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"Are you looking for a safe place to be heard, understood, empowered, and supported? Would you like to connect with your authentic self. Allow me to guide you on your path of empowerment and recovery. I offer an eclectic approach to counseling so that I may honor your individual needs. I will help you overcome the obstacles to your happiness. You will learn healthy ways to cope with and manage uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as well as tools to heal past hurts and traumas. I will assist you in identifying and changing old patterns of behaviors and thoughts that are causing you distress."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 641-4973
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, PsyD, LCSW, CAP, CMLC
"The professional you choose can make all the difference! Why see anyone but a Doctor of Clinical Psychology who doesn't just offer counseling but neurofeedback and coaching? I specialize in same day appointments. Why should you have to wait to be seen by a doctor? On average it takes two to three weeks to be seen by someone who is not even a doctor. Coming to see me may lower your personal levels of anxiety or depression and decrease conflict in your life. I can usually get you in the same day! Don't wait any longer!"
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 490-2587
"Our emotions affect our thoughts, our thoughts affect our actions, and our actions have consequences.The mind is a powerful tool that can either lead us to a path of hope and peace, or one of turmoil and despair. When working with children, teens and families, my approach to counseling is focused on enhancing communication, reestablishing trust, and rebuilding the family unit. I strive to provide a supportive and safe environment to promote self-awareness and improve the quality of life for everyone involved."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 269-8770
"I am a National Certified counselor and Licensed Mental Health professional who has been practicing in theCentral Florida area for the past twelve years. I earned my Master's of Science degree in Counseling and Psychology from Troy State University in 2003 and became licensed in Florida in 2008. I became nationally certified in 2013, and licensed in the State of Georgia in 2014."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 979-4024
"Well being is the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties. Do you have problem handling life's challenges? Are you suffering from anxiety, phobias, stress, depression or addictions? If so, you could use professional holistic help. Dr. Silva, is a Licensed Christian Clinical Counselor, and she has had a great success using a holistic approach; cognitive rehabilitation, behavior modification, relaxation therapy, as well as integration of mind, body, emotions, spiritual awareness and insight to promote wellness."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 269-5946 x02
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT, LMHC
"Every person is unique and requires a personalized, positive, and focused solution to today's challenges. Healthy individual thinking, positive relationship behavior, and personal goal fulfillment are what most people desire in life. By helping people help themselves, I can assist in creating an action plan of change that has clear, obtainable goals including the inner calm and outward assertiveness needed to live an effective and satisfying life. Since becoming licensed in California in 1987, I have helped individuals, couples and families reach their goals in a variety of settings."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 792-2591
"Dr. BLoodgood specializes in the resolution of: CHRONIC CONFLICT, COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS, LOSS OF LOVE, INFIDELITY, CRITICISM, CONTROL ISSUES and MANAGEMENT OF TROUBLESOME BEHAVIORS. Call and ask about 3 Session BASIC Couples Counseling.... 6 Session Comunication Skills Program (Couples learn-- Listening, Empathy, Compromise, Mutual Respect, and gain an Understanding of each other's Needs and Desires) Sex Therapy for Couples and Individuals: Including treatment relating to Desire, Response, Porn/Cyber Sex Addiction,and Gender Issues"
Orlando, Florida 32835
(321) 436-7339
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, BSN, MS
"Life is messy and sometimes we all need a little help. Have you been struggling with a family or individual issue that you cannot seem to resolve on your own, and are now considering therapy? I believe that everyone has the ability to grow and improve any situation. I will work with you to help you to find solutions and hope for the future in a safe and accepting environment. Please call for an appointment today."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 219-9795
"If you are overwhelmed, feeling emotional or just can't seem to get your life back on track, I can help you to Live Life Well! During our work together, you will develop the skills necessary to create positive and lasting change in your life. Whether you are dealing with depression, stress, family problems, anxiety, or anger, I can help you manage and resolve those concerns."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 374-0735
"Do you feel stuck? Is there a sense of unrealized purpose in your life? Is there a general feeling of unhappiness? Do you need someone to help explore your options? My experience includes helping clients with various topics such as couples and marriage counseling, anxiety, depression, communication issues, stress management, relationship and family issues, self-esteem, loss and grief. I provide a safe, supportive counseling environment free of judgment where clients are invited to openly discuss concerns and learn more about themselves in order to become empowered, gain insight and resolve past issues, while learning the skills necessary to create a fulfilling life."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 443-8862
"If you're searching this site, you're probably at your wit's end or near it. Perhaps your family and friends are tired of hearing about your worries. Maybe they really don't know how to help you-although they have tried, with mixed results and (for the most part) the best of intentions. I can provide you or your child with the guidance and support you need to get your life back on track OR help you to change course to the track you're ready to travel."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(321) 473-9797
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Joe has twenty years of experience providing counseling in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings including medical and psychiatric hospitals. His experience includes providing leadership and clinical supervision to fellow mental health professionals."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 748-6506
"Are you ready to enhance your overall well-being and envision life with new perspective and hope? Have you been dealing with ongoing stress, relational issues, parent-child conflict, or chronic health issues? If yes, then it is time we meet! I support and help individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, chronic health conditions, and family dynamic issues. I work collaboratively with my clients to assist them in attaining optimum quality of life and an overall sense of well-being. I look forward to meeting with you and providing you with support and encouragement."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 491-5476
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, RMHCI, MS, BS
"During my experience working with my clients I came to believe that human nature has an intriguing dynamic that is complex and wired with inner circumstances and external interactions. I believe that each person has an unique identity that is in constant development while interacting with oneself, others and the world. My clinical approach believes that the person has an intrinsic tendency to pursue self-growth. In my view, the person is in constant search for inner balance and for personal safety. I work with all population. Women issues, self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, anger, grief/loss."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 603-3171
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
""Hello, and I welcome you! Do you have personal or relationship questions that you would like to discuss? I find great joy in helping people meet goals they have, whether those goals are very complex or less complicated, personal or relational. After 20 years of practice, I happily continue to watch people change their lives every week. I bring to you experience as well as current treatment research and techniques. Just several methods of practice include: Classical Psychotherapist, Certified EMDR Therapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Brief Treatment Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Family Systems; Individual, Couple and Family Therapist."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(321) 978-0480
"We are an agency that provides quality mental health counseling, social services, career and life coaching to individuals and families. Our approach to counseling is solution focused, client centered, supportive and insight oriented and is for those seeking to make a positive change in their life. We are here to assist you with achieving positive outcomes whether it be in you personal life or professional life."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(321) 806-2674
"Dr. Horne provides complete neuropsychological evaluations & excels in differential diagnosis to properly identify, & therefore properly treat, often misdiagnosed disorders. These disorders frequently include ADHD, Autism, learning disorders, & others. Dr. Horne enjoys working with patients & their families to identify areas of strength that can be used to improve areas of weakness. Dr. Horne also provides continuing evaluations for individuals who require regular monitoring. Dr. Horne measures the overall functioning of the patient's brain then reviews the data to inform diagnosis & treatment planning. This scientific approach removes bias of observational opinion to better identify & treat the cause rather than merely symptoms."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 288-8987
"Are you suffering from DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, ANGER or ADDICTIONS? Is it interfering with your relationships and quality of life? High achievers know that the Sub-conscious mind holds negative thoughts that sabotage positive changes. Let's eliminate these roadblocks so everything works for you and nothing works against you. Hypnosis - approved by the AMA in 1958 - is effective for Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Migraines, IBS, Weight, Negative habits and Stress Management. My treatments are effective to overcome fears/phobias and improve self confidence, health and well-being. Let me help you become more focused, relaxed, healthy and successful!"
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 278-1598
"As a therapist, I feel it is important for a client to feel safe, understood, heard clearly, and validated. I believe when a client has increased awareness about self, relationships, and life, that is when positive changes occur. I believe each client has their own individual strengths inside them and it's a matter of helping the client bring them up to the surface and utilizing them to become or create The happiness and fulfillment that each human is capable of having in their lives."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 588-8363
"I have a passion for working with female teens and young adults. I specialize in helping them to work through issues with eating disorders, self-esteem, self-harm, depression, anxiety, sexual and physical abuse, trauma and body image. It is a privilege for me to walk alongside clients as they process the different challenges life can bring."
Orlando, Florida 32835
(407) 269-8326