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"My name is Dennis G. Coates. I offer Education and Consultation services to agencies that serve and interact with US Military/War Veterans with PTSD, Anxiety Disorders and other war readjustment issues. These agencies include but are not limited to the following: Houses of Worship, Civic Organizations, Fraternal Organizations, Social Service Agencies, Schools, Law Offices, Doctors Offices, Police Departments and so forth. I do NOT provide any direct patient care. I also offer presentations on Gambling Disorder as an independent contractor through the Health Management Systems of America. The presentations are at no cost to organizations requesting them."
"I assist clients in exploring life issues and negative behaviors causing emotional and spiritual conflict. We will decide together how to best resolve these personal, social, marital, spiritual issues/conflicts."
"Dr. Greenshields is a licensed Clinical Psychologist treating adults, couples and adolescents. She uses short term and long term, cognitive and psychodynamic therapy to achieve practical solutions. She has extensive experience working with people on anxiety and panic disorders, depression, and eating problems. Dr. Greenshields understands the difficulties of seeking psychotherapy and strives to create a comfortable atmoshere for problem solving."
Limited Licensed Psychologist, MA, LLP
"I chose this profession to help those who feel like there is no way out, to give them hope and show them there is a better life out there for them. I use my personal experiences and education to help people learn to help themselves."
"Since its inception in 2004, Detroit Behavioral Institute has been a provider of specialized programming for youth who are grappling with emotional and behavioral disturbances. With a primary mission to prepare young people for their futures by instilling skills for living a healthy and safe lifestyle, Detroit Behavioral Institute supplies the care needed to help young people truly heal and recover from even the most pressing of mental health concerns. The staff of expertly-trained professionals facilitates treatment with compassion and employs evidence-based therapeutic interventions within each programming option. Various treatment methods are utilized in the treatment offered by Detroit Behavioral Institute so that the most favorable treatment outcomes are the result. These methods foster the learning of new, prosocial skills so each youth who comes to this center for treatment come to realize that a bright and happy future is within tangible reach."
"I provide psychological services for all age groups, addressing a wide variety of mental health issues. I have worked in many different settings in different countries and have a commitment to helping people overcome the problems that cause roadblocks to a healthy and happy life."
"Many people live in a world that is based in fiction. The choices life forces upon us, often long before we are able to think them through, can lead us to believe things about ourselves that simply are not true. As thought leads to action, so might false beliefs produce inexplicable, often destructive, behaviors that seem beyond one's control. These false-truths and unwanted behaviors can lead to anger, depression, and self-loathing. Quite often, personal control and self-direction can be regained by discovering the truth about ourselves and why we feel compelled to make bad decisions."