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"My therapeutic approach is based on unconditional regard and the belief that each person is of worth. When a person has lost the belief of their worth, this can cause despair and hopelessness. As my clients allow me into their world, through their journey they can regain the sense of who they are and what they are about. For this solution-focused approach, my specialty with equine assisted psychotherapy is utilized. Through the activities clients are able to reflect on issues that may be of concern to them and develop strategies to help improve their lives."
Payson, Utah 84651
(801) 919-8226
"Counseling can be an amazing discovery into new ways of creating happiness. My dedication is fired by my clients' "Aha!" moments. It's not unusual for a client say, "This is really amazing-- Can I get my wife (mother-in-law, son, brother) in here?" That means we are doing therapy right! My people enjoy the counseling experience and laugh as often as they experience other emotions. I use a great deal of stories, humor, and building on strengths to inspire progress from one success to another. When clients have small successes as a foundation, they can launch to a lifetime of satisfaction."
Payson, Utah 84651
(801) 679-4532
"We are moving to Spanish Fork! Feel free to call this number or our Spanish Fork number. We specialize in working with couples, families and individuals with a variety of issues. Over the years we have found success working with couples struggling with communication, trust, fidelity, addiction issues, parenting, step-family issues, re-marriage, divorce and intimacy. We have also helped individuals find solutions to depression, anxiety, addictions (pornography, alcohol and drugs, gambling), trauma, lack of motivation, same-sex attraction, adolescent issues (defiance, addiction, poor school performance, respect, transitioning to adulthood), and eating disorders."
Payson, Utah 84651
(801) 663-7820
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, LAMFT
"Many people feel unhappy and disconnected from themselves and the people they love. If you are wondering if there is anything you can do to strengthen yourself and your relationships, there are answers. New coping skills can help you see yourself and your relationships differently, new brain techniques can help resolve old traumas, and current research can bring understanding. It's never too late to look at your life differently and change what's happening in your world."
Payson, Utah 84651
(435) 571-0835
"My approach to therapy is flexible, collaborative, and rooted in evidence-based practice. I will work with you to assess the problem, identify goals for change, and implement effective strategies. Together we will check in on your goals throughout treatment to ensure that you are making progress. My goal is to help you feel better, learn coping strategies, and increase your confidence to successfully address life's challenges."
Office is near:
Payson, Utah 84651
(801) 207-9826
"At Alliance Clinical Services, we approach individuals with issues in an open-minded way. We accept them for who they are and the issues that they have in life. We treat all clients with respect and dignity, regardless of the depths or seriousness of their situation. We work in alliance with the client and family members, along with referring agencies, such as clergy, courts, probation officers, case managers and others concerned in the life of the client. This alliance helps the client gain the necessary skills in life to lead a joyful, value-based, offense-free lifestyle. We encourage the client to make empathetic decisions regarding all those he/she associates with, especially family and friends, so that relationships will cause no harm to self or others. Therapeutic goals address personal issues and mental health issues, and will aid in helping the client gain and maintain healing interpersonal connections."
We serve:
Payson, Utah 84651
(801) 513-2666
"For over 10 years we have been helping teens and their families like yours build relationships and find success at our therapeutically intense residential treatment center. We are located in Mapleton, Utah on a 20-acre working ranch. Our open campus serves students ages 13-18 who have been diagnosed with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues such as ADHD, oppositional defiance, depression, adoption issues, substance abuse, and other complex problems. As pioneers in the experiential program industry our program includes equine therapy, animal husbandry, ropes courses, sports, community service, and academics. Each of these therapeutic tools help us make every moment a teaching moment where Discovery students receive real time opportunities to practice successful living skills. We offer the highest ratio of professional / student time for your teen in the industry. Our motto is ";The Strength is in the Struggle."
We serve:
Payson, Utah 84651
(801) 418-9693
"Serving boys and girls age 12 - 17, Heritage is a private, non-profit, long term psychiatric residential treatment facility with a wide variety of disorders, including: (1) Oppositional Defiant, (2) Anxiety, (3) Major Depression, (4) Bipolar, (5) Post-Traumatic Stress, (6) Psychotic / Schizophrenia, (7) ADHD, (8) Reactive Attachment (9) Asperger Syndrome, and (10) Substance Abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment prepares these youth to engage in the recovery process, utilizing a disease-oriented abstinence model, while integrating psychiatric, residential treatment with crucial chemical dependency concepts. We offer a wide range of services with a comprehensive continuum of care ranging from an intensive support unit to specialty treatment units based on diagnosis, age, gender, and level of functioning. We have created a home-like environment for our youth and an organizational culture that supports relationships, fosters spirituality, encourages normalization in activities and opportunities, and promotes respect and caring."
We serve:
Payson, Utah 84651
(866) 877-1315