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"Your decision to seek help through therapy is an important step toward a more integrated, harmonious and meaningful life. Based on my education and experience in science and psychology I take a wide angle approach on the human experience to accomplish positive and lasting change. In this process I will invite you to identify and express emotions, explore beliefs, clarify values and reflect on emerging patterns of thinking and behavior, and discover your strengths and vulnerabilities. I will encourage and support you to expand your perception, enable and empower you to make healthy changes on your path to a fulfilled and meaningful life."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 379-5492
"I am a private practitioner in the Austin area who provides individual counseling and couples counseling. In my work with individuals, anxiety, depression and relationship issues are frequent concerns. In my practice, I strive to provide an atmosphere that is caring and supportive but that also challenges you to your full growth and potential. I believe that change takes place in the context of an honest, trusting relationship in which clients feel both accepted and empowered."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 994-2465
"Problems in our relationships, careers and families sometimes leave us feeling we're not living up to our potential. I offer clients personalized premium care in a comfortable and confidential setting. I believe that everyone can benefit from counseling, and that everyone has the potential to thrive. I am certified to provide psychological services in Spanish and have experience with adults, children and couples using Solution-Focused, Narrative, EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral therapies. I want to help you make extraodinary positive improvements in your life, career, relationships and happiness!"
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 337-4474
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPC-S
"Does it feel as though you and your partner are worlds apart? Do you remember a time when you were both so in tune with one another, and you wonder how you got here? Does the idea of getting back to that place seem like such an enormous undertaking you wonder if it's even possible? I've worked with countless couples who have answered "yes" to each of these questions and are now living out the relationships they always wanted. This is a possibility for you too, if you're willing to do the work to get there."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 337-1107
"Are you tired of being single or of ending up in the same type of relationship again and again? Do you keep asking yourself, "should I stay or should I go?" Are you wanting to meet your your one true love, your *match*, the real deal? If so, it may be time to make some changes and to do it different this time."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 948-3478
"Passionate about working alongside individuals to help them navigate areas in their lives where they are feeling stuck, I feel privileged to be invited on an individual's journey of self discovery and witness their empowerment and growth. I specialize in working with a wide variety of issues that affect adults, adolescents and children. These issues include academic and behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief and loss, chronic illness, and trauma. My primary approach is relational/attachment, which involves the exploration of early relationship patterns and current relational functioning with an awareness of larger social and political influences."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 746-1724
"We all go through struggles in our lives which we are not able to handle on our own. Therapy is a very helpful tool to get resources you, your family or typical support network may not have access to. I am a psychotherapist who works collaboratively with clients to help them heal and grow. My approach is gentle yet straightforward and while I have confidence in my knowledge about psychotherapy, I treat every client as individual and learn from every client I work with."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 270-6608
"The decision to enter into therapy is a very personal one, and who you do it with is important. I can offer a peaceful and safe place to explore who you are and the difficulties you may be having,in order to live a happier life. I listen fully in an effort to see you truly, but I'm quite interactive. I'm deep at times, and I'm playful and practical as well, helping you figure out solutions and to make plans. This is a joint process where we come together to make your life better."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 861-8723
"As a pastoral counselor and psychotherapist, I seek to honor the whole person. I work with clients to heal wounds of the past, live authentically in the present, and create a vision for the future. Together, we seek to bring resolution to a wide range of life issues and psychological challenges. My clinical practice integrates postmodern psychology and process theology, drawing from a variety of therapies, including psychodynamic, object relations, family systems, cognitive, behavioral, and EMDR. I recognize the gifts clients bring into therapy, and affirm all without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religious background."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 337-3091
"Are you feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, or kind of lost? You don't have to deal with your struggles alone. I would be honored to walk beside you on your journey to change and personal growth. I would love to hear your story and have an opportunity to talk with you. I believe you are the expert in your own life and are already equipped with the capacity to heal. My goal is to provide you with a safe, compassionate, and accepting environment for you to comfortably share your thoughts and feelings."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 960-1485
"Are you in your 20's or 30's and struggling to get your life "on track"? Are relationship or career obstacles keeping you from building the life you want? If you are tired of feeling stuck in your goals, I can help you shift from insight to action. Together we will work with mindfulness and committed actions to build a life more in line with your deepest values. I offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you determine whether we are a good fit. Evening and Saturday appointments are available."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 746-1401
"Are you tired of being single or of ending up in the same type of relationship again and again? Do you keep asking yourself, "should I stay or should I go?" Are you wanting to meet your one true love, your *match*, the real deal? If so, it may be time to make some changes and to do it different this time. I specialize in helping single people to make changes, to clear out old patterns, and to bring out their best self."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 271-4999
"After looking through so many pictures and bios, I'm honored that you have decided to take a minute to read mine. My passion is working with teens and tweens, although I very much enjoy working with folks of all ages, couples, families, and groups. During my tenure as a licensed professional counselor, I have worked with a myriad of struggles and successes, and supported my clients through life's ups and downs."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 430-4304
"Are social situations and every day tasks more overwhelming, anxiety-invoking, and distressing than you feel they should be? When answering calls and social events begin to feel burdensome it can be difficult to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships or even just relax. Some of the consequences to these overwhelming feelings include stomach aches or head aches that just won't go away, constant worry, low self-esteem and even burnout. When these factors begin to influence your personal and professional success, it can begin to feel like you're lost your identity in a never-ending cycle of stress."
Austin, Texas 78748
(281) 823-8985
"Do you feel sad, lonely, anxious or angry? With family or individual therapy you give yourself the moment to reflect and reach an understanding to any of your issues. Give yourself the opportunity to explore your strengths and a positive solution. I strive to provide a counseling experience where you will have a positive and safe environment to reflect and discover the many possibilities there is to overcome your life difficulties. I provide individual, family and couples therapy."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 772-5264
"If there's one thing we all learn in life, it's that times of struggle do come. Fortunately, with strength and healing, they also pass. My job is to help others move through life's difficult journeys. Whether it's a distressing life transition, debilitating anxiety or depression, or a desire for growth and change, I can help you begin the path to healing. You possess the strength to live a happy, fulfilled life and working through your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can help you do so."
Austin, Texas 78748
(608) 864-5486
"I help you to change habits, feelings and thoughts that aren't supporting you right now, using the power of your subconscious mind. My clients usually come to me when something is getting in the way of their feeling good or doing well. It could be to stop smoking or another 'bad' habit, a weight issue, under-performance in sports or school, stress or frustration at work or at home, relationship challenges from the past or in the present, or simply stop doing what isn't working and start doing what is, making it easy and automatic within the mind."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 969-6306
"I am a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology. My practice serves adults, adolescents, children, and families. I use a problem-solving, collaborative, pragmatic approach which is helpful in achieving positive results quickly. My specialities include treating youth and adults with anxiety, depression, and trauma histories, as well as child and adolescent concerns such as ADHD and defiance. I am available to support veterans who are experiencing PTSD and adjustment issues related to returning to civilian life. Additionally, I work with older adults who might be experiencing depression, adjustment difficulties, or other mental health concerns."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 262-9712
Counselor, NCC, LPC, LSOTP, RPT
"*Accepting New Clients* * Wednesday-Friday Appointments only* Searching for a therapist can be an overwhelming experience, so first can I just say thank you. Thank you for having the courage to recognize the issues that are hindering you from being your best self and the willingness to search for help. I believe that you can live up to your potential, so send me email and let's get started. *Currently there is NO wait list for new clients* School notes are provided for excused absences*"
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 280-6630
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"Therapy can be a scary and difficult process for many people; even those that are actively wanting to make changes in their lives. I strive to provide a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment where clients can explore different aspects of their lives and situations and find news ways to address concerns and areas they would like to improve. We work together to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses each clients needs."
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 515-1865