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"Seeking therapy can be 'anxiety provoking" and confusing. I am committed to helping clients feel comfortable and connected, providing a non-judgmental and user friendly approach. My work with clients is painless, effective and long lasting. My areas of expertise are sexual,emotional and physical abuse, anger problems, anxiety or fear, women's empowerment, men issues, substance abuse, relationship issues,domestic violence, grief and gay/lesbian issues."
Franklin, Virginia 23851
(954) 532-8868
"Often times, we are faced with challenges in our relationships at home, work or at school, that seem impossible for us to move beyond. The pain associated with a breakup, divorce, or loss of employment, can seem overwhelming. Together we can work through your challenges and help you to reach your full potential."
Franklin, Virginia 23851
(757) 653-5751
"I am a resident in counseling working under the supervision of Brenda Davis, LPC at Stepping Stones Counseling. I offer compassionate, client centered therapy with a cognitive-behavioral approach to issues. Often the most important things we believe about ourselves are based on unsound input from early relationships. I would be honored to come alongside you and provide a safe place to unpack those ways of thinking and relating that are not working for you and help you to replace them with a healthier, more balanced approach. I offer Christian counseling for those that desire a faith-based approach."
Franklin, Virginia 23851
(757) 364-0997
"I am dedicated to helping my clients obtain their greatest potential, to work through troubling problems, and to grow emotionally and psychologically. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Registered Art Therapist. I work with individuals of all ages, using verbal or art therapy techniques. I let the individual choose their mode of counseling with some guidance and best practices. I have worked most with men, women and children fleeing domestic violence situations; however, I also have background in working with individuals dealing with mood and personality disorders, substance abuse, and other trauma to name a few."
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Franklin, Virginia 23851
(757) 364-0035