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Therapists in University Hills - Denver, CO 80222

" Goal is for clients to make changes they want sooner, with lasting positive effects for themselves, others in their lives, and their environments. I believe that it is important that the approach being used makes sense to my clients. I ask my clients if the approach seems usable, and invite them to question it. Also believe it is important to quickly develop well-defined goals based on my client's priorities for therapy, and for them to have relevant things to work on in between sessions. Therapy is individualized. Work with somatic issues (using EMDR), life coaching."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 900-7191
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MFTC
"I LOVE working with people of all ages in all types of recovery (relationship/divorce, substance, co-dependency, educational, mental health, and many more...)! It is very exciting to me to partner with you as you journey into a new stage of life. With support and encouragement, you CAN achieve sustainable results. If you are interested in identifying strategies and tools to create lasting change in your life - let's talk! In addition to providing in-office therapy, I also offer specialized Recovery Consulting Services in the home and community."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 854-5959
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW
"My aim in psychotherapy is to meet you where you are. I work with many kinds of distress--anxiety, depression, trauma, infertility, relationship problems, attention problems--but I don't let the problem or disorder define you. Psychotherapy is an extended conversation that takes place without judgment. There are many skills and tools I can teach you, though perhaps most important of all is looking together at how you think about yourself and your struggle. My goal is to help you to understand your difficulties in a new way so you can heal and experience enduring well being."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(617) 936-7158
"Rocky Mountain Psychotherapy, Training, and Supervision provides therapeutic services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. The primary therapeutic approaches used are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Systemic Therapy. Areas of specialization include relationship issues, mood disorders, and parenting difficulties."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 536-3443
"I enjoy working with individuals and families who are seeking help in working through issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, dual diagnosis, and codependence. I focus on strength building, coping skills, and learning how to live a fulfilling life in recovery. My approach includes a mindful way of connecting and partnering with individuals and families to work on personal growth, insight, perseverance, and resilience."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 997-3458
"I have 18 years of experience in working with individuals in a variety of settings and with a variety of struggles. I am a trauma therapist with advanced trainings in trauma research, assessment and treatment, and I have worked with hundreds of survivors of various types of trauma. I have provided numerous trainings on the topics of trauma, PTSD, victimology and working with international and refugee populations."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 647-4357
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"I have worked in the field of psychotherapy for thirty years and appreciate that every individual's situation and story is unique. Empathy, humor and gentle reflection characterize my therapeutic style as I collaboratively help my clients gain a sense of resolution, well being and optimism about the challenges they are seeking help for."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 816-8698
"I enjoy working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I enjoy helping them find solutions to whatever challenges life is presenting them with. For some people, this may mean that they need only a few sessions, or what I call a"minor tune-up", before they are back on course with their lives. For others, this may mean more in-depth therapy to help find solutions to problems that have persisted over many years. And yet for others, they may not have any problems at all to solve per se."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 816-8840
"Change starts with being truly heard, understood, and validated - but this is only one part of what makes therapy powerful. That's why I'm not a therapist who "just listens and nods." There are many techniques, tools and concepts that can help you - and my role is to share these ideas, build on your strengths, and increase your self-awareness so that you can transform your life. My goal is to help you not need me anymore, in the most effective and efficient way possible."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 625-6394
"Are you suffering from Anxiety, Depression, attention issues like ADHD, or recovering from a Brain Injury? Do you feel like you are not living up to your full potential? Have traditional counseling techniques not worked for you? Neuro Colorado is different. We focus on changing how your brain is functioning to bring permanent relief to your symptoms. Because mental health issues are also brain issues we start at the source. We integrate the most effective counseling techniques like CBT and EMDR with cutting edge neurofeedback and neuromodulation techniques to bring about lasting change in a warm and caring environment."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(702) 930-8839
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
"If you have experienced trauma of any kind, either as a child or as an adult, I have many years of experience helping people heal from trauma. I am a certified EMDR therapist and consultant and have found EMDR to be a very successful therapy for post-traumatic stress symptoms, relationship problems, anxiety, stress-related problems or depression. Often, our history intrudes into our present life. Much of the therapy I do can help you become more aware of how this is happening. You can learn to heal history and you can learn how not to let it control you now."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 388-1840
"Imagine learning how to take life's challenges and growing into a more resilient person better able to take on new challenges in life. Growing up is tough and when we are faced with challenges we often struggle to see clearly. Addressing concerns or life problems early can prevent future pain and struggle. I can assist you in identifying your strengths and provide guidance in unclear and often scary times. Together, we will identify ways to overcome your challenges, leading you to realize your full and unique potential for a rich, interesting, healthy life."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 809-3341
"Therapy can help everyone, not just those with a "diagnosis." In everyday life, challenges are thrown at us that we can't always work out on our own. I help people process these challenges as they occur. Death of a loved one, relationship issues, work stressors, life transitions, etc - can be upsetting, distracting and decrease overall happiness and quality of life. Evidence has shown that people who have an unbiased, safe space to process these events move through them more quickly, gain clarity, improve productivity and ultimately thrive in their lives."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 351-5907
"Are you feeling disconnected in your relationships at home or work? Do you feel alone within a crowd? Have you lost touch with yourself or the things that are important to you? Struggles such as anxiety, depression, or trauma can hold you back from living an emotionally connected life, filled with a sense of personal meaning. Dr. Dooley can help you to overcome these challenges by helping you to develop healthier relationships with yourself, your emotions, your core values, and the people around you."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 747-6803
"It is my goal to provide a resourceful, non-judgmental, and confidential "safe place" to explore your needs and to work together to find solutions, growth, and healing. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and trained Mediator for over 25 years, I offer Faith-Integrated Counseling (as requested) to individuals, couples and families. I am client-centered and utilize strategic approaches based upon your needs. These approaches include cognitive-behavioral education, an understanding of individual development and family systems, faciitation of communication and conflict resolution, and an integrated perspective of mind, body and spirit that promotes optimal well-being."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 465-8918
"At Anxiety Solutions of Denver, we are anxiety and OCD specialists. We will show you exactly how to reduce your anxiety and OCD symptoms using research-proven methods. Our practice is focused solely on treating people suffering from anxiety, OCD, and related problems. If therapy has not worked for you in the past and you're not sure where to turn, our team of psychologists can help. We will not just sit there and listen: we will give you very clear advice on specific actions for you to take to achieve long-lasting reduction or elimination of anxiety/OCD."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(303) 940-7740
Psychiatric Nurse, RXS, CNS
"I find that I work most often with people who have attention deficit or experience anxiety. I also have many years of working with people who have addictions. I work compassionately with people who have experienced trauma either as a child or in a relationship. I taught student nurses and believe that knowledge is power and people change faster when they understand why and how to make changes. My clients feel valued and heard and leave with effective tools to use every day. I also have worked with people who are pregnant or have parenting issues."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 627-6833
"While my background has focused on trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy with a mindfulness towards existential & person-centered concepts, your concerns and needs will inform our sessions. As society has a way of categorizing and pathologizing us in ways that limit our true potential to find our genuine selves, we will work to build confidence and understanding in the self. By forming a collaborative and authentic therapeutic relationship from which to explore difficulties and concerns we can find healing and foster real change."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(636) 266-4627
"I want to work with you to identify and build on your natural strengths while also challenging you to reach and maintain your therapeutic goals. I believe therapy is most productive when it is built upon mutual trust, respect, and client collaboration. Currently offering a very aggressive sliding fee scale.My mission is to provide you, your child and/or your family with the highest quality mental health services personalized to your unique needs and objectives."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 506-2410
"Walking into a world filled with complete and utter darkness, a person may find themselves searching for that bit of light to help them become oriented. Once that light is located, the world around them is filled with brightness, helping them find their path once again. Through telephone coaching, the mission of Prominent Pathways, LLC is to help individuals with chronic illnesses and/or physical disabilities move forward in their lives by overcoming challenges, ultimately, leading them to a more fulfilling existence."
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 897-5966