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Therapists in Knoxville

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"My ideal client is someone who is open to exploring and learning more about themselves. I enjoy working with people who are willing to open up, share, explore and try new ideas, and consider new perspectives. I enjoy working with people in transition- due to losses, life transitions and stresses who find themselves facing unanticipated mood changes. I enjoy helping people rediscover their strengths and gifts and to find new pathways to a more enjoyable life."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37922
(865) 240-2536
"My approach to therapy is based on theory and research on child development, personality, relationships, and psychotherapy. It involves looking at yourself, how you live your life, and how “blind spots” in your self-awareness lead to your symptoms and difficulties. Therapy therefore, involves filling in missing pieces of your experiences and self-knowledge—understanding “how we work” mentally and emotionally. Making sense of your problems in this way will help you cope better with them and other difficult situations. Ultimately, it will allow you to live closer to your potential, and with a greater sense of reward from life."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 471-8990 x2
"Covenant Counseling & Consultation Services (CCCS) is a Christian agency whose mission is to provide counseling, assessments, treatment planning, implementation, and evaluation, case management, and training. We offer at-risk youth and families a holistic approach to mental, emotional, spiritual and behavioral needs with The Lord Jesus Christ as the only true evidence-based provider. Our services include Alcohol and Drug, Grief, Anger Management, Parenting, and Family-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy services with a foundation of faith-based practices."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37918
(865) 940-0720
"Your value and worth as a person is paramount! Counseling provides an avenue to self-discovery, growth, change, mental/emotional health, and healing. I desire to partner with you in this journey. You may find out more information about my practice by checking out"
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 945-0946
Psychologist, PhD, HSP, NCSP
"I provide psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and young adults for a variety of clinical and educational difficulties. I offer diagnostic and testing services for a wide range of Neurodevelopmental Disorders including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disorders, and other behavioral and educational concerns. By using a variety of assessment methods, my services are helpful in providing a clear diagnostic picture for individuals who may have a combination of educational and behavioral difficulties or difficult diagnostic features."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923
(865) 312-7694
"I enjoy working with those in transition, who may need guidance or another perspective in order to move forward in their lives. Issues that I have experience in addressing are depression, anxiety, loss, and attention or concentration difficulties. I believe that the hardest step to take is the first and am optimistic that change will soon follow! Populations I prefer to work with are students, young adults, teenagers and adults. If you are curious and would like to talk further, call me for a free consultation."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 730-4166
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"Individual/ couples and families with adjustment issues or general mental health issues such as depression &/or anxiety"
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 229-1278
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I work with individuals and families seeking to improve the ways they cope with the challenges they face, which may include problems in relationships, substance abuse, trauma, depression and anxiety (and other mental illnesses), difficulties in career, lifestyle dissatisfaction, and other personal issues. I practice with an emphasis on collaboration and relationship, meaning that I view my patients as the experts on their own lives. By offering a respectful, caring, and supportive environment to explore the patient's concerns, thoughts and feelings, I facilitate the patient's arrival at a deeper and more honest understanding of him or herself."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 622-6635
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Being particularly effective helping people find renewal, purpose and direction, I treat a broad range of conditions including; change, depression, anxiety, substance use, family problems and behavior/mood matters. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and adolescents (12-18). Specialized training and years of experience allow for a personal and professional touch. After earning a MSSW from UT-Knoxville (1994) I later earned a license to practice independently. I have been in behavioral health since 1990 and bring a wide range of expertise to your care (individual, couples, family, groups, integrated healthcare and consultation)."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37918
(865) 245-2440
"Life is now. We all experience inner and outer obstacles that interfere with living life to its fullest. Growth / progress usually stems from understanding who we are, what needs to change within ourselves and our relationships, learning new ways to heal, forgive, and communicate, and letting go of patterns that interfere. Therapy is unique for each of us. I integrate and tailor various approaches to address the mind, body, and spirit. We will partner together to address your goals. I will bring compassion, creativity, sensitivity, warmth, accountability, insight, and humor to our work together."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 551-6913
"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over a decade of experience in the helping professions. In addition, I am a Knoxville native and obtained my master's degree in counseling from the University of Tennessee. I have successfully worked in outpatient, hospital, residential, and crisis settings, providing services to individuals, families, and couples."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37922
(865) 551-6920
"Choosing a therapist is a mature and brave step and can be the first in your journey towards healing and accomplishing changes you may not be certain are possible. I see a variety of clients - children, adolescents, and adults - to help them accomplish their goals. We work to build a solid therapeutic relationship and it is through this relationship that you can learn to make changes in your life that you are seeking."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 337-8497
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, CHT
"I believe that clients have the innate ability to heal through accessing their innermost selves. Each client is traveling their own personal, interpersonal, and spiritual path and I act as a guide to help facilitate and co- create healing and wholeness. Through healing old wounds, past traumas, and solving relationship conflicts, I aspire to help individuals, couples, and families reach their highest potentials to aid in having richer and more fulfilling lives. My approach is Transpersonal, which means that I look beyond the ego into the spiritual to encourage wholeness in each client."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37918
(865) 730-4209
"I offer individuals and families opportunities to grow and heal from difficulties and challenges that life brings. This is done in a caring and collaborative manner without judgement. I believe that clients need a safe and positive place to share their struggles and get support. Reaching out for help can be very hard but my approach is to be gentle yet firm, when needed, so that we are working towards your desired goals. I tend to be active in sessions by teaching clients new ways to cope and manage stress & problems."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902
(865) 686-6908 x24
"The therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of psychotherapy. The decision to engage in therapy as part of your mental healthcare regimen may be difficult yet necessary. My goal is to make the process comfortable and safe. I view psychotherapy as an opportunity to maximize your mental health potential. This collaborative process can be challenging but also very rewarding. You are not alone. I will provide an environment for you to tap into your strengths and help you build your skill set. The desired outcome is confidence in your ability to manage difficulties and maintain mental and physical health."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923
(865) 978-6841
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSSW, LCSW
"Life transitions can be complicated. Sometimes, the most exciting changes can be the most difficult. Fear of change can result in anxiety, depression, panic attacks, acting out behaviors, or abuse of substances/alcohol. I work with clients to reduce symptoms that can often be associated with life transitions. I use cognitive behavioral, solution focused, and reality based therapies with my clients to assist in improving communication, increasing coping skills, and to enhance work, school, or home relationships."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 408-7224
"counseling offers us the opportunity to share our journey with another, in a safe environment. the fears can fall away, the true self can be revived, and the life of hope can be restored."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 465-5162
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MPH
"Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Having difficulty coping with past trauma or managing grief? Are you feeling stuck and wish you could move forward? Do you feel you have a purpose, yet you just can't seem to access it? Have you been feeling like it is time seek out guidance and assistance? I can help."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
(865) 465-2327
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"The process of initiating therapy can be scary. Trusting someone you don't know isn't always easy. The truth is that life is difficult. We have all experienced sadness, loss, fear, and loneliness. Therapy can help find clarity and strength. My experience is as diverse as those I serve such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, transgender & LGBT issues, marital counseling, and PTSD. I enjoy my work and feel blessed to be a tool for God to help those who are hurting or in need of understanding. My greatest reward comes from empowering people with the confidence and tools to make a positive change."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923
(865) 498-5001
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CCDP-D
"Do you need unconditional, confidential support and experienced professional help? I use a strengths based, solution-focused therapy, working effectively and colloboratively to reach goals set by the client. I have extensive experience treating mood disorders, including depression and anxiety disorders. I specialize in spirituality, chronic illness, veterans, LGBT issues, aviation professionals and co-occurring substance abuse and psychiatric issues. My past work history has included clinical work with both adolescents and adults and I welcome both to my practice."
Knoxville, Tennessee 37917
(207) 618-5208