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"In my experience, people often come to therapy because they feel a lack of fulfillment in their lives and in their relationships. Through empathic, non-judgmental listening, I help my clients feel more connected to their feelings and closer to the important people in their lives. I provide a safe, comfortable environment which encourages exploration of feelings and promotes positive change. Though therapy can be scary to start for some people, many find it invigorating and life-changing. For more information about me and my services, please visit my website"
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 626-0330
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MEd, MSS, LSW
"Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Hurt? Sad? Sometimes we travel over awesome peaks and sometimes we trudge through deep valleys. It can be very exciting and it can be very lonely. We all have a story to tell. I invite you to share YOUR story and I WILL listen...really listen."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 347-5257
Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, LMFT
"Are you having problems with negative thoughts that just won't go away? Are you struggling with a past you want to put behind you? Are your relationships not how you had hoped they would be? Are you worried about your children's behavior? These are struggles everyone has at some time in their life."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 624-1135
"Are you tired of struggling just to make it through the day? Feel like you've had the wind knocked out of you by an overwhelming situation? Have you lost your joy to feelings of emptiness, loss, or fear? Do you ever wish that just one person could really understand what you're going through? I help people like you find their way through overwhelming situations: troubled or broken relationships, health problems, job loss, anxiety, depression, or low self esteem. You don't have to find your way alone; I can help you find healing and get your joy back."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 467-1156
"I specialize in Grief and Loss, difficult relationships, parenting issues, stress management, life transitions, women's issues, divorce, health and illness, depression and anxiety in a nurturing and safe environment. With a humanistic orientation, I am also trained in Jungian concepts, cognitive-behavioral and family systems, I use an eclectic approach to match the client's needs. I believe we all intrinsically know what is best for us and it is my job to help you find what is meaningful in your life."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 652-8247
"I will help you feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment I greet you. Working on personal problems can be done in a serious yet light-hearted manner. I can offer you 30 years of experience in learning to be free of worry (anxiety) and despair (depression) using the latest methods involving mindfulness, CBT, relaxation and breath control, Gestalt therapy, and family therapy. Adolescents, men, women, couples, and families are welcome. You, too, can learn to love yourself and let go of unnecessary ways of limiting yourself and interfering with your success."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(717) 945-0761
"Preparing to begin therapy often times takes motivation, courage and the desire to change and grow. My approach to therapy is one of mutual respect and collaboration. I want to help my clients face their struggles head on and to develop strategies to make life more manageable and satisfying. Over the years that I have been practicing, I have seen so many people work through challenges to achieve a life that they are proud to be living."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(267) 354-8256
Counselor, MA
"Are you or those you love struggling with anxiety, depression, life changes, or other issues? In my practice I work to help my clients better understand each other, themselves, and their inner motives. What are the origins of your anxiety? What do you want from life, need from those around you? Where do you begin? I provide the nurturing space for individuals, couples, and families to safely navigate their relationships, develop coping skills, and move toward growth and healing."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 552-4818
"Carol Gabriella, Director of Bloomingdale Psychological Services, has 30 years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist, providing individual, group, and relationship counseling to men, women, and families. She has treated a broad range of issues that include depression, anxiety, stress management, couples counseling, separation and divorce, women's issues, and debt management. Ms. Gabriella holds a B.A. in psychology from Temple University, and an M.S. in Counseling and Human Development from Villanova University, where she graduated summa cum laude. the Women's Resource Center in Wayne, PA."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 915-8002
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC, CCTP, DBTC
"Feeling anxious, depressed or just looking for some guidance? I am here to help you! One of my strengths is being able to connect with my clients. My clients and I are able to quickly build a therapeutic alliance based on mutual respect and non-judgmental thinking. I work mostly with adolescents, teens, adults and families. I also work with children/teens and families going through various transitions in life including divorce, relocation, beginning at a new school and any other life transition that may result in stress or depression."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 260-0234
"I treat my patients like family. Stressed children equal stressed parents, and vice versa. What's age appropriate behavior? How can you make your life easier? From bedtime problems and picky eating, to friend and homework issues, to defiance and challenging moods, to yelling and giving in, we will devise a personal plan to get you and/or your child to a stable, healthy and happy place. We will work together to find what works best for you and/or your family and make each moment count. I am best suited for folks who prefer a warm, bubbly and active therapist."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 663-5477
"I encourage potential clients to visit my website to get a fuller sense of how I approach not just addictive and compulsive behaviors, but other emotional struggles as well. I focus a great deal on helping people expand their awareness of aspects of themselves and their important relationships that they have difficulty paying attention to and feeling. This increased awareness helps people feel more flexible and free to navigate the obstacles and cross-currents they find facing them in their lives, rather than remain stuck in repetitive cycles of suffering."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 915-8768
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW
""How did I get here? I have everything I want, but I can't seem to feel the joy. And to even say this makes me feel guilty, embarrassed and ashamed." We all start out driven to create our best life. We set goals, timelines, but somehow it never seems to be enough. We get glimpses of happiness, but joy and contentment - that seems to be the mystery. The work we do is to start right where you are to find meaning; rooting and connections in your current relationships. I work with individuals and couples to heal themselves so that they can enjoy their lives."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 915-8024
"You may be facing your first counseling experience or after years of working with other practitioners--willing to try again. When we first meet, I trust you will know you are safe and respected. I commit my full presence, deep interest, and willingness to be open to who you truly are. In other words, I am "teachable"--by you, for you and with you. And rather than fit you into a model, I will "learn and flex"--learn how you learn, change and grow and flex my skills, style and tools to find what works best for you."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 668-1883
Counselor, MS, LPC, BCCP, NCP
"'Feeling stuck' or thinking 'I just can't keep going on like this'? Perhaps the past keeps resurfacing yet you think you should be over it by now. Or you see the same self-defeating patterns reoccurring in your relationships, making you unhappy, frustrated or even despairing that life could ever be different. I have over 30 years of experience working with people with those - and other difficulties,and an Oxford UK Clinical Psychologist training and a Professional Counseling License (PA). I would love to talk with you. Call / email and together we can make a start to move forward."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 712-0984
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, CAADC
"I believe that making the decision to engage in therapy can be life-altering and takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage. Therapy contains three major components: understanding, healing and health. By working together, you and I can learn how your past experiences and current thoughts and behaviors impact your relationships and actions. From there, you are able to identify wounds and reduce the feelings of unmanageability. This work can lead to a healthy lifestyle, in which you achieve a fresh, balanced way of living and relating."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 915-8357
Marriage & Family Therapist, RN, MSN, CS, LMFT
"Do you find yourself having the same fights over and over again? Do you wonder where the intimacy has gone? Are you experiencing a major life transition, a crisis or loss, or simply feel that there is something missing in your life? I have 10 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families, helping them sort through their thoughts and feelings to gain clarity and self acceptance; the key to breaking self defeating patterns that keep us stuck in life. In my couples and family work, I specialize and am certified in the practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 952-4750
"The simple truth is that transitions are stressful. I provide a safe place to discuss innermost concerns and to imagine solutions. Rebuild what needs to change in order to transform your life into what you desire. If you are feeling anxious, frustrated, sad, unmotivated, or just not growing personally, let's collaborate. Improve your own inner balance and get the energy you need to create a life you can admire yourself for living. Learn to structure communication and cooperation in your work environment and in your relationships at home."
Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania 19087
(484) 660-1447
"I specialize in the treatment of weight and eating disorders, depression and anxiety. I provide cognitive-behavioral therapy, which focuses on helping the client to identify thoughts and emotions associated with certain behaviors. Through this journey, I help clients understand how and why they are responding to situations in the way that they do, enabling them to find inner peace and lead fuller, more enriched lives. I typically meet with clients on a one-on-one basis, but I am happy to schedule sessions with concerned partners, parents or other family members together with the client."
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 347-5240
Marriage & Family Therapist, MBA, MA
"Arabic and English speaking therapist. Rabab graduated from LaSalle University with Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology. She is trained in Play and Sand Tray Therapy at the Family and Play Therapy Center in Philadelphia. Rabab is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)"
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087
(610) 616-4827