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Therapists in Vancouver

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LPC, LMHC
"I work with people who feel out of control of their lives for a variety of reasons. Whether it be with emotions, food, relationships, substances, or other behaviors, we address the function behind these behaviors and create both practical solutions and a sense of self compassion."
Vancouver, Washington 98660
(503) 926-6176
"Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. I have been described as "open, sincere, compassionate, interactive and insightful". I am passionate about staying close to your experience, without judgment. I believe in the power within each person to heal, create real change, and live a fulfilling life. I am results-oriented and use the therapeutic approach that best serves you and your current goals. Research based therapeutic approaches inform my practice: such as psycho-dynamic theory, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)"
Vancouver, Washington 98660
(360) 284-4138
"I believe one of the greatest attributes of the therapeutic relationship is the ability to be open and honest with your thoughts, feelings, and relationship issues. Therapy is a place where you don't have to worry about being judged or having your statements negatively impact your world. A place where you can feel heard and understood, and receive objective feedback from someone whose sole purpose is to help you to make your life better."
Vancouver, Washington 98683
(360) 529-5135
"I have a great deal of respect for the unique stories of individual lives, and I strive to create a collaborative and supportive environment where clients can safely learn about themselves, develop new skills, and make real and lasting change. I try to help people not only reduce distress and suffering, but to also cultivate more genuine and fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. My primary areas of expertise include: wellness and stress management, mindfulness, anxiety and mood concerns, health psychology and pain management, sport psychology and performance enhancement, LGBTQ concerns, and adjustment and identity concerns."
Vancouver, Washington 98686
(360) 464-2111
"Life is meant to be lived fully and maybe you're noticing you're not because you suffer from anxiety, depression, or the effects of past trauma. Perhaps, it's not that bad, but you feel something is wrong and your life could be better. Whatever it is, there is always hope. You can experience hope and peace in the days ahead! I seek to bring empowerment, awareness, hope, and peace in your life in the context of a safe setting."
Vancouver, Washington 98684
(360) 558-3345
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
"It has been my experience that people seeking therapeutic support have the inner resources and strengths needed to overcome life challenges and often just need a little help from a caring, thoughtful, and direct helping professional. As a therapist, I can provide guidance in identifying strategies and solutions for tapping into your inner strengths and capacity for positive change. I've found that a positive therapeutic relationship serves as a tool for accessing the resilience, insight, and courage needed to make important lifestyle changes that allow individuals and families to live happier, healthier, and more balanced lives."
Vancouver, Washington 98684
(360) 797-5964
"Psychotherapy is a collaborative endeavor and represents the hope that something new can happen in our lives. For the past 25 years, I have worked with adults and children with a wide range of concerns including anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, learning difficulties, chronic illness, life transitions, and blended families. I have extensive experience in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, those living with disabilities, trauma and abuse. I see cancer patients and their families across the cancer continuum, from diagnosis, treatment, to survivorship or recurrence and end of life. I am passionate about working with this patient group."
Vancouver, Washington 98663
(360) 680-1693
"I am Lane Vander Sluis, PsyD. Some psychologists are Christians but I am a Christian psychologist. As a licensed Clinical Psychologist, I earned a Doctorate degree in psychology at George Fox University and a Master's degree from Western Baptist Seminary in Portland. I speak from a Christian perspective. I work with adolescents and adults on a variety of issues including marital, depression, anxiety, and Men's issues We do better than being Survivors. We are meant to be Warriors - traveling light minus the burdens. I also use the Enneagram as part of the assessment and treatment process."
Vancouver, Washington 98661
(360) 695-8332
"I have over 25 years experience in working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. I ask each client to set a behavioral goal at the beginning of treatment. This helps the client judge whether they are making progress in therapy. My goal is to have each client take away something useful from each session. I understand my role as a therapist is to help the client identify attitudes and behaviors that get in the way of achieving their goal and find new ways to move forward."
Vancouver, Washington 98660
(360) 529-5002
"I have over 30 years post-graduate clinical experience, working with adults of all ages. I enjoy assisting people in the change process to make a life worth living. I welcome a phone interview to discuss your needs and how we can enhance your desired change. As a social worker, I look at all systems which effect one's quality of life and work to empower the client's strenghts and supports. I am compassionate and sensitive to your needs. And I am willing to do what it takes to help you achieve your outcome goals."
Vancouver, Washington 98685
(503) 459-6793
"Has life been passing you by, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated? Has worry and fear stopped you from embracing life and your goals? Has trauma kept you from moving forward? There are many reasons that we get stuck and disconnected from what is most important to us. I believe that we all have the ability to change for the better despite our struggles and history. With understanding and compassion, we will help you achieve the best life possible using contemporary strategies and techniques."
Vancouver, Washington 98661
(360) 904-1008
"I call attention to underlying patterns that give meaning to personal struggles. I help couples identify transference issues as they trigger power struggles today. I often use teaching stories to support clients in learning to think symbolically in the service of embracing the deeper work required to achieve emotional intimacy. Visit to access my experiment in virtual community education: Counseling Support for Self-Other Analysis: A Graphic Depiction."
Vancouver, Washington 98660
(360) 389-3965
"I offer individual and couple counseling, specializing in sexual addiction, marital communication, anxiety, and identity formation. If you are thinking about getting engaged or married, I offer Premarital and Pre-engagement counseling. There is strength and wisdom in being able to build healthy habits and communication at the beginning of a relationship so that you can work through any problems that may arise in the future. I have worked with sexual addiction for the last 5 years as a pastoral counselor while earning my degree."
Vancouver, Washington 98660
(503) 379-1271
Counselor, MEd, NCC, LMHC, LPC
"I am a licensed mental health counselor in Vancouver Washington. I offer individual, couples or family counseling to clients who are 12 years of age or older. I use a variety of strategies tailored to the individual client's needs. I specialize in mood and anxiety disorders and help clients who are experiencing life transitions."
Vancouver, Washington 98661
(360) 320-6937
"Positive solutions are not always easy to come by. It is when we seek a different perspective to life's difficult situations; we are then able to find new options to help us achieve positive outcomes. I enjoy helping others reach their goals and improve their lives. In a safe environment, I work with clients to achieve better solutions, and a different perspective on life's challenging circumstances."
Vancouver, Washington 98684
(360) 310-4082
"I work with male and female adults, parents, teens, kids, and elderly to move through their struggles or transitions. Addressing issues of grief, parenting, relationship struggles, life transitions, trauma, abuse, communication, depression, or anxiety."
Vancouver, Washington 98683
(360) 972-3892
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, CADCIII, JD
"My passion is working with people and their families to help them overcome all traumatic experiences in their lives, including severe trauma, PTSD and all types of substance abuse issues. When a person discovers that recovery can, in fact happen, there is a new hope and wonderful things can happen for them and their loved ones."
Vancouver, Washington 98660
(503) 766-4198
"Are you stuck? Are your relationships unhealthy? Are you just unhappy with yourself and life? Life is full of challenges and transitions. I'm glad you are wanting to find help and feel better. Much of my work is helping you in 3 areas: developing clarity of what is important to you, recognizing choices that are around you, and finding the courage to move forward."
Vancouver, Washington 98660
(971) 801-6291
"I offer a unique blend of faith-based spiritual direction along with competent and experienced mental health counseling and effective treatment planning. A majority of my clients are seeking an experienced mental health therapist/relationship counselor in whom they place confidence that their most deeply-held spiritual values are understood and shared. I primarily treat Christian individuals, couples and families that are facing difficulties with anger and abuse, blended-family, sexual addiction, unfaithfulness, marital discord, or depression and anxiety, along with a variety of spiritual concerns."
Vancouver, Washington 98684
(360) 234-3741
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LICSW
"I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Oregon (L4523) and Washington (W60145827). My main office is located in Vancouver, WA. I graduated in 1995 with a BA Degree in Art Therapy from Marylhurst University, and completed a Master's of Social Work at Portland State University in 2004. In 2006 I completed a Graduate Certification in Infant/Toddler Mental Health, and more recently I completed a Graduate Certification in Attachment and Trauma. I am also a life long student of IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology)."
Vancouver, Washington 98662
(360) 328-7874 x319