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Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, MA, LPC, LMFT
"***Collaborative Marriage Skills Workshop*** One of the happiest experiences of my practice is seeing couples adopt a healthy approach to marriage, 1) to communication which is clear, open, and genuine, 2) to conflict resolution that treats the relationship as more important than the issue, and 3) to building a mutually satisfying relationship. The 2015 Collaborative Marriage Skills Workshops are February 20-21, April 24-25, July 24-25, September 18-19, and November 6-7. The workshop is 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday. The cost is $185. per couple"
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 408-4225
"Is your child experiencing problems at home,school or with peers? Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated with your life? My goal is to help adults and children overcome obstacles, learn coping skills and to restore a sense of hope and well-being. I provide compassionate care and evidence-based approaches to therapy. I am Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 845-2814
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CART
"We all have inner wisdom which holds the answers to our questions. At the center of our beings we know who we are and what we want but getting there can sometimes be difficult. Using sound innovative psychotherapeutic techniques I work with my clients towards their goals. Whether I work with individual, couples, families, or groups, I understand the importance of a healthy relationship, excellent rapport, non-judgment, honesty and the need for confidentiality in working towards these goals."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 675-2722
"She has ten years of experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. Alaina believes therapy can help us identify our strengths and personal successes for ourselves, as well as, our children. Therapy is an investment in the personal growth and well being of an individual. I strive to provide a warm, trusting, open, and supportive relationship for my clients. The therapeutic relationship is a partnership between the client and the therapist, and is based on trust, and respect to achieve the client's goal."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 426-1956
"Life throws many challenges to us. Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or substance abuse, counseling provides an opportunity to address these different issues with the help of a trained professional. I employ a holistic, collaborative approach to therapy. I believe the relationship in counseling is integral to improving a patient's overall well being and each treatment plan is tailored to the individual client. Different strategies work for different people and I will work with you to find the most suitable approach. I utilize techniques from Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Mindfulness based approaches."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 262-4690
"My belief is that challenges and conflict create opportunities for authentic growth and change. We are half way into 2015 and we are all capable of enhancing our lives at home and at work, when we learn how to embrace our authentic self to overcome obstacles. My purpose is to teach and collaboratively work with clients in adopting effective strategies so they may reconnect with their inner guidance system and find their own path and lead their life in peace, health and love. Call me regarding my Summer 2015 sessions specials!"
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 900-2178
"I believe that all persons have the ability to live full, productive and healthy lives. It takes a strong person to seek assistance to make this goal a reality. It is my privilege to accompany my clients on this journey. I have worked as a counselor for over 25 years with pre-adolescent through college-aged clients and adults. In addition I have extensive training and experience in hospital and hospice chaplaincy with youth and adults. In all of my counseling relationships, I value the active involvement of family members and other affected persons in the counseling process."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 769-0449
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Relationship issues have you feeling discouraged? A happy & loving marriage is possible but they can be difficult at times. As we try to disentangle ourselves from the problems that arise in a marriage or relationship, we sometimes need to utilize a therapist to assist with sorting through the difficulty. Yvonne's areas of clinical expertise include working with couples and individuals who are having a hard time finding their way through a difficult relationship. In our work together, you are provided with the tools to live a happy, loving, and rewarding life."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 602-2509
"At times in life, we look up and realize we are not where we want to be. Life is full of opportunities and obstacles that can challenge and test our best efforts and abilities. During times of transition, searching, disappointment, and conflict, having a helping professional can prove beneficial. For the past five years I have been providing family therapy in clinical settings to families, couples and individuals. I value working cooperatively and collaboratively with my clients to help them take steps forward in life that bring greater expressions of life, hope and wholeness."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 849-1292
"Couples caught in marital gridlock experience either emotional bickering and blaming or withdrawal and isolation. Marital gridlock can be caused by a betrayal, control issues, a lack of intimacy or important personality differences. This will leave us with a married life of emotional isolation and confusion. When we lose our sense of self in our marriage it can seem impossible to stop reliving the same negative patterns repeatedly. Where did the best of us go and our ability to respond effectively to difficult situations?"
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 601-1481
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
"I am a licensed marriage and family therapist providing individual and family therapy to adolescents and adults in Sugar Land, Houston and surrounding areas. I have experience treating anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, and significant life transitions. For the past four years I have specialized in treating eating disorders. Having recovered from an eating disorder myself, I understand how difficult and overwhelming therapy can be and how much courage it takes to seek help."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(904) 849-3364
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPC, LMFT
"Therapy is a collaborative process of identifying problems, solutions and goals. I offer my clients a place of respect, safety and support where they can find support to improve their lives and relationships. My approach includes a humanistic and relational perspective. I offer clients my expertise gained in both my clinical and life experiences. I work with families, couples, adults, adolescents and parents of young children. I am passionate about parenting and family values. I believe in the strengths and uniqueness of the individual and believe in hope and resilience."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 915-4863
"Sometimes we get stuck. Circumstances in our lives can be overwhelming. Our relationships can present challenges that seem impossible to overcome. As human beings, we have habits of thinking, feeling, and acting. These habitual patterns help us manage our world and cope with difficulties. While these habitual responses may have worked in the past, we may encounter new situations and/or challenging relationships where these patterns are no longer working for us. At those times, we may feel stuck, even hopeless. Fortunately, such challenges can provide opportunities for us to change, grow, and find new solutions to life's problems."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 409-7164
Counselor, MS, LPC, LCDC, CCTP
"Hello, My name is Earnestine Hay. I perfer to be called Earnie. So why should you come to me? Some of my client have said, " Earnie is professional, gentle and has a way of creating a safe enviroment to do the work to heal our wounded hearts, minds and souls.""
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 924-5777
"I am especially interested in working with individuals struggling with depression/anxiety as well as family issues or transitions. I work with individuals ages 8 through adulthood, as well as couples and families. I take a person-centered approach to counseling, while utilizing tools from many other types of therapies. I feel it is important to get to figure out where a problem began, process through it to find healing and acceptance, and then use tools and techniques to make specific changes in thoughts and behaviors. I see counseling as a holistic process and integrate spiritual, physical, and mental aspects into the process."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 968-2990
"Accepting insurance at Sugar Land Counseling, we help people who are dealing with a variety of stressors, including those with anxiety, panic attacks, relationship issues, depression, and other issues. We also conduct evaluations for ADHD and Autism, and offer non-medicine based interventions for ADHD. We have a variety of professionals in order to give you comprehensive treatment."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 713-8079
"I believe strongly in the resiliency of the human spirit. I have been an ordained minister for thirty years and have learned that people can recover, even from the most difficult of circumstances. I believe in a holistic approach to therapy that encompasses body, soul, and spirit. A few years ago, I wrote a book about shame that I have taught as a seminar. I believe this problem, along with guilt, are two of the deepest sources of our dis-ease. Shame is caused by rejection and is healed by acceptance. Therapy is one place where that journey begins."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(281) 231-9955
Counselor, MEd, LPC, RPT, NCC
"I believe that we all have the capacity for positive change. We will work collaboratively to create realistic treatment goals to help you achieve goals for healthy living. I believe that a safe environment creates an atmosphere that provides the opportunity for growth and self-discovery."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 924-8185
"As a Clinical Neuropsychologist, I have been testing toddlers, children, adolescents and college students in Houston for over 10 years. A neuropsychological evaluation diagnoses learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, attention problems, language disorders, giftedness, emotional issues, and behavior issues by integrating testing with medical, academic and developmental history. Testing can also help educators and parents have a better understanding of a child’s learning style and processing strengths and weaknesses. The goal of an assessment is to provide useful diagnostic information and targeted practical recommendations. Dr. Raizner works regularly with local schools, clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physicians."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(713) 489-1594
"Sarah Ali created The Transformation Studio as a fresh, new holistic concept of mind & body wellness. Miss Ali, along with her team, offers individual and group psychotherapy, life coaching, naturopathic medicine, nutrition consultations and dance fitness. Wellness programs and marital and premarital retreats are also available. We invite you to visit our tranquil retreat which is surrounded by trees and sits on a beautiful lake. Clients can enjoy sessions on our balcony overlooking the water. Our staff offers evening and weekend appointments along with Skype for out of town clients."
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
(832) 598-6538