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Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MDiv, MLADC, SAP
"Addiction hurts. I have spent the past twenty-five years working with those whose lives have been affected by their own or someone else's' substance abuse. There is hope. People can and do recover, restoring freedom to their lives, every day. Even so, it often feels like things will never change. My goal as your provider is to help you through the necessary losses and transitions of recovery so that you can create the life you want. A life that feels better."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 383-5379
MEd, Counsel, Coach
"Many people ask what is Life Skills Coaching? Coaching provides support, training, and tools to help individuals grow in their personal, professional and social lives. As a life skills coach, I provide an interactive and comfortable environment to help my clients address a variety of areas relevant to personal and professional change. My area of expertise is working with relationship issues, building self-esteem and confidence, the Sandwich Generation and anger issues. I believe that helping clients understand their core self - creates change in a positive way. I enjoy working with both adolescence and the adult population."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 276-3767
"I provide treatment in Amesbury and my family farm in Kensington. My farm provides a peaceful setting where I co-facilitate with my two horses and two minature donkeys. I have treated individuals, couples, families and groups for 12 years. I am a warm and compassionate person who tailors your treatment to your needs and goals. I treat each one of my clients as an individual. It is my belief that many of my clients are unrecognized heroes and I am grateful to be a part of their journeys of growth and change."
Kensington, New Hampshire 03833
(508) 213-8107
"Have you been feeling overwhelmed, sad, or anxious? Maybe you are looking to learn new skills, improve your relationships, or change some unbalanced thoughts or behaviors. Therapy may be the first step toward living a happier and more fulfilling life. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to your individual needs to help you meet your goals."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 828-5220
"I am a board-certified adult psychiatrist in private practice in Exeter, New Hampshire. I have a profound interest in and commitment to the vocation of depth psychotherapy. In addition to careful attention to your life history and presenting problems, our work together often involves close examination of unconscious phenomena, including dreams, and nightmares, and sometimes spontaneous art and active imagination (engaging the unconscious while awake). My clients often have a history of trauma, especially childhood trauma. They often have been painfully alienated from others and have a strong connection to the unconscious and to nature."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 567-4228
"I have many years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist helping individuals, couples, and families improve their lives and relationships. I will be committed to your development within the safety of a confidential and ethical relationship. I believe that a collaborative relationship is at the heart of any truly successful therapy process. There are times when change may be difficult, even painful. Yet it becomes possible to move ahead when the psychologist and client join together as equal partners."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 795-0265
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, EdD, LICSW, LMFT, BCD
"As a board-certified therapist, I work with couples, families, adults and adolescents with a variety of difficulties. I have been a couples and family therapist for over 35 years, with postgraduate training through several programs, including Menninger Foundation's Family Therapy Program. My practice is in two locations: with PCS, an interfaith counseling center based in Manchester, with a service site in Portsmouth; and a private practice in Exeter."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 547-9242
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"I work with children, adolescents and families through a strengths-based approach that is focused on identifying natural supports, tools and skills to better your every day life. I enjoy working to support people through many different areas, from struggles related to ADHD to Autism to depression, anxiety and trauma work. I want to work with you to support you improving your overall functioning in the areas that you want to change."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 686-7699
"Ms. Dumont practices psychiatric nursing with adolescents and adults, including the psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic treatment and management of broad spectrum mental health conditions, with specialty interests in depression, anxiety, and attention deficits. Ms. Dumont ascribes to an "evidence based" approach to her practice and has a substantive interest in the psychological impact of women's developmental and reproductive events on mental health."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 836-4820
"I am a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience helping individuals and families. Working with adult, adolescent, and elderly clients, my focus is on developing a supportive, collaborative relationship in which my clients can better understand themselves, their emotions, and the sources of and solutions to their depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. My approach involves helping people develop new ways of dealing with their emotions and relationships and develop positive and meaningful approaches for navigating a wide range of life challenges and transitions."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 499-4569 x14
"Are you tired of judging your body and yourself harshly? Would you like to feel better about yourself and more comfortable in your body? Body image concerns and eating patterns that are out of balance can interfere with our capacity to live joyfully. With 25 years experience treating eating disorders, I have come to believe that orienting to ourselves with acceptance, developing trust in ourselves, and developing our capacities for present-moment awareness are crucial in the healing process. I collaborate with clients to clarify their intentions and to create an atmosphere of acceptance and mindful awareness which facilitates positive change."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 952-4434
"Wasting precious time and energy worrying about weight and food? Can't seem to stop? You are NOT alone, NOT a failure and it is NOT your fault. I have struggled in my own life with anorexia, bulimia and years of obesity and binge eating. Now that is behind me and I want to help you move forward and create the life you desire. I am interested in your physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental and spiritual wellbeing. The past is gone and choices made then do not prevent you from making different, healthier ones now. There are no mistakes, only lessons."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 505-8830
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW
"I feel I have the best job in the world.It is a privilege to work with people who want to change and I feel honored to be part of their journey. I am amazed by the courage I see in my office weekly. I have been part of a wonderful group practice for twenty years, The Exeter Counseling Center, and we are happy to meet with other family members as needed."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 819-4154 x10
"Wouldn't it be nice to be in the presence of an authentic, genuine person that has the capacity to listen deeply to your unique concerns and facilitate an experience of being understood? -- A person that welcomes you as a unique individual and has the capacity to work with you in a collaborative and creative manner. I am experienced in creating the kind of relationship that allows you to feel comfortable and safe with just being yourself. Grounded with this intention, we co-create the space and trust required for improving the quality of your life and wellness."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 505-4695
"I provide individual and couples psychotherapy to older adolescents and adults. My areas of special interest and expertise include sexual orientation issues, gender identity/transition, trauma recovery, healing from grief and loss, and managing relationship challenges. I have worked with a wide range of clients, including those struggling with mood disorders, suicidality, and self-injurious behaviors. I believe in a collaborative approach to psychotherapy that establishes a safe environment for exploration, healing, and growth. My approach is purposefully eclectic and based in relational, feminist, and cognitive-behavioral perspectives."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 379-6370
"As a solution focused therapist I use various treatment approaches, depending on the particular problem that a patient brings. My style as a therapist is to be very active and involved."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 686-7062
"Anything that stops you from feeling eager, energetic, and curious is worth exploring in therapy. Feel better, live better."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 819-5236
"I provide individual, group and family therapy services as well as psychological testing to children, adolescents and young adults. My treatment approach is collaborative and is based on the cognitive behavioral, relational and family systems theoretical approaches."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 678-4547
"I employ aspects of positive psychology in order to utilize individual strengths in treatment. My areas of professional interest include multicultural issues, adolescents with conduct or oppositional defiant behavior, depression, anxiety, family therapy, spirituality, and trauma. I have developed a specialty in providing individual cognitive behavioral therapy for children, adolescents, and young adults on the autism spectrum, including Asperger's Syndrome. My treatment approach is based on the relational, cognitive behavioral, and structural family therapy theoretical approaches. I accept most insurances and appointments can be scheduled online 24 hours a day."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(603) 329-3725 x340
"I use a positive, interactive approach to discover with the patient what might be creating anxiety, depression, or self-limiting behaviors. Patients who want a collaborative relationship and who are curious to learn about themselves can discover, through an approach appropriate for each unique individual, how to release old patterns and access creative energy, confidence and insight . PTSD, phobias, mood disorders, transitions, grief and loss, identity issues, traumas, phobias, relationships and family issues are common areas of concern."
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833
(978) 965-4174 x23