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"Are you feeling less happy or even sad, experiencing a decrease in energy, losing interest in things you enjoyed? Does the swirling around of thoughts at night make it difficult to fall asleep? Have you been feeling down on yourself or that you aren't "good enough?" Do you find it difficult to keep your life in balance? I can help reduce your pain and problems and move you towards solutions and comfort. I offer a two phase approach in helping you with these problems so you can better manage the hard parts of life and enjoy life more."
"With more than 12 years experience, I have specialized in working with diverse populations including children, adolescents/at-risk youth, and adults. My core work focuses on depression, bipolar disorder, severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), anxiety/panic attacks, physical/emotional abuse, anger problems, grief, self-esteem, ADHD, PTSD, addiction, work/vocational issues, school/truancy, homelessness and parenting difficulties."
"If you are depressed, angry, stressed, want help with relationships,or have loved ones with behavior problems, I can help."
"I have 20 years of experience working with Children and Adolescents. Most recently 10 years at Alegent Creighton Health Mercy Hospital in the Acute Psychiatric Department of all ages.I am experienced in working with clients dealing with Depression, Oppositional Defiant Disorders, Addictions, Grief and Dual Diagnosis. I also volunteers with Ted E Bear Hallow. I look forward to working clients using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to help them achieve goals and improve their lives during a challenging time in their life."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW, LCSW, LMHP, PLADC
"Your therapist has to be the right fit for you; choosing a therapist is a very personal decision. Your safety and rapport with your therapist are the deciding factors on whether therapy will be successful. Are you experiencing difficulty recovering from trauma, anxiety or depression, or the impact of substance abuse in your or a loved ones' life? No matter what method I am using, ensuring a strong working alliance with my clients allows them to do the healing work they need to thrive."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW, LMHP, RPT, LCSW
"Brigette Maas began her career over 11 years ago in the medical social work field. While working in Oncology, Medical-surgical, Emergency Department, ICU, NICU, and Labor and Delivery units in the Omaha area, she enjoyed connecting patients with support and community resources. Because of her passion in mental health and recovery, she transitioned to partial and acute psychiatric settings. After completing her play therapy certification, she embraced an opportunity to open a private practice serving children, teens and adults through individual, group, and family therapy."
"People are unique, and I help them make changes by entering into a relationship that honors who they are. This relationship fosters a safe place to heal old wounds, explore the vast realm of possibility, and reach a more peaceful state of mind, body, and spirit. To enhance our work together, I am experienced in many ways to communicate and integrate information. This may include traditional talk therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, play and art therapy techniques, and EMDR as a tool to enhance insight into oneself and a person's role in relationships and their environment."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MA, LISW, RPT
"Being able to live a life full of happiness, contentment and satisfaction is so important, yet in today's world can be so difficult to do. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve emotional wellness and a sense of balance in life. I am dedicated to providing a therapeutic relationship that allows for a sense of safety, warm acceptance and empathy. I pride myself on being open-minded and allowing each person to guide their own journey to mental wellness through an ongoing dialogue about their needs and concerns."
"In a safe, respectful, and responsive manner, I provide counseling services to children, teens, adults, and couples. My counseling services support individuals through challenging times that occur throughout their lives by providing a means to positively cope, to adapt and to learn from these times. Ultimately, I wish for individuals to move forward with their lives and to regain a sense of hope for their futures. This is accomplished by using a variety of techniques; mainly reinforcing positive thought patterns, applying constructive coping outlets; as well as incorporating play therapy techniques."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LIMHP, LISW
"Hello. I am a licensed clinical social worker with almost twenty years working in mental health and five years providing therapy to individuals and families dealing with barriers in their lives. These include: adolescent behavior issues, anxiety and depression issues; grief, trauma and relationship issues; and more complicated mental health management with issues related to Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders and Developmental Issues. I primarily use a Cognitive Behavioral approach to treatment, helping clients connect what they are thinking and feeling to what they are doing. Depending on an individual's needs, I will also draw on other techniques to personalize a clients treatment."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW, RPTS
"I have been practicing mental health therapy for 8 years. I have experience working with children/parents, adolescents, and adults who are facing depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, loss, or life changes that they are struggling to cope with."
"I am licensed in Iowa and Nebraska. My theoretical orientation is empowered by Action Oriented Theories integrating; Scripture, Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. By magnifying thoughts, beliefs, we work to enable healing, empowering self-awareness, acknowledgement, and honest portrait of reality. I welcome children-adolescents, women, seniors, and families. I have EMDR certification and utilize Play Therapy techniques. I specialize in relational communication, self-esteem, confidence, parenting, anxiety, depression, grief. I believe that the goal of the client is to seek resolutions for presenting problems. These often create despair which multiplies into a range of negative affects."
"Are you or your child struggling with a recent change? Most stress and challenges in life originate from a disconnection somewhere along the journey. My mission is to provide support for children and adults by helping others reconnect with themselves, with their priorities, their values and their loved ones. I focus on change as natural part of life, in harmony with reconnection. Contact me today if you are ready to kickstart the next chapter in your journey. I specialize in child trauma and abuse, as well as early childhood social skills and challenging behaviors in children."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LISW, IADC
"I have worked with/for people whose lives have been negatively affected by different issues. It's easy to think of these issues in negative terms. But I have learned that nonjudgmental acceptance is preferable. I have experience working with individuals with serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, personality disorders, emotion regulation problems, chemical use problems or being in a relationship with someone who has chemical use problems, brain injury, divorce or separation from family members, traumatic events or a series of traumatic events, and growing up in homes with inadequate parenting."
"Does something need to change in your life? Does something just feel off, and you aren't sure what or why? Feel like a cartoon character walking around with a storm cloud following you? Did something happen to you that you didn't deserve, or did you experience something painful that still feels fresh? Mental Health can be a mysterious stranger who lingers in your life unexamined or unquestioned, and it can affect every aspect of your being from work, family/kids, and other significant relationships. Most importantly it can distort what you see in the mirror everyday."
"Yes! I take BCBS (and other major insurances). Talking to the right person can be extremely helpful in a comfortable and private setting. My counseling style is open and respectful. I offer a confidential and safe experience to clients who want to begin privately and peacefully to sort out their thoughts,and feelings,and to make good decisions. Fear, sadness, anger, & confusion happen to everyone. But "stress overload" or "emotional distress." drags us down, It changes our outlook & affects the ways we react or interact. Living in a state of constant stress changes who we are."
"All you want to do is to feel calm again, to take a step back so you can feel normal again. You deserve to feel relaxed. Perhaps you are wondering, "Is it ever going to get better?" Perhaps you are wondering, "Is my kid more anxious than other kids? Why is she always worried? Is this normal?" You're not alone. There are many ways you can learn to feel more at peace, and your child can too. With help, and an unbiased person to talk to, you can find peace and serenity. Hope is renewed, your family can begin to feel normal again."
"I am a licensed mental health therapist with experience working with person's of all ages. I utilize a variety of therapy techniques from Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Art therapy, EMDR and Sand Tray and Play therapy techniques. I have specific training in Play therapy techniques from KC play therapy. My focus is to develop a treatment plan that is unique and specialized for your needs and concerns."
"I believe every single person has unique assets that need to be realized and utilized. I help clients find those assets and build on them to bring about positive change and a healthy sense of well-being. It is my goal to meet the clients where they are and help them process through the challenges they are facing. It's very rewarding for me to help restore balance in my clients' lives."
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, ACPMHPD, IABMCPD, LIMHP
"It is a valued opportunity to hear and reflect divergent perspectives. Clients bring to therapy a variety of options. Therapy assists them in clarifying their priorities and comfort level with their decisions. I believe every one has merit and it is the therapist's responsibility to convey that awareness to the client in a positive and competent manner."
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