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Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"I have a passionate commitment to helping couples experience the power of feeling securely connected to their significant other. I also specialize in helping those couples and individuals affected by the trauma of betrayal and addiction. I am the director of LifeSTAR of St. George, a three-phase program for couples and individuals affected by pornography and sexual addiction ( I understand how exhilarating and stressful marriage can be. I work hard at my own marriage and I want to show couples how this work will pay off in their own lives."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 625-1985
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CSAT, EMDR, NLP
"COUPLE/INTIMACY ISSUES, ADDICTIONS, TRAUMA. Good people become involved in situations you don't intend. Perhaps addicted, stressed, depressed, or traumatized; your relationship intimacy isn't what you want and you are looking to make things better. I know couples do their best at any given moment. Nobody seeks to become an addict or ruin their marriage or become depressed, but may still find themselves there. The best people acknowledge their struggles and reach out for help. Good people find my specialty training and 35 years experience useful and helpful in their quest to a fulfilling relationship."
Saint George, Utah 84770
(435) 363-3573
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I truly believe that every individual has the innate ability to heal and to find inner peace. My job is to assist in helping individuals find the tools they already possess, and to provide support for this process. I'm open to providing significant direction or gentle nudgings, depending on what you're ready for. My ideal client is one that simply has the courage and desire to change. I work best with abuse issues, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and grief."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 767-1982
"Are you looking for a compassionate, skillful counselor to support you through a challenging life situation? Are you feeling profoundly unhappy or trapped by your fears and worries? Is your relationship in need of repair? Would you like to manage stress more effectively? For over 30 years I have been priviledged to help many people resolve difficult life challenges and achieve their goals. In a comfortable, supportive atmosphere, I provide a personalized approach tailored to your needs. You will learn effective techniques and skills to release emotional pain, heal past traumas and increase your sense of well being."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 243-5417
"Since 2008 I have provided compassionate and qualified counseling services to individuals, couples, and families from a variety of backgrounds. My areas of expertise include couples' and family therapy, grief counseling, step-family formation, dating and remarriage after divorce or the death of a spouse, premarital counseling, and guidance for single adults. Although I'm happily married with three children, I personally know the pain of loneliness, the emptiness of losing a loved one, and the complications of successfully forming a step-family."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 565-4128
"I am an EMDR trained therapist who works with trauma and attachment issues in children. Primarily focused on children in foster care or who have been adopted through foster care and I accept Medicaid that serves this population. At this time, our agency does not have a contract to work with traditional Medicaid; which included guardianship and kinship Medicaid. We hope to be able to accept this at some point in the future. I also do private pay with clients of all ages."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(801) 919-8250
"I use Emotionally Focused Therapy, an excellent therapeutic technique for struggling couples. My role is to collaborate with you, knowing I am not the expert on your relationship, but I am an expert in helping you experiment with new ways to be together, so you can make conscious choices about the kind of relationship you wish to create. My Clinical specialties: couples or family dysfunction, individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, or those struggling with parenting challenges. I am passionate about helping those who struggle with feelings of low self worth, feeling insecure, or those who struggle to feel unable to manage life successfully."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 659-3893
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"The therapy you receive, is a direct extension of the therapist who is providing it. Your therapist must inspire you! His character must be attractive to you. His words must be congruent with his philosophy, or he will sound empty. He must accurately assess your condition, enlighten your understanding, increase your emotional maturity, provide transformative solutions, and mobilize action. -I am that therapist!- If you are a prisoner of anxiety. If you are feeling the darkness of depression. If you have lost your future to past trauma. If your marriage is free-falling into conflict, and indifference, get help now!"
Saint George, Utah 84770
(435) 659-2464
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"I have been treating clients for the past 13 years assisting them on a personal journey of self-discovery and healing. Are you having troubles resolving conflict and strengthening relationships or dealing with depression or anxiety? Possibly finding solutions for addictive behavior, increasing feelings of self-worth, or grieving losses or marriage conflict? Therapy helps you gain greater understanding and awareness of yourself. I am passionate about helping people improve individual, couple and family relationships and I believe that a safe, comfortable and confidential environment is important in that process. Learn more about me online at WWW.JUSTINSTUM.COM"
Saint George, Utah 84770
(435) 574-9193
"The treatment team at St. George drug and alcohol Detox Hospital understands the difficulties of chemical detoxification and uses techniques aimed at reducing the discomfort of detox from alcohol or other drugs. The medical providers at the new state-of-the-art facility specialize in addiction medicine and oversee the safe medical detoxification of all patients. Registered nurses provide care, including the administration of medication to counteract the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal and evaluate any other medical and mental health problems."
Saint George, Utah 84770
(844) 843-3869
"My approach to counseling is, first and foremost, founded on the quality of the therapy relationship itself. Over the past 25 years in the mental health profession, the last 15 in private practice as a licensed psychologist in St. George, Utah, I have specialized in the fields of counseling, health, transpersonal, and clinical psychology. I provide individual and relationship counseling in an emotionally safe, supportive environment, drawing on a variety of approaches tailored to meet your needs and support your healing and growth. My integrative approach includes the exploration of mental, emotional, physical, developmental, spiritual, and interpersonal factors, as well as practical skill development."
Saint George, Utah 84770
(435) 527-7085
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"I am a sincerely caring and non judgmental therapist whose goal is to alleviate human suffering. I welcome the personal identity and spirit of each client with whom I work. I partner with my clients against their emotional struggles as well as in their aspirations and desires for personal growth. Treatment goals are solution focused, goal oriented, measurable, and client centered. Treatment incorporates support systems, accesses client strengths, creates awareness, educates, builds skills, and helps clients experience themselves and life on a different perspective. I enjoy helping people gain the tools needed to heal from years of grief, pain, anxiety, depression, abuse, anger, or loss."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 414-6292
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"You are worth the investment! Did you know some studies suggest that over 80% of all physical symptoms may have emotional or psychological roots? Sometimes anxiety and depression are just our body's way of letting us know a change is needed. If your relationships or life situations are causing you more distress than joy, therapy can help. We all experience pain, loss, and feelings of rejection. Although these feelings are normal, if neglected they can quickly become barriers to happiness and growth."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 494-0906
"Therápia Addiction Healing Center exists to help people recover from addictions by developing and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships with God, Self and Others. The founders of Therapia possess well over 100 years of personal and professional experience in the addiction healing process and have committed themselves to providing the very best program, facility, personnel, and environment for the recovery and healing of the soul. Our program is designed to cultivate mental strength, physical health and spiritual balance. We have developed a gender-specific program based in the twelve steps that will help our clients and their families get to their core issues so that the healing process can begin. In addition to the strength of our program, we have found a beautiful, peaceful location in the heart of Utah's Red Rock country. This region is known for breathtaking scenery and natural healing power. This setting is perfect for the Experiential therapy that we provide. We are honored to begin this journey with you and your loved ones. We are ready to help you find your way from darkness into the light. For help now call 888-91-REHAB (888-917-3422) and talk to an addiction specialist."
Saint George, Utah 84770
(888) 660-7437
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"We each have the ability to find answers within ourselves that help as we transition through challenging life events. In creating a caring, safe and confidential setting, I believe you will gain a sense of trust where I will be able to be a support and resource to you. I have evening and weekend appointments available and can assist you in finding answers, restoring hope, and feeling better!"
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 657-5561
"At Renaissance Recovery we use the traditional 12 step approach to treatment combined with Gospel Principles as they relate to alcohol and drug addiction. Our program offers intensive outpatient, general outpatient, and aftercare programs lasting anywhere from 3-12 months. We believe that true recovery includes spiritual healing. In our experiences this approach has proven to be the most successful. We ask all clients seeking treatment at Renaissance Recovery to be open to this aspect of recovery. Individuals seeking treatment at Renaissance Recovery are not required to be active members of any religious denomination. Our staff and our program are respectful of all religious backgrounds. Renaissance Recovery is committed to providing it's clients with professional, private, and compassionate treatment. Our team is dedicated to healing and recovery in an atmosphere of acceptance, support, and love."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 703-9840
"St. George, Utah LIFE SKILLS, ANGER MANAGEMENT & PARENTING COURSES. Both Life Skills and Anger Management Courses are a cognitive restructuring course that teaches you how to effectively manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The ANGER MANAGEMENT Course: Meets Court Requirements. Certificate received upon completion. WEBSITE:"
Saint George, Utah 84791
(435) 535-0999
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"Are you having relationship problems? Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Do you need guidance and direction on how to get more happiness and joy in your life? I can help! As an interactive, solution-focused therapist, I work with individuals, couples, families, & the LGBT community. My treatment approach is to provide support and feedback to help address relationship problems, current life challenges and long-standing issues. With compassion and understanding, I help you find resolution to a wide range of personal and relationship concerns. With an integration of complimentary approaches, including Expressive Art and Law of Attraction concepts,"
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 625-1921
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, amft, sudc
"I specialize in addiction for older teens and adults. Addiction affects not only the person who is using drugs or alcohol but also the family. It is important for the family to be involved in the treatment process. This process begins with a substance or alcohol abuse evaluation and then recommendations for treatment for the individual suffering from the addiction as well as recommendation for the family. Treatment may include underlying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, relationship problems, career problems, legal problems, and financial difficulties."
Saint George, Utah 84770
(702) 761-3312
Marriage & Family Therapist, MEd, MFT
"Congratulations on your decision to take control of your life! Even though life and relationships can feel very challenging at times - those are often the turning points to a far better future! I've worked with hundreds of individuals and couples over the past two decades, and I've loved watching their lives change as they've chosen to use the best psychological tools available in today's world to create the lives they want! No matter where you are now, just know that life can get really good if you're willing to work and think in positive directions."
Saint George, Utah 84790
(435) 201-6281