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"I utilize a client centered approach with cognitive behavioral strategies, as well as relaxation and stress management. My process helps the client resolve personal conflicts or challenges, acquire more adaptive problem solving and communication skills, change behavior, or manage a mental illness to function their highest potential. I also provide Collaborative divorce facilitation. Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating. I believe in helping my clients get through the process as efficiently and with as little pain and cost as possible."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 523-5682
"I have extensive experience with adolescents and youth. I enjoy working with this population. I enjoy helping people through grief and relationship conflicts."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 595-7025
"When life hurts, it is beneficial to be able to confide in another that is safe, empathetic, and promotes understanding. As a counselor, my role is to join with you and your walk in life through the joys or difficulties you face. That you may emerge with improved vitality, healthy functional growth, and emotional health. Often the benefit that comes from new insight, understanding patterns of behavior, and the underlying motivations for them promote an effective way of functioning. The mission is to encourage people toward a life with positive self-image and functional way of being."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 379-5496
"Are you waking up at night/not falling asleep? When stressors show up; fighting with your spouse/significant other, job issues, medical problems, money, parenting, depression, anxiety, elderly parents, alcohol or feeling is time to talk to someone who will listen without judging or arguing with you. The reality is: the only person you can change is yourself. A quote: "If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude" by Maya Angelou. I look forward to hearing from you and I can schedule you for a day or an evening appointment."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 960-1529
Marriage & Family Therapist, MC, LMFT
"We all face challenges throughout our lives, for some it is loss (of job, mate, identity, etc.), for some it is stress that seems never-ending, for some it is the anxiety about the future, and for some it is depression over the past. What I do is assist you in banishing limiting beliefs that are the root causes of anxiety, depression, or difficulties in relationships or career. It is my belief that we can grow the most during times of stress. It is how we handle a challenge that makes the experience a "grind" or a "growing experience"."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 518-5840
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"For over 17 years Jean has relied on God to bring change and healing into the peoples' lives that she has been privileged to work with in the therapeutic setting. She has worked extensively with troubled teens and their families and now particularly enjoys working with individual adults and couples."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 649-0310
"A foundation of my practice is the concept that people and problems are separate and therefore I work in collaboration with my clients to address the problems that have taken too much control in their lives. Another foundational concept is that there must be a positive relationship with my clients, so I spend time in the initial session giving a prospective client as much information about me as they want so they can make an informed decision."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 872-3084
Psychologist, PhD, LP, LSSP
"We all go through difficult times in life, and my goal is to help you through whatever challenge you may be facing. I feel that having someone on the outside supporting you through your journey can really facilitate you making the needed changes. While I started my work primarily with children and adolescents, I also have a wealth of experience working with adults. I am pretty down to earth in my approach as well as collaborative--this is YOUR journey; I am just walking alongside you and supporting you."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 351-3619
"Genaro Sandoval, Program Director, is a dynamic therapist at the outpatient program of our drug and alcohol rehab in Georgetown. Genaro attended the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies to obtain his chemical dependency license, is certified in anger resolution, and has experience in counseling, relapse prevention management, behavioral modification, psycho-social assessments, and case management. He utilizes a number of techniques to facilitate personal change and helps individuals establish a sober routine and support group within the local Georgetown area."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(866) 903-2644
"My goal is helping couples rejuvenate their relationships as well as helping others begin their married lives on a solid footing. I also work to help people cope with stress and anxiety, with depression, with phobias, trauma, and with other forms of emotional distress. With couples, I incorporate Gottman Marital Therapy techniques as well as concepts found in Emotionally Focused Therapy. I may employ the EMDR approach to therapy to help you reprocess old disturbing memories that influence your current emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts/beliefs that may contribute to your current distress or sense of unfulfilledness."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 969-2195
Counselor, MA, PhD, LPC, LCDC
"Life is about changing and moving through challenging times to better times. I will help you find the tools you need for change; esteem, competence and strength. I have been a psychotherapist in private practice 30 years focusing on adults and adult issues. My approach is recognized for offering positive results to people who have been struggling with significant life-issues. My therapeutic work offers respect, empathy, and acceptance. I am known for having a unique ability to connect with others using insight, experience, down-to-earth problem-solving, truthful support and appropriate humor."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 649-0221
"Your concerns are very important. When you choose me as your psychologist, you receive the benefit of 31 years of experience in the fields of public school education and psychology. Do you seek a compassionate, no-nonsense , "actively-seeking-solutions" therapist? You will enjoy working with me. Do you seek a good coach to help you play the game of life more effectively and productively? You will enjoy working with me. Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, relationships, trauma, life changes, life-threatening or chronic illness? You will appreciate the speed of improvement as you work with me."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 523-5283
"There are times in life when we are unexpectedly slammed with an event that overwhelms us. Maybe a relationship ended suddenly, the doctor delivers a serious medical report, or a child is in crisis. Other times, small things that have been brewing over time spill over and can no longer be put off for later. In either scenario I am here to help bring you to a place where you feel energized, connected in your relationships, and effective in maneuvering daily life."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 309-7406
"We want to see the full picture of who we are, beginning at childhood, going throughout life, and bringing us to where we are in the present. We wonder why we made certain choices through the years and what drives our decisions now -- especially the not-so-good ones -- in hopes of not repeating those. Then we find we are back in an all-too familiar cycle of failed relationships, anger with ourselves and others, and stuck in a rut, not moving forward in life."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(254) 616-9602
"I believe everyone has a story and wants to be heard. Life is a journey and I would like to help you navigate your way through the twists and turns that may come along your way. My goal is to assist and guide you in reaching those goals which are important to you and to help you reach your desired outcome. I have worked with adults, adolescents, and children in both private and school settings. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, parenting, grief and loss, eating disorders, relationship issues and academic and career exploration."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 872-5563
"Relationships are an inevitable part of our lives. Having great relationship increases your life quality to the point that you literally live longer! If your relationship is not where you want it to be, the stakes are high: your kids' success in life, your physical health, trajectory of your job or business, etc. This is all interconnected and we are all in it together. Get help, it is worth it! Counseling changes lives & has a tremendously healing impact. I can help you to move on from a place of pain & chaos to repair & peace within the shortest period of time."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(707) 502-3738
"Symptoms are signals received from both the conscious mind from various sources throughout the body, an indication that something is wrong. By avoiding theses indicators, clients with extending and spiraling issues are able to address symptoms that would otherwise end in a complex and convoluted crises. Obviously our weaknesses and issues, such as anger, insecurity, fear of intimacy, and/or the need to control are expressions of a wounded child within. Much of society has been wounded through abuse or dysfunctional families. Unresolved conflicts tend to carry-over into our adult functioning."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 649-0074
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
"If you're looking for someone who will listen, who will do their best to hear you out to understand where you're coming from, give me a call. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but together we just might find what you're looking for. I seek to provide a supportive environment where you can be heard, understood, and accepted apart from the judgmental reactions and opinions of others, where it is hoped that you will be able to face your own issues and decide for yourself what the best course of action might be."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 649-2248
"We all face many obstacles in our lives and at times it seems overwhelming. Asking for assistance and reaching out is the first important step in creating a change. My goal is to guide you through life's challenges. As a Licensed Professional Counselor- Intern, I provide individual, family, and group therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. I focus on individual and family strengths, identifying new perspectives, and gaining coping skills to help with the difficult times we encounter. I want to help you achieve your goals to live a meaningful, healthy, and satisfying life."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 270-2409
"GEORGETOWN, TX -- A PARTICIPATING PROVIDER with MEDICARE and the TRICARE South Behavioral Health Network! I am currently, accepting new patients at The Texas Heritage Plaza Counseling Office at Morrow Street and North Austin Avenue in Georgetown. I recently relocated from Kamuela, Hawai'i on the Kona side of the Big Island where I practiced for 18 years. Prior to living on the Big Island I completed a fellowship residency in Honolulu through a University of Hawaii grant where I provided clinical and rehabilitation psychological services. I have provided treatment to individuals with a broad spectrum of psychological and rehabilitation needs."
Georgetown, Texas 78628
(512) 661-8747