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Counselor, EdD, NCC, DCC, RPT-S, LPC-S
"My practice name sums up my view that every person has the power to heal themselves and problems are simply symptoms of things that are going on. I specialize in child, adolescent and family therapy and have training in a variety of modalities. As such, I tailor my approaches to best meet your needs (CBT therapies, art and play therapies, behavioral approaches, social skills and trauma techniques).Therapy, in its truest sense, is not about comfort because it is never easy dealing with some of our areas but my goal is to make the process supportive and safe."
Gaffney, South Carolina 29340
(864) 305-4151
"There is hope! And there is healing. I work with people needing assistance in finding hope by developing the kinds of everyday skills that allow them to function more independently at home, school or work. I am experienced in working with children, adolescents and adults with a variety of psychological and social conditions using a variety of therapy models and techniques. I use a large measure of caring and compassion to help individuals build improved relationships, a stronger sense of self-esteem and a more defined sense of purpose. I can help you find your hope again!"
Gaffney, South Carolina 29340
(864) 249-1056
"I have experience in working with a variety of client issues. I have worked with adolescents through adult. I have experience working with anxiety, grief, life situations and change, anger, family issues through blended families and marital issues, depression and many other issues. I am willing to take each client from where they are currently to where they want to be. Change takes work and is not always easy. Clients needs to be ready to change and willing to try new ideals or old ones in a new way."
Gaffney, South Carolina 29340
(864) 502-2175
Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, EdS, LMFT, LMFTS, VSP
"The most successful client is one who is willing to work towards change in his or her life. I help clients identify their goals and develop a treatment plan to achieve them. Using strength-oriented approaches, I encourage clients to recognize exceptions to their problems. I teach them skills in interpersonal relations, relaxation techniques, and emotional regulation. Clients learn effective ways to change what isn't working so well in their lives."
Office is near:
Gaffney, South Carolina 29340
(864) 649-6272
"True counseling creates a relationship between the client and the counselor; a relationship of mutual respect and trust. With the right counselor this relationship can be life-changing. My approach is unique. I don't believe the therapy space has to be bland and sterile, so my office is cozy and inviting. I believe in being real with my clients, and in working with them to bring about true healing."
Office is near:
Gaffney, South Carolina 29340
(864) 938-7883
"I use a cognitive approach with adults to understand our emotions and their influence on our behavior. Personal history with family and life experiences influence our thinking, and also personal relationships. I see children and use play and art to help them express the emotions they can not explain. Parent training is done to support this work. I apply my Christan Faith to all my counseling work. I believe we are all Wonderfully Made by a Creator, God. These Biblical principles help us focus on understanding our human experiences in relation to our world and others in it."
Office is near:
Gaffney, South Carolina 29340
(864) 663-5615
Marriage & Family Therapist, Ed, S, LMFT
"Taking steps to self-care is one of the hardest for people in our busy world and it takes courage to make an appointment for therapy. I want people to find a warm and accepting atmosphere in their very first visit with me. Don't let your self esteem, your relationship, or your happiness wait any longer. We have a short time on this earth, it's never too late to start on this path. I work with children, adults, and couples."
Office is near:
Gaffney, South Carolina 29341
(864) 551-4511