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"Skill, Safety, Compassion Results Christine Leeds combines 30 years of mental health experience with her life long spiritual studies to bring depth and focus to the work of healing ourselves. Transforming our beliefs and attitudes, healing our relationships and learning to love ourselves are key focuses in the work. Consciously creating a life that we choose to live is the goal. Christine is highly skilled and gifted in a wide variety of experiential techniques including guided imagery and eleven years of EMDR practice. She works with individuals and couples and workshop trainings for small groups."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 566-7498
"Perfectionism kicking your butt? Ready to reduce the stress of your workday? If you're like most professionals, you're in constant motion. Meetings, deadlines, presentations, late hours. It's hard to admit it's getting to you. Stress is affecting your sleep, digestion, concentration and productivity. Maybe you've tried meditation or joining a gym to ease the stress or contemplated leaving for something less demanding. Some of us end up at our doctor's office discussing medication. It's not easy managing it all alone. It doesn't have to take this much work to go to work."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 369-2372
"I help individuals motivated to change their lives or relationships--to break unhealthy habits, eliminate pain, or heal from a significant event that has taken over their life. With deep respect, tender regard, and a healthy dose of humor, I help you draw on your strength, foster emotional resilience, deepen self-awareness, and reshape your identity to live the life you want to live. With my encouragement, you'll identify barriers that keep you stuck, release emotions that weigh you down, and make empowering choices that free you from the past and create a promising new future."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(678) 245-6196
"I work with individuals, couples, and families in an engaged and interactive fashion. I see our work together as collaborative and respectful. I enjoy using humor and creativity in the service of healing and problem solving. Even before these tough economic times, I believe in working quickly and efficiently (whenever possible). Therapy is a temporary state with life long impact!"
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 369-7202
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"You are not alone! No matter what problems you are facing, you can overcome them and I will teach you how. My training and experience is in treating COUPLES, INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES. I treat couples and families who have difficulties communicating, resolving issues, or navigating family transitions successfully. My practice focuses on couples and families in which a member has a chronic, terminal or psychiatric illness. Additionally, I treat individuals with various issues and have extensive experience treating Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Relational Issues. My highest priority is helping you open doors to a new life."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(678) 379-5969
"You do not need to be fixed. You need to feel cared for, understood, and accepted, by yourself and others! These are core human needs and when they are met we are better equipped to feel authentic connections to ourselves and others, cope with distress, and find inner happiness. Within us lies incredible resources for healing and transformation. My goal is to foster an environment that activates your innate healing resources, leading to mental, emotional, and physical well being."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 975-2911
"I work with clients in my private practice, who I believe have the capacity to resolve their own problems, however, there are times in our lives when we need assistance. I believe that as people become more accepting of themselves, they are more capable of finding happiness and contentment in their lives. I provide a safe environment for clients to explore their life path and integrate wellness with the necessary aspects of change."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(770) 380-0044
"Change can be really hard, but it is possible. I want to help you understand what could make a difference and develop a plan for improving the quality of your life. I like working in a warm, comfortable, and informal environment where we can talk more easily about the things that are troubling you. I have over 30 years experience as a therapist in the mental health field including 15 years in my current private practice. I have a diverse practice because I like working with people from different backgrounds who are dealing with a variety of issues."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 369-2807
Counselor, MEd, LPC, BCC, DCC, CEAP
""Work like you don't need money - love like you have never been hurt - dance like no one is watching." Does this sound good to you? If so, maybe I can help. I specialize in work problems, relationships issues, effective communication and self esteem. Move beyond stress, irritability and mood swings. My clients and I are interactive partners in a problem-solving process that focuses on client strengths and building skills to successfully master life challenges. I primarily utilize cognitive behavioral techniques focusing on the present and how we are influenced by our thoughts. "don't believe everything you think" is my bumper sticker."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 369-5809
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, BCD
"I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to heal the wounds of the past and the present. Experiencing yourself differently in relationship, you to the other and the other to you can be an important part of the process. My work with clients weaves together my training in psychodynamic psychotherapy with my training in bodypsychotherapy. I might do so through talking and bringing one's awarness to what they are experiencing in their body or I might work more directly with their body through movement, sound or touch. My clinical approach would depend on the client and what they bring to therapy ."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 586-4907
"I have two specialties, sex addiction and couples therapy. (I see couples whether or not sex addiction is an issue). I also have extensive experience treating substance addictions, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I offer a safe environment where you can address difficult issues. I am casual and down-to-earth. My approach is pragmatic and client-centered. (Click the button in the left margin to visit my sex addiction website where you can watch video clips from workshops that I have done, or visit my couples site,, to read about my approach to couples therapy.)"
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 369-4838
"Healing is possible for everyone. If you are considering therapy, then chances are you are looking for a change. I invite you to allow therapy to be something new you are trying. I invite you to a non-judgmental, empathetic, and empowering space. Anxiety, depression, substance use, relationship challenges, trauma, and identity development (gender, sexuality, career, relationship style) are common challenges faced by my clients. I work with a diverse range of clients, holding your values as central to the counseling relationship."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 445-2193
"Therapy is an investment in your most important asset: yourself. I make genuine effort to help my clients address the challenges they are facing in life whether it be in their relationships, family, work or their internal struggles. My goal is to create a safe and a supportive space where the the issues and their impact can be explored. In my work with clients I offer practical feedback utilizing a variety of approaches that meet each client's unique needs. I believe that psychotherapy is an interactive process that calls for both the client and the counselor to be fully involved."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 800-9161
"Most people who seek treatment feel that they do not have control over their lives and are not getting what they want out of life. My goal as a therapist is to give my clients the tools to achieve the kind of control that lets them be in charge. This is the only true path to happiness and fulfillment. I help my clients deal with a variety of issues that may be interfering with life such as depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, loneliness and excessive worries and preoccupations."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(678) 653-1875
"I'm a clinical psychologist with a general adult practice, working with individuals and couples in same-sex and opposite-sex relationships. In addition, I lead groups and workshops on anxiety management, GLBT issues, and sexual health for women. For more information and a brief video, please visit my website,"
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 633-0071 x3
"Have you noticed the difficulty you may have had in initiating the first step in the therapy process? It is hard work. Often, it takes courage, a degree of emotional pain, and a leap of faith. There is good news. Psychotherapy will help. It will improve relationships and ease emotional difficulties. Our emotions and thoughts can have a deep impact upon our relationships. Many people are suffering silently from depression and anxiety. There are other symptoms that people feel, but there is a commonality amongst emotions. That first phone call is the hardest part, but it does get better."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 566-5017
"I specialize in helping clients with their relationship issues, whether they want to stay in the relationship or go their separate ways. When relationships have ended, I help clients navigate the difficult passage through a break-up to new beginnings. I am also a Distance Credentialed Counselor, which allows my clients the opportunity to have counseling sessions via video conferencing within the comfort of their homes. Other areas where I can help: emotional abuse, anxiety, depression, stress, women's issues."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 369-5092
"I help troubled couples, stressed individuals and those who put themselves last. I have over 20 years of experience helping others to remove obstacles that keep them from being their best self. There is a reason why most of my new clients are referred from those who have worked with me in the past . One reviewer said, "Paul is a great counselor. I have tried several others through the years and he is by far the best. I have come to understand myself in so many ways. I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of answers.""
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 205-8848
"Sigmund Freud called psychotherapy "The Talking Cure." Perhaps it's better understood as the "Listening Cure" because really feeling understood is fundamental to emotional healing and growth. Whether it is understanding yourself, your partner, or your child, feeling deeply listened to, feeling deeply understood, is a transformative experience. Sometimes, it's about dealing with past experiences that are holding you back. Sometimes, it's learning new ways to be and understand yourself in the present. Most importantly, it is the person you want to become that directs the work we will do."
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 549-6260
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"To the extent of my memory, I have been attracted to serve for the benefit of others in what heals life circumstances of loneliness, loss, betrayal, trauma, anxiety, and alienation. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I offer to patients my best critical thinking, understanding, compassion, and theoretical knowledge based on 15 years of related and accumulated experience in the field. With an unwavering belief that a successful therapeutic relationship is most effective when expressed as a pure, honest, and simple communication between patient and therapist. My approach to therapy is parallel to my personality: vibrant, fun, calculated and optimistic!"
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(678) 780-4242