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Therapists in Westlake Hills - Austin, TX 78746

"It can be hard to decide to see a therapist, and even harder finding someone who is a good fit. So, I'd like to use this space to tell you a bit about what it might be like to work with me. First, I think you will find me to be a good listener -- actively working to understand your experiences and perspectives -- as well as openly sharing my thoughts, questions, and reactions. I hope you will experience me as warm, genuine, and supportive. I also believe you will find me to be (gently) challenging when you need and want to be challenged."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 201-2569 x3
"People consider beginning psychotherapy when they are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, at a cross-roads, have lost meaning in their lives or relationships, or feeling generally disconnected. I offer counseling in Austin for those who are struggling with challenges and problems that many people face in life. My goal as a counselor is to collaborate with my clients to gain a deeper understanding of the problems and issues that prompted them to seek therapy. I create a partnership with my clients as we both work to help them achieve their personal goals and grow as individuals."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 960-3339
"It takes courage to admit that you want or need help. If you struggle with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, or shame, therapy can be the place to find solutions. I work with individuals and couples to find ways to overcome or make peace with life's challenges. I also work with couples struggling to adjust to the addition of a new baby into their family. My approach to therapy is direct and action-oriented. It is important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and understood. It is, equally, as important to remember that change is a journey, not a destination."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 942-0895 x5
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"What keeps you awake at night? I work with individuals who are struggling with relationships, anxiety and depression, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and divorce. I provide an intuitive, compassionate space, with honest feedback, to help you find solutions and peace. It takes courage and trust to share your fears and hopes with another person, and with yourself, therefore I create a space where you feel safe to share your experiences, and find solutions. I will help you to develop and utilize realistic coping skills, and approach your issues from a new perspective, resulting in positive changes in your life."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 649-5260
"Sometimes things happen along the way that are too overwhelming to deal with on your own. A trained therapist can help you identify where you're stuck and provide support while you develop the necessary skills to move forward. Crisis, divorce, behavior issues, ADHD, social/academic issues, grief/loss, life transitions, relationship conflict, and trauma can challenge even the healthiest individuals and families. I guide individuals, couples, and families in their search for solutions and assist them in creating a new sense of normalcy. I see children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 540-5285
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Are your normal coping skills failing to help you with life events and transitions? Are you feeling depressed, anxious or lost? Are your relationships stressed and leaving you feeling alone? You do not need to struggle alone. Therapy can give you a place to pause and breathe, gain some clarity and calm, revive your coping skills and add new perspectives. It provides a supportive place where everyone feels listened to and understood. Often it leads to amazing change, healing and growth."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 872-2485
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, RD, CDE
"Are you tired of thinking about food, weight and shape? Are you struggling with eating problems and want to make permanent changes in order to finally make peace with food? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and feeling worried about your weight? Do you have an eating disorder, diabetes or have completed weight loss surgery and feel stuck?"
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 379-5754
"Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine. Outpatient care specializing in: Suboxone for Opiate Addiction; Medical Detox; 12 Step Facilitation; and Dual Diagnosis treating Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, and ADHD. Accepts most Health Insurance Plans and has availability for same day appointments. Open Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5, except Wednesday from 1 to 5. Five years of Inpatient Detox and Rehab experience and on the Faculty of Texas A & M School of Medicine-Round Rock with extensive teaching experience in the field of Addiction Medicine. Call for Appt (512) 329-0435 and see our website for information at:"
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 920-6068
"A variety of approaches and techniques can be productive in the self-discovery process. My first priority is to create a comfortable setting regardless of geography that makes each individual at ease in sharing his or her significant life experiences. A feeling of respect, non judgmental attitude and positive regard will be felt when meeting with me. With this atmosphere set, the ability to develop new perspectives, coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills will prosper. I will help you transform your thinking in a way that enables you to find new purpose, deeper meaning and a more authentic relationship."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 410-1283
"Sage Recovery & Wellness Center provides affordable quality care for adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. We offer individual counseling, family counseling, and intensive outpatient group therapy in a calm, inviting setting. We offer a variety of groups and our diverse therapists specialize in areas that often accompany substance abuse such as chronic pain, emotion regulation (DBT), and chronic relapsing. All of our treatment is research-supported curriculum and is conducted by master's level therapists who specialize in substance abuse. We believe it is important to receive treatment while living in the environment where the issues exist in order to receive support where the triggers exist. Sage Recovery & Wellness Center therapists lend a non-judgmental ear while teaching the skills needed to face the road to recovery."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 960-3586
"Choosing a therapist is a very personal decision. It's important that you feel comfortable. Finding a safe, confidential and collaborative experience in counseling is my goal. When meeting with adult clients I blend a number of treatment approaches in my work, including client centered, motivational interviewing,and solution focused therapies. My clients have described me as compassionate, respectful and supportive, with a good sense of humor. Each person is unique to their own personal experiences in therapy and I adapt my skills to fit your needs."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 537-3280
"Making the decision to seek counseling is the first and most difficult step in this process. I offer a warm and relaxed environment to my clients- a place they can feel safe and protected. I believe having a natural connection with your therapist is the most important aspect of the counseling process- it is within the therapist and client relationship that healing and growth occurs. I am compassionate, respectful and nonjudgmental. I combine my positive energy with a grounded, realistic approach."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 262-9586
Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, MA, LMFT-A
"Do you feel overstimulated, misunderstood, stressed & drained in work, relationships, school & life? I support children/teens, couples/families through trauma/anxiety/self esteem issues & support the needs of those who identify as being sensitive (HSP). Being sensitive to the environment of modernized life can be both a positive & negative experience at the same time. I would like to support you in uncovering & designing life skills, perspectives & a communication style so you can thrive in life & relationships. Join me in exploration of what concerns you. You deserve to feel and be well in a complex & sensory rich world."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 865-5284
"Are you interested in finding ways to better manage stress to improve your emotional and physical health? Have you been experiencing anxiety and/or depression, despite being able to perform in your life? I would like to help you to look at the patterns in your life that are keeping you stuck and find more acceptance of yourself. I believe therapy works best when it is client centered, meaning a nonjudgmental compassionate approach to tailor therapy to your unique values and needs, while also incorporating evidence based techniques to help you create lasting and meaningful change."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 872-5854
"I offer individual and group therapy, with a focus on helping you work through interpersonal problems, including social anxiety, difficulty saying no and setting limits, difficulties with intimacy, tendency to attract problematic partners, loneliness, etc."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 872-5587
"I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate offering an affordable and personable approach to psychotherapy for Couples & Individuals. I take a holistic approach that addresses the whole individual - mind, body & heart. As an integrative therapist, I join my clients in a way that will honor their specific needs, desires and personality. I strive to create a safe, trusting and non-judgmental environment in which clients can explore who they are, heal from past wounds and move forward in a positive direction."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 843-8543
"Austin Therapy for Girls (ATFG) offers a variety of services specifically for girls and young women ages 5-25. Shayna Feldman Barksdale LCSW, owner of ATFG, has been in practice for over 20 years and has been supervising other therapists for over 15 years. Shayna has a non-judgement approach and helps all ages achieve results towards their goals and objectives set up in the initial session."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 981-5279
"My goal is to help you move toward positive change and greater balance in life. I create a warm and collaborative environment to cultivate insight and awareness around your area of concern and I will help you move toward your desired change. I have worked with individual's and couples that have struggled with: stress, infidelity, loss of sexual intimacy, anxiety, depression, finding a balance between work and family, finding a passion in life, and discovering the kind of relationship they desire."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 649-3308
"Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship conflict or feeling overwhelmed with a new chapter of life? I'd like to help you work through that in a warm and safe environment. My job as a therapist is to listen and provide feedback and tools that can help you cope with life's challenges in a healthier way. I also work collaboratively with you to identify and adapt unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviors. I strongly believe things can get better no matter what your circumstances or mental health diagnosis. Reaching out for help takes great strength and courage."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 402-6447
"Do you find yourself feeling stuck or immobilized by indecision in relationships, career choices, etc? Do peace and happiness feel just beyond your grasp? Does it feel like you keep reliving the same patterns in relationships and arguments, that just aren't working for you or your partner anymore? I am passionate about empowering women, men, and teens as they navigate tough issues such as perfectionism, indecision, and relationship difficulties. I also enjoy assisting couples as we explore the complexities of communication, intimacy, connection, and what it means to foster a satisfying relationship."
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 337-4342