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Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CLC, ADC, CSTOP
"My treatment approach is eclectic with the incorporation of cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused psychotherapy. Individualized services that incorporate integrity, sensitive delivery, commitment and compassion are based on the belief that everyone has internal strengths that they can employ to reach their goals. My confidential and inviting office is easily accessible by public transportation and located in a professional office building."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 383-9026
"Hello! I look forward to working with you, as I believe the journey to optimum mental health is a collaborative process between us. I have a solution focused style, and will give you tools so you can work daily on being present, calm, and focused in your life."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 517-3709
"Ocean Psychiatric Group P.C, is a collaborative group of Neurological and Mental Health professionals who will serve your needs with competence, integrity and compassion. We are a group of individuals licensed in Psychiatry, Neurology, Clinical Psychology, Professional Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Social Work, Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing. Our practice is complemented by Prescribing Nurse Practitioners, Board Certified in Psychiatric and Family Medicine . We are committed to provide excellent patient care within our specialties, in a confidential and comfortable environment."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 663-4342
"Let's work through this together. I like to take a teamwork approach with my clients so that you are an active part of the counseling process. I have a passion for helping people through life's challenges while restoring hope, meaning, and purpose in order for them to lead more fulfilling lives. I am open to working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I strive to provide a safe, judgment-free environment where people can freely express their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 544-9632
Counselor, MSEd, LPC, NCC, Executi, Directo
"I enjoy facilitating clients' goals toward greater life quality and an improved sense of well-being. My psychotherapeutic practice is very successful regarding client-centered goals, addressing life, situational stressors, and finding successful solutions for relationships. The alleviation of distressing symptoms with self or others, involving worry, anger, or sadness, can be reached through the interactive process of talk therapy. My style is informal, personal, progressive, and multicultural. I have received excellent feedback from many of my satisfied clients. My objective is to empower my clients toward their individualized goals as efficiently as possible."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 452-7579
Counselor, MA, LPC, CCMHC, NCC
"Have you struggled with how to know your own needs & begin to communicate them assertively? Are you addicted to food, sex or other self-destructive behaviors? Have you thought about getting into therapy to begin to deal with abuse of your past? Does low self-esteem prevent you from connecting to your strengths & dreams? I provide therapy with specialization in men's issues for depression, self-esteem issues, assertiveness training, substance abuse recovery, sex addiction (SA), divorce, bipolar issues, attention deficit (ADHD), obsessive compulsive (OCD), codependency, anxieties-phobias, relationship problems, military concerns, and post traumatic stress (PTSD)."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 276-4567
"I have an unwavering passion for working with children and adolescents who are having a challenging time managing their psychological and emotional well being. I have received specialized training in assisting children in coping with the effects of traumatic experiences in his/her life; this includes extensive education in the method of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 606-0015
"Have you experienced with each wave of life's demands that you uncover another emotion - anger, sadness, confusion, anxiety? Maybe you notice that you are withdrawing from others, having difficulty sleeping, struggling to concentrate, or experiencing more conflict in relationships. Do you find that you are drinking or using substances to feel better or just to feel normal? All of this may have you feeling lonely, and overwhelmed yet, you have tapped into the courage and motivation to improve your experience and decided to seek help. I invite you to explore how to regain the sense of control and hope."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 663-4426
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I have been in the field over thirty years with extensive experience working as a therapist and clinical supervisor in both the public and private sector. I have a special interest in working with individuals with a history of trauma. Trauma can result from a history of abuse or any significant life event that alters your beliefs about yourself and the world that impedes reaching your full potential. I use EMDR to address negative beliefs originating with the trauma and Seeking Safety groups addressing life skills often not adequately developed with individuals with a history of trauma."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 250-4496
"MY WORK WITH THE PATIENT: As a psychiatrist with over 30 years' experience serving patients, I understand the need to work with the patient to develop an understanding of all factors that are playing a role in the present state of mind and body, such as family, work and social environments, leisure activities, and physical health."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 517-3824
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Making the decision to begin therapy can be intimidating and overwhelming. I am committed to providing a compassionate and safe environment where you can begin to explore your concerns and work toward change. I see therapy as a collaborative process and believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is an essential foundation for our work together. I would be honored to walk with you during this journey. Call me for a free phone consultation and to see if I am a good fit for your needs."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 690-0354
"Dr. LaConda Fanning received her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology with concentration in child & adolescent psychology from Regent University. She received her Master's Degree in Community & Clinical Psychology from Norfolk State University as well as a Master's in Clinical Psychology from Regent University. She also holds a Master's of Divinity & Practical Theology & Interdisciplinary Studies from Regent University. She serves as Associate Minister & Administrative Pastor at Saint James Missionary Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Dr. Fanning is Adjunct Professor at Norfolk State University, South University and Regent University, where she conducts class instruction on Clinical Counseling to Master's and Doctoral level students."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 656-4054
"I fully enjoy my work as a therapist. Our practice provides a confortable and private environment where we can focus on a goal driven process. Regardless of the issues you are facing, we can work toward realistic, attainable outcomes. I work with couples, families, individuals, children and adolescents. Please visit our website at or call us today so we can evaluate your needs, make sure we are a good fit and get the process started."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 448-3718
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
"I work best with clients who are ready to spend some time on themselves (for a change!), exploring why, with everything they have to be grateful for, it is the things that aren't quite right which keep them up at night. There may be a serious illness in themselves or a family member, a loss of a sense of purpose or meaning, grief that is just too powerful to bear alone. These are the things that family members may be tired of hearing, or just don't understand, or perhaps wouldn't understand if you even did tell them."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(410) 695-6367
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, LCSW
"I work with children ages 1-9. As a Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience I consider it my joy & privilege: 1. To help your child reach his/her potential for relating, learning, enjoying life. 2. To guide you in helping your child with whatever behavioral or developmental issues he struggles with, including ASD, ADHD, aggression, defiance, anxiety. 3. To help your child recover from stressful experiences. 4. To help you and your child grow closer together through this process. NO custody evaluations or court matters. My focus is solely on healthy development, healing, happier parent-child relationships."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 517-3788
"Are you tired of feeling depressed, anxious, or angry? I am dedicated improving your emotional health. I look forward helping you overcome life's obstacles, grow, and live a happier life. I specialize and have a passion for working with adolescents and young adults. Many of my clients are working through challenges such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, ADHD, crisis, and trauma. I realize each person has individualized needs and I can help you fulfill your personal goals. I look forward to helping you heal."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 847-9890
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Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 269-9459
"I am a Clinical Psychologist licensed to practice independently since 1979. I have extensive training and experience in the areas of diagnostics, mental health care, therapy and evaluations. I have provided services to a varied population with a wide range of problems from emotional trauma and abuse to career conflicts and performance enhancement. Relationship, family and parenting conflicts are a specialty, which in addition, have also allowed me to focus on childrens' issues in these relationships as they become affected at home, in school and in the community."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 741-7560
"As an African Female Therapist, my goal is to provide client centered and Christian Counseling services for all populations. My focus is to help individuals develop new visions that are often lost as they deal with day to day stress and traumas."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 517-3768
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"*** Sorry for the inconvenience but my new practice will officially begin October 5, 2015. I enjoy helping people be their best selves. I enjoy helping others improve themselves and work through past issues of hurt, abuse, grief, loss and difficult relationships. Sometimes everyone needs a non-judgmental, caring person to talk to outside of their friends and family. I work with children teens and adults questioning sexuality and gender identity as well as the LBGT community. I work with specific needs that arise with our service members or veterans and their families. I also help others process work, financial, chronic pain and health related stressors."
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
(757) 250-4461