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Therapists in Denver, CO 80203

CBD, Capitol Hill, Speer and Uptown
"Are you finding yourself dissatisfied with areas of your life? Have you exhausted your ideas to overcome this dissatisfaction? Personal growth through psychotherapy can provide the clarity and outcomes you are searching for. I collaborate with you to produce a more meaningful understanding of yourself, which we will then use as our foundation to explore how your life is a culmination of your strengths, weaknesses, and where the opportunities are to change your life. I remove the sterile, clinical environment and replace it with a comfortable, nurturing atmosphere, which facilitates healing, growth, and lasting change."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(505) 466-5673
"Joanna Ford Counseling is working with families and individuals dealing with depression, anxiety and relationship challenges. I have the privilege of working with women impacted by menopause and perimenopause . I am influenced by Solution Focused Therapy. This particular approach addresses your present situation directly by identifying strengths, increasing awareness and developing strategies which empower you to move forward. The building I work in has a free parking lot. Call me at 303-963-9249."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 963-9249
"You have it in you to be and do what you truly desire. Do you believe this statement? Why or why not? As a Contemplative Psychotherapist, I strive to create a safe, trusting atmosphere through informed and compassionate presence. With accurate and unbiased reflection clients examine themselves, attempting to sift through and identify their values, beliefs, dreams, and problem areas preventing a more integrated and fulfilled existence. If you are a person who can't seem to get past patterns preventing you from happiness and hope, feeling disembodied, unclear who you are, what you want---------your journey starts here."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 744-3458
"Do you suspect that you or a family member may have Autism or Asperger's? Has the diagnosis been confirmed, but you need help dealing with social, emotional or behavioral issues? I offer diagnostic evaluations for children, adolescents and adults suspected of having Autism or Asperger's (evaluations include the ADOS and ADI-R). In therapy, I address emotion and behavior management, social and life skills, and life transitions. I work with clients to build social, empathy, perspective taking, communication and problem solving skills. For more information, please see my website"
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 720-7868
"Psychotherapy is much more than the removal of symptoms, it's learning to fall back in love with your life! I work with adults, aging adults, and adolescents who are worried or depressed about their current life circumstances, who may have symptoms of anxiety, depression, learning disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, brain traumas, Autism spectrum disorders, which includes Asperger's disorder, and all emotional concerns. I also specialize with SENIORS who are concerned about changes in their cognitive capacities. Learn the difference between a normal aging processes and dementia, and learn to embrace each day."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 608-5937
"Depression hides in dark places that breed isolation. With me by your side, you won't feel as alone and afraid to dismantle the cage you're in, get to its' roots, and free yourself. I specialize with men's issues, artists, and creative people who feel stuck and unhappy. Let's discover your hidden strengths so that you can face your fears and break the patterns that keep you stuck. Let me show you how even a slight change in your perspective can help shift your outlook and see yourself in a new way."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 460-0552
"I truly enjoy creating a safe and powerful space that meets each persons unique emotional and developmental needs. I understand that the counseling process, done well, happens in a creative and collaborative space. In this I enjoy making use of many different perspectives to enrich your experience. I seek to offer dynamic and intentional care to the people I work with and hope that each client will experience growth and healing and that in therapy you will be both challenged and encouraged, experiencing support and gaining deeper insight."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(706) 843-2714
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
"I am passionate about working with teens, young adults and families who are experiencing mental health problems or acting-out behaviors. I also enjoy working with young professionals seeking help with creating balance in their life. I focus on personal strengths and work with my clients to create realistic solutions."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 310-2908
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, CACII, LAC, LCSW
"Let me say first, I am honored to be given the opportunity with many different individuals ( children, teens and adults) who have given me their trust allowing me to walk along side them during their journey. Many of these journeys were rough and some were traumatic. I work with adults, children, and teens. For young children, I use a technique called play therapy, which can be a combination of art, sand tray, and playing games. With teens, we work together sometimes using games or crafts."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 505-0963
"I respect your initiative in exploring the possibility of psychotherapy. If you feel buffeted by the winds of change, stuck, anxious, or depressed, or if your life no longer seems meaningful, working with me may help bring you better balance, more hope, and greater satisfaction. As a Jungian Psychotherapist, I will accompany you as we work through your present difficulties to help you re-enrich your life and re-set its course. I will meet you where you are, listening patiently and openly to your needs and deeply respecting your story, life experiences, and personal potential for healing."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 722-6606
"SEEKING INNER PEACE? I offer a compassionate, holistic healing approach. I've been a therapist 20+ years. My training: CU/Boulder, Harvard, and Brown Medical School. I blend proven methods such as Cognitive-Behavioral, EMDR, bibliotherapy, with meditation, mindfulness, mind-body approaches and self-acceptance. I also teach people about acupressure points to help the body release negative emotions/beliefs that immobilize change. I craft a unique, personalized approach for each individual or couple."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 990-8363
"When you find a therapist that you trust and connect with, it can be life changing. You really can have a better life, and I would love to be part of helping you to get there. I specialize in working with individuals/couples in the GLBTQ community, as well as individuals struggling with eating disorders and body image issues. I am passionate about providing counseling to people from all walks of life. Whether you are dealing with general issues, or ones related to your identity, we can work together in a safe, warm environment to start you on your way to a happier life."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 726-1795
"I work with clients who want to make important changes in how they feel, their happiness level or in their general functioning. I offer practical tools and management techniques and strive to empower clients to learn to thrive both personally and in relationships. I view each person as a unique tapestry of life events and personal characteristics. For many, distress sources are rooted in early childhood experiences with less than ideal parental relationships and attachment deficiencies. Resolving and moving past family of origin wounds is a practice specialty and passion of mine."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 439-9774
"Simply put, if you or someone you know needs help dealing with the variety of stressors that come with life, I would value to opportunity to help. In my practice I attempt to refrain from judgment and am not motivated to find a diagnosis to label you with. We live in a world that often reacts to dilemmas instead of being proactive. Even if you feel your issues have not become too cumbersome, I'd be privileged to discuss why you are checking out my bio for potential counseling services."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 608-2805
"Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute was incorporated on October 2, 2004 as a community-based, not-for-profit counseling and training center. Our mission is to provide innovative and affordable counseling and educational services to a broad range of individuals, couples, and families living within the greater Denver/Boulder community. In addition, we are also committed to offering basic and advanced training opportunities to mental health professionals both locally and across the country. We especially value doing this through collaborative and engaging community partnerships or affiliations with other like-minded individuals, organizations, agencies, institutions, universities, and foundations."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 399-9988 x901
"Why psychoanalysis? In a world that becomes more and more demanding of standards, of success, etc. psychoanalysis offers a space where adaptation is not the goal. Psychoanalysis is not aiming to 'make you normal'. Psychoanalysis main focus is desire. Causing desire in a singular manner is what constitutes the core of the discipline. A life where desire is present is worh living, and analysis is a unique approach to get there. I am an Argentinian psychoanalyst trained in Freudian and Lacanian theory and practice. I am a PhD Candidate and doctoral researcher for the University of Buenos Aires."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 562-1478
"I provide individual and family counseling for children, adolescents, and adults struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and related issues. I utilize a whole person approach and believe that true recovery involves healing on all levels - physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and even spiritual."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 330-4613
"I'm an experienced therapist working with adolescents, adults. couples and families; providing quality therapeutic care to those in need. I believe that we all have an intrinsic desire to strive towards health and happiness. I specialize in stabilizing those who are in crisis, preserving the family in it's healthiest form and empowering families, couples and individuals to heal and grow. I'm experienced in treating complex emotional, mental and transpersonal issues. I specialize in treating those whom experience trauma, depression, anxiety, adoption, grief and loss."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 358-5167
"I strongly believe in your potential to grow and find joy in your life. I understand that taking the leap to enter therapy is a risk and feels intimidating. Therefore, I use a caring, supportive approach to help you grow into your true self. I have a special interest in working with people who are excited and committed to creating change in their lives."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 900-7097
"Therapy is a team effort that is guided by the person who is an expert on their own life. I like to start the therapy process by helping people realize they are already whole individuals who need assistance uncovering and discovering those veiled parts of their life. This starts by treating people from a holistic perspective as I help them look at life as a whole rather than compartmentalizing various parts of it. My ultimate goal is to help people discover true joy, peace, and strength throughout their entire lives."
Denver, Colorado 80203
(720) 408-2104