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Therapists in Lexington

"I am interested in helping people who are willing to change their thoughts and behaviors related to anxiety, depression, anger, self-harm, and behavioral addiction. With an emphasis on the whole person, my focus is on facilitating the development of wellness, resiliency, and maturity. I enjoy seeing people develop strengths and utilize resources to aid in cross-cultural adjustment and life transitions as well as recovering from trauma or loss. I can offer insight and care to those with self-harm (cutting), body-focused repetitive behaviors (hair-pulling, skin-picking), ADHD traits, and Asperger's traits."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 610-2863
Pastoral Counselor, MA, MSc, PhD, BCCC, BCPC
"My experience began in 1986, I was a Police Officer in a Critical Shooting incident. I began counseling Officers and began to take courses."
Lexington, South Carolina 29073
(803) 594-4222
"Often the first step to activate innate growth and change is finding the courage to ask for help. In an environment of acceptance and compassion, I seek to come alongside clients in the process of healing and growth. Together we will seek to move toward wholeness as I facilitate the process for congruence of becoming more authentic and a healthier "you.""
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 369-3545
Counselor, MA, LPC, CSAT(c)
"In my practice, I help men and women deal with various issues such as relationship problems, separation, divorce, emotional abuse, childhood abuse, trauma, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and addictions and codependency. I am a Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist candidate (CSATc). I lead several groups on addictions, adult children of alcoholics/dysfunctional homes, emotional abuse and partners of sex addicts. I use an eclectic approach with my clients, drawing from various therapeutic methods depending on the need of the client. I practice evidence-based methods and draw heavily upon cognitive-behavioral therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 610-2322
"I specialize in relationship issues, parenting, blended families, anger and stress management, anxiety and depression, and many other common issues that affect many of us, although it may sometimes feel like we are alone. What makes each of us different is how we choose to combat our problems. Seeking help means you have already taken the first step, which can sometimes be the hardest. Furthermore, choosing the right therapist can also be daunting, which is why I offer a free 15 minute consultation via phone or in person to help determine if we are a good fit."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 403-1343
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW-CP
"I would love to help. We will go at your pace and meet with a frequency that fits your goals and schedule. Good therapy makes your world more hopeful and more understandable. You will learn the freedom and joy that comes from truly knowing yourself and possessing the skills it take to handle life's stressors in a healthy way. Often, our goals include making your world less sad, less anxious, less angry, more hopeful. I will meeting you where you are and prove feedback each session that you can use immediately."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 666-8261
"Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. - Are you struggling to control you compulsive sexual behavior? - Has pornography become your "drug of choice" for the pain in your life? - Is the trauma from your past keeping you up at night? - Have you found yourself in a series of un-meaningful relationships and don't know where to turn? There is hope."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 393-4052
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT, LMFTS
"Are you feeling disconnected from the important relationships in your life? Would you like to experience healthier connections? Now is the time to start that process. As a solution-focused, Christian based therapist,my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 610-4126
"The Senior GAP is a holistic, person-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges. The Senior GAP serves as a bridge to help achieve healthy aging. Many people do not "plan" for the aging of our friends, family members or themselves. Unfortunately, the lack of planning tends to result in issues associated with aging not being addressed until a crisis occurs. Once that crisis occurs, action is usually needed immediately! The Senior GAP is here to help bridge that gap between the caregiver and the senior as well as the family and available services."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 455-9845
"In any life one can become stuck, suffering in confusion, lost in the pain of a failing relationship or endlessly trying to break free from a destructive cycle. If your troubles are too big to fix on your own, don't give up. There are reasonable solutions. There is hope. My name is John Conway, LPC. I will be your counselor. My clients report feeling truly understood for the first time in their lives; that they have renewed hope and enthusiasm. If this is what you are looking for, then let's get started. Please give me a call today."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 873-8332
"I understand how important emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health are for each of us, and I am dedicated to the process and journey to see that this is accomplished to the best of my abilities. I have been a practicing therapist for over 30 years. I have a breadth of training and experience.I am ethical,promoting high professional standards. I am caring and thorough, with a significant amount of compassion. My style is somewhat straight-forward, and I tend to tell it like I see it, hoping to help people move forward in a positive, but short term way."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 596-0173
"I work with individuals, families, adolescents, and children to address their present areas of distress using a positive psychology approach, building on strengths while directly addressing problems. I prefer to see each person as an individual capable of overcoming problems and reaching her/his goals. I place emphasis on individualized treatment to help clients reach desired goals. I encourage skill building in counseling that will enhance one's ability to overcome present areas of concern. It's hard to confront life's problems alone. I am honored to offer a safe and supportive relationship during the difficult times of life."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 244-8206
"When you and your partner are having more bad days than good, it can seem like the only option is to call it quits. We all long for that connection with someone who'll love us unconditionally, regardless of our faults and past mistakes. Using Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (or just EFT) I'll help you work through blockages in your relationship so you each feel understood & comfortable expressing your needs. Whether you're dealing with infidelity, struggling with communication, or one partner is challenged with depression or anxiety, together we'll rediscover that connection."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 897-8017
"Using a contemporary strength-based integrative approach as a basis for therapy, MiKi fits each therapy to the client. Areas of expertise include personal crisis and trauma, academic or educational issues, social skill training, stress and anxiety management, life coaching, relationship dialogues, military-related issues, parenting, blended families, and drug and alcohol abuse. MiKi approaches each client with empathy, support, trust, and persistence, working with each client to increase confidence and self-esteem, develop richer relationships, and achieve emotional balance and health."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 666-0241
"As a relationship specialist, I begin our therapy with building a rapport of acceptance, safety, trust, and hope. Upon that foundation, it is my belief clients will develop the confidence and trust to share their needs.My counseling style is to listen to my client's stories, meet them where they are, then guide them toward the changes they desire. Goals for therapy are jointly determined and are continually open to renegotiation over the course of therapy. Together we can discover or revive their inner strengths to create a more desirable life situation."
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 317-2224
"GCCS is a multicultural counseling organization committed to providing quality mental health services to children, adolescents, adults and families. As a military veteran I am committed to provide quality service to military veterans and their families. My training as a certified school counselor enhance my skills to work with parents and their children with many of the issues they encounter in school daily such as bullying, peer pressure and academic issues during the school year."
Office is near:
Lexington, South Carolina 29071
(803) 619-9835
"I offer individual and couples therapy, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and psychological evaluations. I also use hypnosis to help patients to overcome phobias, fears, obesity, smoking, and to improve academic or sports performance. I use a caring, and direct, solution-focused approach to help individuals and couples find solutions to their difficulties. In most cases, problems in living can be resolved sooner than later."
Office is near:
Lexington, South Carolina 29071
(803) 339-1652
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, ACSW, LISW-CP
"Meeting with you to help you live the life you long for is my vocation and my joy. If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, I would love to help you find new ways to approach problems and make the changes you desire. I provide a safe and confidential environment in which you will be able to work through stress, loss and difficult transitions. You can experience healing from painful life experiences. Couples can create new ways of being together. You can find hope, joy and meaning in this world, even in the hard times."
Office is near:
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 666-8579 x203
Counselor, MA, LPC, LMFT, CSAT, CMAT
"Within a confidential environment, I seek to provide a place where you can explore and restore stressful areas of your life. My focus is to help support you toward achieving recovery, healing and peace while providing solid tools that help you discover new ways of facing life's difficulties. Together, we can seek to halt the destruction of unhealthy patterns while bringing hope and healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts, and troubled lives. Regardless of current challenges, we can work together, step-by-step, to effectively help you move toward the next stage of growth."
Office is near:
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 853-4044
"My hope is that we can work together, exploring burdensome areas of your life in a safe environment where you feel known. I will seek to provide an understanding and compassionate atmosphere, encouraging you toward living wholeheartedly. Even though talking about life's problems can be painful, I look forward to walking side-by-side with you through the dark places of the heart. As we explore, I have confidence that the hopelessness you may feel can give way to a hope-filled reality."
Office is near:
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 599-3993