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"Hello! Thank you for considering my practice. I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I utilize a collaborative and eclectic approach in working with clients. I believe that you are the expert on you and together we will help you set goals to reach a more fulfilling life. Upon meeting I will do my best to learn how you would like yourself and your relationships to look at the end of therapy. We will then work together to build a treatment plan that enables you to reach your goals."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(469) 844-2299
"My ideal client is one that is searching for answers and and is ready to change their life! I work with individuals and couples and utilize a variety of therapies to match the client's needs. My background includes working with issues such as: self-esteem, marital, substance abuse, boundaries, divorce, suicidal ideation, post-abortive recovery, childhood abuse, grief and loss, career counseling, and more. The Gottman modality is utilized for couple's counseling, while PSYCH-K is used to change beliefs, Logotherapy helps with individual work, and the Laws of Success aid in career counseling and business development."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(214) 299-5213
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW
"Therapy can seem like a scary idea. Its kind of intimidating knowing that you are suppose to spend time with someone and develop a relationship of trust and understanding. I think its wonderful that you are considering it and applaud you for taking steps to make changes in your life. Therapy offers a designated time to focus on you and your development. For some it is a safe place to explore pain and grief and for others it can be a place to learn and explore. The benefits are boundless."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(469) 518-2618
"I provide counseling for individual adolescents and adults, as well as couples, families, and groups. I have experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, infidelity, and relationship difficulties. My goal is to facilitate a safe and caring relationship to deal with the challenges you face."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(903) 648-3772
"I am a Certified Behavior Analyst, Certified Brain Injury Specialist. I earned my BS in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas and a MS in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas."
Frisco, Texas 75035
(469) 713-1758
"Life is hard. Relationships, loss, trauma, mental and/or physical illness. My goal is to provide a safe place for you to explore whatever is making life difficult for you, to help you make decisions to enhance and improve the quality of your life. Individuals, couples, families, from adolescence to senior adulthood, all cultures, races, religions, sexual orientation; those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, grief, loss, relationship issues; military families dealing with deployment or reintegration issues, to strengthen relationships and adjust to the changes faced; as a cancer survivor, dealing with acute and chronic illness."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(817) 382-4531
"I love working with clients who are willing to take the first step to seek support - it is a sign of strength! Asking for help is often the hardest part and by doing this search, you've started to move towards change; towards relief. My professional years have been in settings such as schools, residential facilities, agencies and private practice. Individuals and families experience stress via emotional, behavioral, parenting, financial, and relationship challenges. I'm sure we've all fit into one or more of those categories at one time. Allow me the privilege to help guide you to finding your strength and resilience."
Frisco, Texas 75035
(469) 804-6872
Psychiatric Nurse, RN, PMHNP
"Do you have concerns regarding your child's behavioral health? Have you noticed your child having more and more difficulty with starting and finishing their school work? Are you worried about your child's ability to learn and to grasp new ideas because of their behavior? Are teachers having more and more trouble with your child's behavior or hyperactivity in school, but you are too afraid of medication? Set up an appointment for an assessment today so that you can begin to consider the reasons for your child's struggles and discuss a list of solutions to improve their learning and behavior."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 954-1653
"I specialize in seeing individuals who are dealing with the following issues: depression and anxiety, Bipolar disorders, relationship issues, childhood sexual abuse/trauma, career transitions, unplanned pregnancy, grief and loss, and behavioral problems. I have training in Biblical studies (a one year certificate in Bible and Ministry) which provides a foundation for Biblically-based counseling. I do treat clients who express a non-spiritual focus."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(469) 606-4701
"I've been practicing counseling and psychotherapy for over 25 years and I have found that I work well with a wide range of issues. Those issues may be simple but persistant struggles with depression or anxiety to the very complicated struggles of divorce and blended families. I also work well with clients facing chronic illness and persistant struggles with motivation and lifestyle change. I find that the courage to begin the counseling process is a huge step in clients success and I will be here to guide you through the path to emotional and relational health. I look forward to the opportunity to help."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(214) 357-4001
"Peace... Isn't that what we all want... Peace in our hearts, minds, souls... Peace within ourselves, Peace in our relationships, Peace with God? At Advocate Christian Counseling this is my number one goal, to help you come to a place of peace deep within. Whether you are facing a current crisis or are wanting to overcome some roadblocks to living life to the fullest, I want to be your advocate to help you lead a life that is rich, rewarding, and fruitful. I love working with individuals, couples, and families helping to find God's path to your freedom, wholeness, and joy."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(817) 442-3680
"When life gets complicated, you need simple, specific answers in a relatively short amount of time. Relationships can become strained, marriages can struggle, individuals can lose their way and teenagers can become difficult. It may seem like there are no answers and no way out for your situation. Life is too short to spend it hurting, confused and angry. I would be honored to stand with you in these life challenges and empower you to find answers, peace and happiness."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(214) 506-3983
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, EFT, CSAT, Candida
"I care deeply about people. I believe that people are innately good. Sometimes good people struggle with very complex personal or relationship problems. My 20 years of experience combined with my education has prepared me with a skill set to help people heal complex problems and improve relationships. I specialize in marriage, addiction, and helping people be happy and enjoy loving relationships. I know there are lots of choices of therapists to choose from. If you are in need of a therapist for complex personal problems or serious relationship issues, I hope you'll give me a try. Thanks, Shane"
Frisco, Texas 75034
(214) 838-6024
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSSW, LPC, LCSW
"There is always hope! I believe it & see it all the time. Whether your faced with loss, marriage troubles, depression, anxiety or other struggles life can bring, hope to overcome and live free is possible. I have day, evening & Saturday appointments available. Call my office for an appointment & let's work together to move beyond the pain, into a joyous life."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 916-9221 x130
"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Inter, being currently supervised by Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. I graduated Dallas Baptist University in 2014 with my Masters in Counseling. I have had a variety of clients and believe that everyone needs to be heard. My job as a counselor is to listen, encourage and help guide people to become a healthier version of themselves."
Frisco, Texas 75033
(469) 425-2562
"I work with a team of therapists at Sereneco Wellness Center in Frisco+ areas dediated to helping you reach your potential. Life can be stressful and difficult, as well as, fast and furious. We work with you individually where you feel you need to improve in order to invigorate your life. My focus is primarily on treating men and male adolescents through transitiions and other men's mental health issues. I also do relationship counseling in all stages from pre-marital thru post separation including those affected in the family."
Frisco, Texas 75033
(972) 914-5406
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"Are you looking for? A compassionate, resourceful strength-based therapist who is skilled at multiple treatment approaches? An action-oriented therapist who likes to see results? A therapist that supports the changes you want to make individually and in your relationships? Treatment approaches that have been empirically researched and proven effective? It is my belief that everyone has the potential to be his or her best self and to live joyful life. Within a context of trust and empathy, I strive to challenge my clients. I listen deeply, collaborate closely, and think creatively to help you reach your dreams."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 325-5937
"Hello! Thank you for considering my practice.I have extensive treatment expertise in the following areas: depression/bipolar disorders, anxiety, trauma, couples, adjusting to medical illness (chronic or terminal),high functioning autism, GLBT issues, and child/adolescent issues(though I work with an equal number of children and adults). My modality is eclectic, relying on elements of many theories tailored to what will work for you and your unique situation. I am a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences around the country. But above all, its about building a relationship with my patients. Find me on twitter: @Drmleahy"
Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 441-7379
Counselor, MEd, LPC-S, RPT-S
"The first goal of therapy is to establish a safe, accepting, nonjudgmental, and genuine therapeutic relationship. When you feel emotionally safe, you are free to explore, gain access to, process, and integrate unresolved losses, complexes, painful memories, and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors."
Frisco, Texas 75034
(940) 202-7891
"Have you ever wondered, what should I do with my life? Do you dream of breaking free from the cubicle farm? You're not alone. Everyone has a unique life purpose. I help you live yours."
Frisco, Texas 75033