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Therapists in Stone Oak - San Antonio, TX 78258

"God values your family unit and so do I. Unfortunately in today's stressful world disharmony results. If you are willing, together we can work on healing and restoration. Behavioral problems, sexual addiction, and relationship issues are problems I frequently see. Through Biblical counseling I strive to help you see yourself as Christ sees you. You are unique, precious and deeply loved by God. As a Christian, I strive to treat the whole person: body, soul, & spirit. For this, we've created a calming, peaceful environment for relaxation therapy. As a LPC-S and nurse, I specialize with medical issues like cancer, infertility, depression & anxiety."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 428-6965
"In my practice, I enjoy working with individuals, couples or families that are looking for assistance with issues and concerns that they have not been able to resolve on their own. As we work together,it is my goal that they would have a desire to accept and explore possibilities that will help them facilate the changes that will give them the satisfacton, relief and freedom they hope for."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 693-1696
"As a therapist, it's important that I hear and understand your wants and needs for your therapy. I offer support for the following issues coming from a place of familiarity, compassion and personal understanding. Providing support for issues with numerous medical disorders (especially pre-diabetes which doctors deem reversible), life-transitions, depression and diabetes, physical/emotional pain, anxiety/stress, workplace issues, divorce. **Childhood, adolescent or current adverse events can be a negative influence on health/life/work, but can often be briefly processed appropriately now. Together, we can review the various therapy options for you to choose from."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(512) 865-6613
"It has been a privilege to assist children, adults, and families in times of changes, uncertainty, adjustments, and struggles. Life throws us curves sometimes and we may feel stuck due to behaviors, influences, and circumstances. There are many different reasons to seek counseling in all stages of your life. Some reasons are to understand yourself and others better, improve communication, to assist with marital changes, and difficult life changes or moments. I would like to help assist you in a safe & therapeutic environment to provide some tools, support, or coping and problem solving skills in a nonjudgmental and caring environment."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 526-0757
"With over 15 years of experience in clinical and educational settings, I have helped my clients realize their goals of living a happier, healthier life. Life does not always go as planned and it can become messy. However, there is hope! Together we will work on your goals to help you become happier and enjoy your life once again."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 598-6430
"Life has its challenges and can create difficulties for anyone. Counseling can help provide tools to get through those times and resolve issues that are in the way of your goals."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 598-5211
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPC, LMFT
"Life is a journey comprised of various relationships which are often challenged by change. Changes in relationships are often overwhelming and cause stress, anxiety, quilt, grief, or trauma. The diagnosis of a life-limiting illness, a death, being the caregiver for someone with a chronic illness, dealing with end-of-life issues, or divorce at times is overwhelming and frustrating. During these experiences, it is important to have someone who will listen to understand your experience. I have training and experience in companioning those who are navigating a stressful time in a relationship changed by loss or illness."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 468-1309
"It is my desire to help individuals and families live healthy lives. Unfortunately in today's stressful world disharmony plagues all aspects of life. We can work on healing and restoration. Behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, self esteem, blended families & divorce are problems I frequently see. Through Biblical counseling I strive to help you see yourself as Christ does. You are unique, precious and deeply loved by God. It is my desire to listen and offer guidance and direction in line with Scripture. I enjoy working with a variety of issues and people but I am particularly passionate about working with children, adolescents, and their families"
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 702-2066
"I entered the field of counseling because of a desire to help those in crisis or who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. I realized I wanted to be a counselor while working at a local community college. I saw students who were struggling academically but were very bright. I came to understand that there are many factors that go into being successful at life. I have always had a helping nature but didnít fully understand why people behaved they way they did. Through my education and experience I can now help people in their personal lives, relationships and careers."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 390-1513
"With over 15 years experience in clinics and schools, my clinical and educational background allows me to direct a professional team of specialists in order to establish appropriate & attainable goals that we solve together. If you or your loved one is showing signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety or autism, there is hope. Please seek help from an educational and counseling professional who has experience treating and assessing mood disorders and other developmental or behavioral concerns. Visit us at"
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 399-0898
"Life is short. Why spend it unhappy? My goal for you as your counselor is to help you be happy, have meaningful relationships, and live the life you want. This happens in a collaborative counseling relationship. Let's work together to help you reach your goals. I help adults, adolescents, and couples who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, negative behaviors, social stressors & more. I believe change is possible and begins with self awareness and the motivation to change. I provide support and encouragement in a safe, warm and empathetic environment. Contact me for a 20 minute FREE consultation."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 762-5100
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Is your life too stressful? I have over 16 years of successful professional counseling experience helping people improve their well-being. And, I would be honored to assist you."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 801-9571
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT, LPC
"Working with families, couples and children has been my passion for over a decade. In particular, America's finest, our military population. I enjoy serving those who have served us all so bravely."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 801-9105
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW
"I work with people from diverse backgrounds while believing one of the most critical components for success in therapy is a good fit with your therapist. If you have questions or are interested in talking with me, I encourage you to make an appointment to come in. I would be happy to meet with you. People begin therapy for many reasons. Some need to respond to unexpected changes in their lives, relationship problems, depression or anxiety, while others seek self exploration and personal growth."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 702-2165
"I believe that everyone can grow with support and the development of new skills to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over thirty years of experience in education and counseling working with adolescents and young adults. I have 21 years of experience counseling teens and their parents. By offering new ways of approaching issues and improving communication skills, I have helped many to work through difficult and challenging situations.Deciding to seek counseling is often the most difficult part in this process. It takes courage to face your issues or relationship struggles and reach out for help."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 529-8537
"As a Counselor I offer a supportive relationship in a non-judgmental environment that will help you to process life's hardships and create a more fulfilling life. I view individuals from a holistic and systemic view point, emphasizing the present moment and the decision making process."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 764-4508
"Empowering teens and adults to develop a stronger self-esteem, strengthen personal relationships, and cope with life's transitions. As a counselor, I provide support and guidance in a sensitive, empathetic, and nonjudgmental atmosphere. In counseling, I use a variety of approaches and expressive therapeutic techniques that best fit my client in order to help facilitate growth and work towards health and balance. Throughout the therapeutic process, we would work collaboratively to identify personal strengths and skills that can be used to enhance the ability to cope, diminish life difficulties, improve relationships, and find clarity."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 774-6979
"As a counselor, I strive to create a safe environment for clients in which they feel most comfortable to discuss whatever they desire. I believe that each client is an expert on their own lives and can set personal goals. I engage clients in discussions and activities/exercises to aid in a greater understanding of thoughts and feelings.A majority of my experience consists of working with children, adolescents, and young adults. My goal is to equip clients with skills that will help them navigate various seasons of life."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 960-9449
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, LMFTA
""Know thyself," the answer to all human emotional conflict. Knowing ourselves means understanding the healthy and unhealthy parts of the self. I believe that some of us acknowledge that something is wrong, but we cannot name it. Nonetheless, in the depths of our soul we feel a void, a hurt, or a burden that cannot be extracted. Therapy then is the inward journey to discover what composes the unhealthy part of us to understand it and merge it with the healthy part to become wholesome."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(571) 297-8736
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. As a solution focused therapist, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and live a life that is worth celebrating. While we cant change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling life."
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(210) 767-2309