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"We are here to help you get divorced without loosing your shirt or your sanity. After more than 20 years as a litigator, my experiences lead me to the conclusion that for most divorces, litigation was the wrong way to find resolution. The customary "day in court" approach takes an extraordinary amount of time, has a "sticker shock" cost, causes irreparable damage to families, and rarely achieved the best result for the parties. At the end of the day, few felt anyone had listened to them and did not think the end result was worth its emotional and financial damage."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 358-0598
"We are an exciting, vibrant and growing team in the Denver metro area that offers professional counseling and relationship classes, workshops and retreats throughout Colorado! We all hold a personal and professional passion to help individuals, couples, and families feel more connected by delivering excellent preventive and remedial relationship education to promote healthier relationships. At times we need help from a trusted and trained counseling professional who can help us acknowledge our strengths, recognize our patterns, and teach us new skills. You can get back on track and live a more satisfying life and enjoy more fulfilling relationships!"
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 463-1339
"Feeling Better can be a Phone call away!! Are you suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Grief, Loss, Fear, Stress, Anger or Feeling Overwhelmed? Call Me TODAY and take your first step toward a sense of relief, clarity, and wellbeing!! I have been in private practice since 1980. Together with my guidance you will have clarification, comfort, and resolution in order to have better self-understanding and confidence in your voice, choices, decisions, and direction in Life."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 835-7214
"Are mood, intimacy problems, or sexual addiction getting in the way of the life you desire? Has an affair or betrayal derailed your marriage? Perhaps you are bored and dissatisfied with your life as it is and wish it was more exciting and meaningful? If so, we would be honored to be of help to you!"
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 398-0720
"Jonathan C. Minifie has more than 20 years of experience working with adolescents. He has worked extensively with adolescents and individuals in school and clinical settings. Mr. Minifie has experience in working with multiple diagnoses including schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar mood disorders, attention deficit disorders, asperger's and autism disorders, and oppositional disorders. Mr. Minifie has also worked extensively with various modalities of treatment including cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, various family systems approaches, rational-emotive, and a relational approach to people. Mr. Minifie has spent more than 10 years working with teenagers in various church and para-church organizations."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 340-3895
"We all go through difficult times, struggle with relationships, get down or worry too much. I work with couples, teens and individuals. I have over twenty years of helping people with depression, anxiety, ADHD, addictions and relationship issues."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 731-4485
"GUYS, IT'S TRUE. ALL GREAT THINGS IN LIFE HAPPEN THROUGH RELATIONSHIP. I know that deep down, you want to contribute something meaningful and important to the world. And, you've been around long enough to know that to accomplish your aspirations you must engage with other people. This includes people at work and your wife and family. BUT... The job, the marriage; they feel like mediocrity. So, you just cope. Worst of all... you've lost your fire. So you trudge through life coping, dealing with feelings of mediocrity, and staying emotionally numb until... The Bomb Explodes!!"
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 606-2380
"All of us need somewhere safe and someone helpful to walk through life's challenges. You may be wanting to improve on your insight, communication and relationships in general. Or you may be looking for help with a specific problem, such as parenting, coping with the end of a relationship, women's issues, or dealing with a life transition. Whatever your situation, I love to see clients thrive and want to help you succeed in your life.I have over 12 years of experience counseling adults as well as children and adolescents."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 344-1282
"Want to stay in the game even if you aren't able to physically participate? I help athletes of all levels quickly heal from sports injury through mental training. Releasing limiting beliefs and values not only speeds up the recovery process but it allows the client to gain a competitive mental edge during. So when you're ready to get back to playing the sport you love you will do so with even more strength, confidence, and focus."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 580-6519
"Do you struggle with persistent anxiety or depression? Do you have an adolescent with emotional or behavioral problems? Are you having issues with addiction? I've been assisting people in the Denver area for the past eighteen years. I've worked in inpatient psychiatry and drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and I currently teach psychology and related subjects at the University of Denver. Although my clinical specialties are working with adolescents and addictive issues, I also work with individuals, couples, and families dealing with mood disorders, anger management, men's issues, and spiritual issues."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 502-9909
"I believe our lives are like books. Each one is a story that is unique, interesting and special. And like many good books, our lives have struggles and conflicts. As a psychologist, I am uniquely trained to help people find meaning in their struggles, bring out what is best within themselves, and actively write the story for their lives that they desire."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 358-4004
"I provide individualized and solution-oriented therapies in a caring, safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Together we work to achieve the life and health that you deserve. In the procsss you will find the motivation to embrace your hopes and goals. Recovery and empowerment are central to the work I provide. My Practice Offers support to Children, Individual, and Couples in the arenas of Depression & Anxiety, Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Relationship Challenges, Parenting and Life Challenges, Domestic Violence and Womens Issues."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 835-9789
"Welcome to my counseling practice. In my 25 years of working with people, I have seen incredible results and miracles when people worked in therapy using my counseling techniques. Humor is important in dealing with the stress, grief, depression and anxiety that so many of my clients experience. I insist that we enjoy our sessions, even though we are dealing with very serious matters. My specialties include 12 steps, codependency, relationship counseling,addictions, anxiety, depression and grief. I have learned many techniques including EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral therapy. I look forward to meeting you."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 569-8643
"Is your teenager experiencing trouble in school, struggling in relationships, appearing depressed or anxious, or has had a change in attitude? I work with teens who are feeling stuck establish new skills to improve communication, coping skills at school and home, as well as increase self-esteem. I have worked with hundreds of teens and their families to establish effective communication in order to achieve greater connection for the entire family. By working with teens, I also help parents gain skills in being firm, fair and fun as they continue to parent."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 963-9742
Counselor, MA, LPC, CACI, NCC, CBCP
"Healthy relationships and freedom from addictions, depression, low self-esteem, and excessive stress, anger, and anxiety are possible and essential for enjoying a fulfilling life. At times we need help from an experienced professional who listens, understands, and believes our pain, someone who can help us overcome and grow through a crisis. Making sure that each client feels safe and comfortable while talking about personal concerns is my fundamental priority. Then, I help people renew hope for their future and rebuild conflicted relationships. Finally, a personalized plan is developed to help you handle future challenges well. Evenings & Saturdays also available."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 316-7771
"I am passionate about supporting each client as an individual. As a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist, my treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. With sensitivity and compassion, I help clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues. Focusing on thoughts and behaviors, I draw on a variety of techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 399-1344
"Master Your Anxiety! Dr. Jody Kircher focuses on treating people with anxiety problems because she sees how often chronic worry and stress cause smart, capable people to see their worlds as small and dull. Anxiety can impair your social relationships through creating fears that you will be judged or rejected. It can get in the way of your work or academic success by causing problems like perfectionism and procrastination. Most harmful of all, anxiety can cause you to question whether you are good enough and erode your self-esteem."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 862-2501
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
"The focus of my practice is simple: Help you transform your problems into solutions quickly. Together, we'll map out a plan to get there with a process that really works. I know it's tough to admit you could use a little help, so our work will be a collaborative, team effort. Life's pressures can lead to anxiety, depression, anger or marriage and family issues, but you CAN do something about it. If this sounds good to you, don't wait - I look forward to hearing from you! LEARN MORE OR MAKE AN APPOINTMENT at"
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 647-4506
"I enjoy working with children and families. I specialize in divorce, grief/loss counseling, but I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. My first priority is to listen to your needs so that I can fully understand how I can best support you or your family. I am a solution-focused therapist. I believe in working together to resolve the challenges you may face in your life. I look at evidence-based approaches as tools to help you reach your goals. I hope this leads to long-term growth and change. I am also an EMDR trained therapist."
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(303) 895-8280
"Are you tired of feeling discouraged and dealing with your chronic pain alone? Is depression getting in the way of living the full life you desire? Finding meaning and living with joy is a difficult task, something I know firsthand from having an autoimmune disease for over 6 years. In working with me you will find someone who understands what it's like to live with fatigue, pain, limitations, and the emotional pain they so often bring. Together we will work to reclaim your story and your life. I'd be honored to work with you!"
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
(720) 636-9497